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The following is a complete episode list of the History Channel television series Top Gear. As of October 21, 2014, there have been 62 episodes broadcast.[1] The show is currently presented by Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara, Rutledge Wood, and The Stig.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 10 November 21, 2010 January 23, 2011
2 16 July 24, 2011 April 3, 2012
3 16 August 14, 2012 April 2, 2013
4 10 September 3, 2013 November 26, 2013
5 10 June 3, 2014 October 21, 2014

Season 1 (2010–11)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Viewers
(in millions)
1 1 "Cobra Attack" November 21, 2010 (2010-11-21) 1.93 [2]

Guest: Buzz Aldrin

Feature: As a tribute to the end of the Dodge Viper SRT10's production, Tanner and Rutledge head to the latter's hometown of Griffin, Georgia to participate in a challenge pitting it against an AH1 Cobra attack helicopter. The hosts drove across town and back while being hunted by the Cobra; the car was fitted with a system to detect when they were "hit" by one of the helicopter's missiles, with a total of three "lives" before they lost the challenge. After losing two lives at varying points of the trip (the first while exiting the airfield, the second at the halfway point of the trip), they were hit for the final time shortly after re-entering the airfield. After the film, the Top Gear test track and the Stig are introduced, and the Viper is sent around the track setting a lap time of 1:22.0.

Big Star, Small Car: Adam introduces the Suzuki SX4 Sportback as the show's "Small Car".

Challenge: In an effort to find the best Lamborghini in the world, the hosts are each asked to pick their favorite. Adam chooses the Gallardo LP 570–4 Superleggera due to its lightness, Tanner chooses the Gallardo LP 550–2 Balboni due to it being tailored to professional drivers, and Rutledge chooses the Murciélago LP 670–4 SuperVeloce for its speed. They decide to settle their argument by racing each one in a standing mile; Rutledge reaches 175 mph, Tanner reaches 173 mph, and Adam wins with 180 mph. After the film, all three cars set a lap around the test track, with only the Superleggera's lap actually being shown.

  • Gallardo LP 550–2 Balboni: 1:26.9
  • Murciélago LP 670–4 SuperVeloce: 1:23.4
  • Gallardo LP 570–4 Superleggera: 1:22.8
2 2 "Blind Drift" November 28, 2010 (2010-11-28) 1.28[3]

Guest: Dominic Monaghan

Feature: Tanner races two skiers down Mammoth Mountain in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Tanner uses a crowded mountain road for the first part of the race, while the skiers must take a gondola to the top of the mountain and ski down, eventually meeting Tanner on the slopes for the last leg. Tanner wins the race, greeting the skiers at the bottom. Later in the show, the Lancer sets a lap time of 1:29.2 on the test track.

Review: Rutledge reviews and compares the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the V12 Vantage on a dry lake bed in El Mirage, California on the edge of the Mojave Desert. Rutledge states that the V8 Vantage has too much weight and not enough horsepower but that the V12 Vantage has the horsepower to make it a great car. Only the V12 Vantage was put on the track for a power lap and completed it in 1:28:2.

Challenge: Adam and Rutledge challenge Tanner to a drifting competition using three Nissan 370Zs. They declare that Tanner (a professional drifter) is not allowed to compete himself, and force him to instead coach a blind man, Brian Fischler. After a short lesson to teach Brian the basics, they proceed with the first event, to see who can make the longest burnout. Brian wins, with Adam unable to set a mark, and Rutledge in second. The second event involved the hosts doing as many donuts as possible within a circle of cones; Rutledge wins by default after Brian and Adam are unable to complete a donut. The final competition was handbrake parallel parking; although Adam and Rutledge manage to get within the allotted space, Brian wins the final event and the competition.
3 3 "Flying Coupe DeVille" December 5, 2010 (2010-12-05) 1.30 [4]

Guest: Ty Burrell

Feature: The hosts are given a budget of $1,000 to buy a car and report to North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Rutledge buys a 1987 Ford Thunderbird TurboCoupe, Tanner buys a 1987 Nissan 300ZX and Adam buys a 1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. To test the cars, they transport 25 gallons each of grain alcohol in a simulation of moonshine running.

  • Challenge 1: The hosts perform a handbrake "bootleg turn" on a backroad. Tanner is the only one to succeed and has the fastest lap, while Rutledge and Adam fail to varying degrees and also manage to break many of the jars of grain alcohol; Adam came in second and Rut in third. Winner: Tanner

On the way to their next challenge Rut's T-Bird breaks down; Adam and Tanner to leave him behind. He has to sacrifice some of his alcohol to be used as water to cool down the engine.

  • Challenge 2: The hosts are forced to spend the night at a campsite, spitting some of the alcohol into a fire to amuse themselves before sleeping in their cars. Given Adam's car being the only one with rear seats, he wins. Winner Adam
  • Challenge 3: The next morning, the hosts arrive at an outdoor motocross track to test their cars' durability. Tanner and Rutledge complete their runs, breaking more of their cargo in the process. Adam achieves the fastest time, although he destroys the car (and the remnants of his cargo) in the process. Tanner came in second and Rutledge in Third. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 4: At Rockingham Speedway, Tanner and Rutledge (Adam having destroyed his car) must drive around the facility's infield circuit, avoiding capture by the Stig in a Dodge Charger police car after a fifteen-second head start. Tanner is able to elude the Stig, but Rutledge's car fails to go into gear and he completes the course on foot. Winner: Tanner
  • Final Challenge: The guys finally see who kept the most alcohol. Adam and Rutledge had no alcohol left whereas Tanner still had some bottles left meaning he won. Winner: Tanner

Tanner claims ultimate victory and concludes by saying the best coupe for less than $1000 is a Nissan 300ZX.

4 4 "Halo vs. Velociraptor" December 12, 2010 (2010-12-12) 1.27 [5]

Guest: Kid Rock

Feature: Tanner tests (or "flies") a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor that has been modified by Hennessey Performance into a "VelociRaptor 475". He drives it off a paved road onto dirt and performs jumps with the truck, noting how the soft suspension lets it drive like a Cadillac. He then has a race against a HALO jumper. Tanner has to navigate the truck past sand traps, jumps and cows. The HALO jumper starts at an altitude of 25,000 feet (7,600 m) and dives to the finish line by spiraling the parachute at the end to descend quickly and take the narrow win.

Review: Adam drives the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on the test track. Though he praises the super car's power and the engine and exhaust note, he dislikes the rear styling (saying that the car 'runs out of ass') and that while the car is at home on the track, it is not as good around town due to the stiff suspension. He loved the original 300SL Gullwing but only loved parts of the new car. The Stig sets a time of 1:27.6 on the test track.

Challenge: In order to find a cost-effective and less-expensive replacement for the aging military Humvee, Rutledge and Adam mount several paintball guns to a 1997 Honda del Sol and 1977 Chevrolet El Camino, respectively, and race to the other end of a paintball range. Rutledge claims victory and forces Adam to shoot himself in the foot.
5 5 "Beater Boot Camp" December 19, 2010 (2010-12-19) 1.36 [6]

Guest: Tony Hawk

Feature: As American taxpayers are now shareholders in General Motors, the hosts choose three vintage GM-produced cars to find one that they will lobby GM to begin producing again. Adam chooses a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Tanner a 1986 Pontiac Fiero, and Rutledge a 1996 Buick Roadmaster estate wagon. They drive 100 miles from their meet-up point in Detroit to the Eaton Proving Grounds in Marshall, Michigan.

  • Challenge 1: 0–60 mph test. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 2: The hosts must drive partially up a 20% incline, engage the car's parking brake, and retrieve a bowling ball from outside the car before proceeding to the top of the hill. Adam and Tanner abandoned their attempts, with the latter's car rolling back down the hill into the former's car, but Rutledge manages to easily complete the challenge. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 3: On a wet skid pad, the hosts must navigate a timed course of cones while carrying ten cups of soda within arm's reach, with a five-second penalty for each cup spilled. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 4: The hosts must drive over the facility's rumble strip at 30 mph with a colander full of eggs attached to the roof directly over their heads. While the attempts of his co-hosts turn out predictably (with their eggs being completely broken), Rutledge kept his eggs intact by dampening the colander's vibrations with his head. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 5: After the cars are filled with water, the hosts must each drive the facility's oval test track, stopping once the water level has gone below the steering wheel. While Tanner cannot start his car, Adam and Rutledge both manage a full lap, the latter traveling a few car lengths further. Winner: Rutledge

After dropping off the victorious Roadmaster at GM headquarters, the three have several concept pictures for a modernized Roadmaster drawn up, which they present at the end of the episode.

6 6 "Fast in Florida" December 26, 2010 (2010-12-26)

Guest: Michelle Rodriguez

Review: Tanner flies to Britain to test the Morgan Aero SuperSports, a car with a wooden frame. He notes that Morgan is one of the last British car manufacturers not to be owned by a foreign company. Detouring onto a nearby proving ground, Tanner laments that the SuperSports seems ill-suited to driving quickly due to its shape not producing enough downforce, believing that it is more suited to casual driving on the country roads.

Feature: The three hosts race from Miami, Florida to the southernmost point in the United States in Key West. Rutledge takes a Donzi 38 ZR speedboat; Adam drives a Lotus Evora along the numerous bridges connecting the Keys to the mainland; Tanner, after taking a taxi to a seaplane yard, flies in a Cessna 206. Tanner arrives on the island first, but must rent a scooter to reach the finish; Rutledge charters a taxi after reaching the shore. Tanner pulls up to the marker first, but is beaten by Adam after stopping to deploy the bike's kick-stand.Winner: Adam and Tanner
7 7 "Used Car Salesmen" January 2, 2011 (2011-01-02)

Guest: Tim Allen

Challenge: Rutledge drives the new Honda CR-Z hybrid, which he finds to be slow and less economical than even the Toyota Prius. To test the car, he teams up with Adam and races two mountain bikers across San Francisco. Due to several navigational errors, as well as Rutledge being distracted by the features of the car, the bikers narrowly win the race.

Feature: The three hosts are given $3000 to buy used cars at an auction and sell them for a profit. Tanner buys a Porsche 914, which lacks reverse and first gears, for $1850; Rutledge buys a relatively problem-free 1992 Lexus LS for $2250; Adam buys an 1987 Acura Legend for $870. The three are given the night to use the remainder of their budget to fix their cars and make them more saleable.

The next morning, Tanner reveals he spent the rest of his money on a new coat of paint (not bothering to do anything with the transmission) and hires a two attractive women to entice prospective buyers. Rutledge has painted his car "stealth" black and plans to market his car as a family vehicle with pony rides and a barbecue. Adam decides to market his car as a calm, stress-free vehicle, incorporating a coat of green paint and adding a set of bells. After several attempts to make a deal, Tanner sold his car for the same price as he bought it, losing $1150 total. Adam is the only one to profit, making $44 after selling his car at $1450. Rutledge is unable to sell his car, but manages to auction it to a member of the studio audience for $1 and the buyer's Members Only jacket.
8 8 "Car vs. Plane" January 9, 2011 (2011-01-09) 1.14 [7]

Guest: Bret Michaels

Review: Rutledge reviews the Porsche Panamera Turbo. He praises Porsche for making a four-door sedan into a super car, but criticizes the car's ugliness. The Stig takes the car around the track in 1:25.3.

Feature: Tanner and Rutledge race from Hollywood to Las Vegas to determine if driving or flying is a faster mode of transportation when your journey is under 500 miles. Rutledge takes a taxi to the airport, then, after a 50-minute delay, flies to Las Vegas, where he charters another taxi to the finishing point. Tanner drives a Ferrari California, which almost runs out of fuel in the early stages of the trip, forcing him to draft behind a truck to save fuel. Tanner narrowly wins, but admits that Rutledge would have won if his flight had not been delayed as long.

Review: Tanner reviews the BMW X6M. While he enjoys how quick the car seems to be compared to its size, he finds difficulty figuring out what it can be called.
9 9 "America's Toughest Truck" January 6, 2011 (2011-01-06) 2.05[8]

Feature: To determine America's toughest truck, the hosts travel to Alaska. They are given $3,000 to buy pick-up trucks, with the conditions that the truck has at least 150,000 miles (240,000 km) and are bought sight unseen. Tanner buys a 1983 Chevrolet C/K, Rutledge buys a 1997 Dodge Ram, and Adam buys a 1976 Ford F-250. After seeing their purchases for the first time, they are informed that anyone whose truck breaks will be forced to drive an imported Toyota Hilux, which they claim will make them a national disgrace.

  • Challenge 1: Each host must accelerate their truck to 30 miles an hour along a trail, then brake at a marker placed 30 feet from the edge of a lake. Adam and Tanner pass with several feet to spare, but, due to his co-hosts moving the marker closer to the water, Rutledge fails. The hosts are then told to drive to Fairbanks, where they are told that they must convert their trucks into campers overnight to survive in the wilderness. The next day, Tanner reveals he has built a metal ramp-shaped tent, to which he has attached several spoilers, which he claims will generate additional downforce. Rutledge has built a log cabin in the back of his truck, although it features a hole at the end of the bed for his feet. Adam has attached a large metal cage with pictures of lions, which he hopes will scare off any wild animals.
  • Challenge 2: The three must climb to the top of Fish Creek. Along the way, all three get stuck; Adam during a river crossing, and Tanner and Rutledge (in the same place) bog down on the muddy trail. Each time their co-hosts pitch in and pull them out. Eventually, they make it to the top, where they make camp.
  • Challenge 3: As their final challenge, the team must drive further south to a glacier, and drive upon it to complete their challenge. Early on, Adam's truck hits a rock and breaks its driveshaft, thus relegating him to the Hilux and leaving Rutledge and Tanner to press on. Eventually, several trips through the mud begin to take their toll on Rutledge's truck and, after several scares, it finally dies as well. With both of his co-hosts stuck in the Hilux, Tanner declares himself the winner, but, after being reminded he still has to finish himself, rams the back of his truck into one of the nearby icebergs and climbs onto it to claim victory.
10 10 "Best of Top Gear" January 3, 2011 (2011-01-03)
Tanner, Rutledge and Adam look back on the best moments and favorite highlights from the first season of Top Gear.

Season 2 (2011–12)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Viewers
(in millions)
11 1 "Texas" July 24, 2011 (2011-07-24) 1.96 [10]

Feature: Tanner, Rutledge and Adam wrangle, haul and race their way across Texas in a crazy attempt to find an alternative to the pickup with 2 doors. The catch is that they only get $2000 to buy a car. Adam chooses a 1975 Ford Maverick and claims it is related to the Ford Ranchero. Tanner chooses the BMW 325e and says it has more technology than a 2011 pick-up. Rutlege chooses a 1991 Mazda Miata and he claims that it's the perfect replacement for a truck.

  • Challenge 1: Cattle Drive. All three hosts must lead and protect a large herd of cattle by taking point. They're not allowed to lose any of them. There's no clear winner, but Adam claims victory due to the steers mostly following his Maverick.
  • Challenge 2: Manure hauling. Each host modifies his car to carry a huge load of fertilizer (cow manure). The biggest load wins. Adam cuts off the roof of his Maverick, turning it into a crude version of the Ranchero. Rutledge puts the top down on his Miata and is nearly buried beneath his load. Tanner puts plastic buckets on the roof, sides and front of his BMW. Despite this, he ends up with the lightest load. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Monster Truck Racing. All three cars are modified with monster truck tires and suspension and are raced around a track. Adam takes the early lead but his engine overheats and burns out. Rutledge actually loses a wheel, leaving Tanner to finish the race. Winner: Tanner[9]
12 2 "First Cars" July 31, 2011 (2011-07-31) 2.12 [12]

Guests: Rick Harrison and Chumlee

Challenge: Tanner, Rutledge and Adam fight over who had the best first car (Tanner: 1985 Honda CRX, Rutledge: 1981 VW Rabbit Pickup Diesel, Adam: 1987 Dodge Aries K).

  • Challenge 1: Alignment test. Each host had to drive toward a column of trash and let go of the steering wheel, to see which car had better alignment. Least amount of trash hit without steering wins. Not wanting to damage his car, Rutledge cheats by steering with his knees. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 2: Teaching a new driver. With students that resemble the hosts when they were younger, each had to instruct the trainee on how to operate their cars. Adam wins the challenge with his car being an automatic.Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Three-way rear-end collision. Using a pulley system, all three cars are smashed together at 25 miles an hour. The winner would be determined if the car is still able to operate after the crash. Tanner's car loses a wheel and the engine dies, while Adam and Rutledge are both able to drive away with their cars. Winners: Adam and Rutledge

Overall Winner: Adam

Feature: Tanner and Adam get to race their dream first cars—the Corvette ZR1 and Ferrari 458.[11]

13 3 "America's Strongest Pickup" August 7, 2011 (2011-08-07) 1.83 [14]

Guest: Bill Engvall

Challenge: Tanner picks a Ford F450 Super Duty, Rutledge takes a Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD and Adam drives a Ram 3500 HD Turbo Diesel head into the mountains to decide which is the toughest pickup in America.

  • Challenge 1: Drag Racing. First truck to cross the 1/4 mile wins. Due to Tanner doing a burn out, Rutledge comes in first, Tanner second and Adam far behind Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 2: Torque test. Each host must do a burnout and the longest skid marks wins. Rutledge can only do a burnout in reverse, Adam does a better burnout while Tanner shows off his driving skills by doing burnouts in circles and leaves doing a burnout. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 3: Uphill test. Each truck is tested on its traction and offroad capability by climbing an unstable slope of gravel. Adam and Rutledge pay Tanner back for his showboating as they know that he has no tire treads left after the previous test. This means that he fails to climb the hill which Adam and Rutledge achieve. Winner: Adam and Rutledge
  • Challenge 4: Towing capacity. Rutledge demonstrates his truck's towing ability by ripping down two telephone poles. Tanner manages to tow a freight engine and coal car. Adam argues that the telephone poles were already rotted and the train was on wheels, so he decides to pull down an entire house. No clear winner in this case. Rutledge points out that no matter who one ultimately due to Chevy's two victories it makes it the best Truck in America. Overall Winner: Rutledge

Feature: Tanner travels to the Atchafalaya Swamp in southern Louisiana to race the Local Motors Rally Fighter against an 800 horsepower supercharged airboat.[13]

14 4 "Death Valley" August 14, 2011 (2011-08-14) 2.23 [15]
Challenge: What's the best 4x4 you can buy for $5,000? Tanner (1983 Jeep CJ7 Renegade), Rutledge (1989 Chevrolet K5 Blazer) and Adam (1994 Ford Bronco XLT) compete in an epic 400 mile journey from the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas in an attempt to find out. Adam wins the speed contest but breaks his rear axle on the rock-climbing contest, reducing his Bronco to a two-wheel drive, Tanner does well in the other contests of off-road driving, and keeping his trailer intact, but loses to Rutlege's Chevy Blazer when his Jeep runs out of gas. Winner: Rutledge
15 5 "Luxury Car Challenge" August 21, 2011 (2011-08-21) 1.81 [17]

Guest: Arlene Tur

Challenge: New Jersey is home to more luxury cars than anywhere else in America. Tanner (Jaguar XJ-S), Rutledge (Ferrari 308 GTBi replica) and Adam (Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow) head to the Hamptons to see if they can pass off these cars to locals.

Feature: Tanner puts the new 911 GT2RS through its paces.[16]
16 6 "The $500 Challenge" August 28, 2011 (2011-08-28) 1.97 [18]

Guest: Adam Levine

Challenge: Tanner, Rutledge and Adam race along the Pacific Coast Highway to see whose $500 clunker is best. Rutledge chooses a Ford Festiva, Tanner takes a 1989 Mercedes 190E while Adam drives a 1994 Crown Victoria.

  • Challenge 1: Push Test. First host to push his car 100 yards win. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 2: Grand Theft Clunker. Each host was given a coat hanger and challenged to break into the other hosts' car. First to do so would win. Adam becomes fed up with using a coat hanger and literally breaks into Tanner's car with a crowbar. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Forensic analysis. Each car was subjected to forensic analysis and the least constaminated car would win. Rutledge's car was found to be full of animal hair, urine, seminal fluid and traces of animal feces. Adam's car was full of vomit and blood, (though he states that's to be expected in a taxi), while Tanner's car is shown to be the most contaminated with dead skin cells, unknown protein-rich substance, mucous and staphylococcus bacteria. Afterwards, all three hosts try methods to protect themselves from the contaminants. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 4: Finish line at Twin Peaks. All three cars had to navigate the streets of San Francisco and rush hour traffic. Rutledge's Festiva begins to overheat and its clutch burns out, leaving him to push his car out of downtown. Tanner's car takes the lead but stalls out as it tries to climb up the steep incline towards Twin Peaks. Despite having over 425,000 miles on it, Adam's car is the only one that finishes the race. Winner: Adam

Feature: Rutledge reviews the new Cadillac CTS-V family and tries to convince an unbelieving Adam that their performance is on par with supercars by drag-racing a CTS-V Wagon against a Ferrari California.

17 7 "Beating Tanner" September 4, 2011 (2011-09-04) 1.67 [19]

Guest: Bridget Marquardt

Challenge: Fed up with Tanner always showing off on the show, Rutledge and Adam put Tanner through a series of tests to see if there is anything he can't do in a car.

Feature: As part of the challenges, Tanner attempts to break the indoor world speed record (set in Series 8, Episode 6 of the British Top Gear).
18 8 "Hollywood Cars" September 18, 2011 (2011-09-18) 1.52[20]

Guest: Steve Schirripa

Challenge: The presenters construct replicas of their favorite Hollywood cars (Tanner: a Nissan 200SX disguised as the DeLorean time machine; Rutledge: a 1995 Pontiac Trans Am disguised as KITT; Adam: a 1973 Plymouth Duster disguised as The General Lee) and put them through various challenges to see whose is best. Rutledge wins the first contest of braking after reaching a speed of 88 mph. Adam and Tanner's cars fail to even get up to 88 mph and crash through the barrier. Tanner wins the Rockford Turn contest. Adam's car is proven to be the worst pick for a $2000 budget and Rutledge wins the final challenge of outlasting the Stig in a car chase.

Feature: Tanner reviews the new Subaru Impreza WRX STI and races the car through a ghost town against X-Games dirt bike champion Cam Sinclair.
19 9 "Big Rigs" February 14, 2012 (2012-02-14) 2.07 [21]

Guest: Edward Burns

The hosts must learn to drive big rigs in one afternoon, then must complete a series of challenges in their trucks.

  • Challenge 1: Drive forward 100 yards from a parking space, then reverse back into the parking space. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 2: From a standing stop, and starting on a 15% incline, drive forward without rolling back and destroying the driver's watch, cell phone and glasses. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 3: A three lap race around an oval track to simulate two lane traffic. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 4: Drive 40 miles on an open road to deliver fragile cargo; the driver with the least amount of damage to their cargo wins. Tanner carried a dining table complete with food, wine and water glasses. Adam carried pianos, bowling balls and shelves of paint cans with the lids open. Rutledge carried lighted barbecues and boxes of fireworks. Winner: Tanner
20 10 "Muscle Cars" February 21, 2012 (2012-02-21) 1.64 [22]

Guest: Patrick Warburton

The hosts each select a modern day version of a classic American muscle car to see if they're deserving of the muscle car name. Rutledge chose the 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8. Adam chose the 2012 Ford Mustang GT. Tanner chose the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS.

  • Challenge 2: The hosts drive 60 miles to a drive-in movie theater in Riverside, CA. The hosts had to complete a slalom circuit in the parking lot followed by a 360 degree turn around a flag followed by a race back to the finish line, all while connected to an electronic muscle stimulator. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: The hosts drive to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. They each have to try to achieve as close to the top speed of their car as possible, which was set earlier by The Stig. Winner: Rutledge

Race: Tanner and Rutledge head to the old west in souped up Mustangs to have a relay race against two riders on horseback from Dead Horse Point State Park to the Colorado River. Rutledge chose the 2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang and Tanner chose the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302.

21 11 "Dangerous Cars" February 28, 2012 (2012-02-28) 1.74 [23]

Guest: Joe Mantegna

The hosts try to discover which car was the most dangerous to drive. Rutledge drives the Chevrolet Corvair, which was known for its tendency to oversteer. Adam drives a 1974 Ford Pinto, which had a history catching fire when rear-ended, and Tanner drives a 1988 Suzuki Samurai, which would roll over at speeds over 40 mph.

  • Challenge 1: All three had to race around a curving track. First person to finish wins. Rutledge could not handle the Corvair's oversteering and Tanner rolled the Samurai. Winner: Adam.
  • Challenge 2: The cars were modified in an attempt to correct the cars' flaws. Each driver had to drive around a slalom course of boxes, while being pelted with eggs, water balloons, confetti and other objects to obscure his vision. Smallest number of boxes hit wins. Winner: Adam.
  • Challenge 3: All three drivers had to compete in a demolition derby with other cars for three minutes. First car to leave the arena wins. Adam's Pinto catches fire at the end of the challenge. Winner: Rutledge.

Feature: Adam is challenged to improve his driving speed and safety in an Ariel Atom. After Adam sets his time, Boris Said teaches Adam the fundamentals of car control. Adam wins the challenge by beating his initial time by 23 seconds.

22 12 "Continental Divide" March 6, 2012 (2012-03-06) 2.07 [24]

Feature: The challenge is to follow a pioneer trail through the Rocky Mountains by using the modern equivalent of the covered wagon: the minivan. Rutledge chooses a 1999 all-wheel drive Chevy Astro. Adam drives a 2001 all-wheel drive Chrysler Town & Country. Tanner picks a rear-wheel drive Ford Aerostar with manual transmission.

  • Challenge 1: Ice curling. On an ice rink, the minivans had to accelerate, brake and slide toward a cooler on an ice rink. As in the sport of curling, closest to the cooler wins; as in the real game, one driver may bump another driver away. Adam hits the cooler, Rutledge bumps him and dislodges the cooler; Tanner gets closest. Winner: Tanner.
  • Challenge 2: Racing and unloading. Each driver must race down a high-altitude road, remove his minivan's back seat and race back. Rutledge begins feeling the effects of altitude sickness. Tanner planned to have his rear seat fall out of his vehicle, but the plan doesn't work. Both lose to Adam's greater horsepower. Winner: Adam.
  • Challenge 3: Livestock transport. The winner transports a live farm animal with the least amount of damage to his minivan. Adam carried a pig, Rutledge a sheep and Tanner three goats. Adam deliberately loses the challenge when he lets his pig go due to the smell. Tanner's goats eats an ashtray. Winner: Rutledge.
  • Challenge 4: All three vehicles must traverse a dangerous mule trail across the Rocky Mountains to an icy lake, then float their vehicle to the opposite shore. Tanner's rear-wheel-drive minivan gets stuck twice and requires the use of his winch and the help of the other hosts to cross the divide. At the lake, Rutlege tries to use a bicycle-powered paddleboat device but finds that he cannot steer his vehicle. He gives up while trying to push his vehicle across in the icy water. Adam planned to use an outboard motor to get him across, but he forgot to put gas in the engine and had to paddle manually. Tanner paddled to the other side, tied the winch cable to the shore and used the winch to get him across. Winner: Rutledge (despite forfeiting the challenge earlier, Rutledge claims victory since his minivan drifted to the shore before Tanner's. Adam and Tanner concede, since neither one wanted to be known as the minivan expert).
23 13 "Supercars" March 13, 2012 (2012-03-13) 2.21 [25]

Feature: The hosts are given the challenge of driving three high-end cars from New England to New York City and presenting them to a mysterious celebrity buyer. Rutledge gets a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, Adam gets a Bentley Continental GTC and Tanner gets a Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet. The winner would be the one whose car was picked by the mystery celebrity. The challenges presented clues to his/her identity.

  • Challenge 1: Golf balls and toupees. Each driver would wear a wig with his car's top down and try to outrun a golf ball being hit by a pro golfer. The winner would not only beat the golf ball to the finish line, but also keep the wig on his head. Rutledge outruns the golf ball, but loses the wig. Adam keeps the wig, but does not outrun the golf ball. Tanner outruns the golf ball and keeps the wig, due to his car having a windscreen. Winner: Tanner.
  • Challenge 2: Not too old to drive. Each host would race two laps around a racetrack, but one lap must be driven by an elderly co-driver. Fastest combined time wins. Winner: Tanner.
  • Challenge 3: The identity of the mystery celebrity is revealed to be Donald Trump. Each host must drive his car to New York and debate with Donald Trump in a boardroom over why his car was the best pick. Tanner and Rutledge each praise his vehicle while trying to downplay the other's. However, Adam gives the best argument for his car's utilitarian qualities. In the end, Adam is 'hired' while Tanner and Rutledge are 'fired' as Donald Trump chooses the Bentley. Winner: Adam
24 14 "Limos" March 20, 2012 (2012-03-20) 1.72 [26]

Feature: The hosts are challenged to create their idea of the perfect limousine and drive a celebrity to the Emmy Awards. Rutledge decides to resurrect his 1981 VW Rabbit Pickup Diesel, and join it back-to-back with another one, creating a twin-cab vehicle in which he hopes will eliminate the need for reverse driving. He adds a barbecue grill and safety seat in the co-joined cargo bed. The main design flaw is that he cannot use both engines at the same time, and with two cojoined vehicles, he had doubled the weight and cut the horsepower in half. Tanner takes a 1987 Chevrolet Corvette and turns it into a 35-foot stretch limo, with high performance but little attention to the interior, aside from a racing chair on rails for the guest. This gives the car a huge turning radius, and prevents it from climbing over any speedbumps or slopes without scraping its underbelly. Adam converts a 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III into a version of the Popemobile, with a couch sitting high in the rear, encased in a glass cage. This makes it top-heavy, unstable and braking difficult.

  • Challenge 1: Limo Drag-Racing. Winner is the first around the 1/4 mile route. Tanner's limousine was the fastest in a straight line, but the car's huge turning radius, slows him down. Winner: Adam.
  • Challenge 2: Luxury Test. With the Stig driving the limo around the test track, each host had to mix martinis. Adam manages to make 3. Tanner is unable to make any as the G-forces in the rear of his car throws him around. Despite the slower speed of his limo, the open seating area causes Rutledge's martinis to blow away. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Turning and Handling. Each host had to maneuver around and parallel-park between cars from previous episodes, pick up a dummy passenger safely, and drive past obstacles such as the paparazzi, a ball launcher and a water cannon. Rutledge manages to complete the challenge in the fastest time. Tanner breaks the passenger dummy, is unable to parallel park due to his car's length and smashes into the paparazzi. Adam crashes his limo during the maneuvering part and does not finish the challenge. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 4: Driving to the Emmys. Each host had to pick up his celebrity and drive him/her to the Emmys on time. Adam picks up Cloris Leachman. Rutledge was assigned Terri Seymour. Tanner drove Bruno Tonioli. Rutledge's limo's underpowered engine breaks down, leaving Terri Seymour to take a taxi to the Emmys. Adam gets lost and drives over tire-hazard spikes, thereby leaving Cloris Leachman to walk. Despite the insults from his passenger, Tanner manages to get his guest to the Emmys with 2 minutes to spare. Winner: Tanner
25 15 "Rut's Show" March 27, 2012 (2012-03-27) 1.60 [27]

Guest: Lake Bell

Feature: To celebrate the 25th episode of the U.S. version of Top Gear, Rutledge is given full control over the show. The features include his dream to take part in an official race, compete with Adam in a challenge to collect the most tips with a designated driver program, and try to solve the problem of charging an electric car while on the road. This is also an episode in which Tanner does not take part in any of the challenges.

  • Challenge 1: Rutledge's desire to take part in an official race has him and Adam competing in a Superlite truck off-road race in California. Both train to handle the vehicles, then race each other for the one remaining spot in the official race. Winner: Rutledge (However, he rolls his truck in the race and finishes in last place.)
  • Challenge 2: In San Francisco, Adam and Rutledge hire on as designated drivers and bet who would get the most tips. Rutledge first drives a Volkswagen Beetle with a military motif and gets a $20 tip. Adam gets lost on his first call, but ends up driving a Bentley Continental Flying Spur and receives no tip. Rutledge's second call was to drive a couple home in a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but he receives no tip due to the custormers being in a lusty embrace. Adam's second call allowed him to do a burnout with a custom 1966 Ford Mustang, earning him a $40 tip. Rutledge's last call which had him driving a group of girls home in a Honda Civic, earning him a $10 tip for a total of $30. Adam's last call had him driving two drag queens home in a Dodge Ram pickup. He gets a $20, thereby earning $60 total for the night. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Rutledge attempts to solve the problem of electric cars running out of power while on the road, (i.e.: range anxiety). His plan is to have Adam on the back of a pickup with an electric generator and a power cable. With the Stig driving the truck, Adam is to toss the cable to Rutledge in order to charge his car's electric motor once it begins to run low on power. After a few attempts and the Stig finally slowing down the speed, Rutledge succeeds in catching the cable and plugs it into his car. The practicality of using a gas-powered truck, a gas-powered generator and throwing the cable to the driver to charge an electrical car is questionable.
26 16 "Worst Cars" April 3, 2012 (2012-04-03) 1.58 [28]

Guest: Kal Penn

Feature: The hosts are challenged with deciding the worst car in America. They are given $1,500 to buy a car for another host to determine which is the worst. Tanner purchases a 1977 Mustang II, to be driven by Adam. Adam purchases a 2001 Pontiac Aztek, to be driven by Rutledge. Rutledge purchases a 1988 Yugo GV, to be driven by Tanner.

  • Challenge 1: The hosts must drive their cars 60 miles to Willow Springs Raceway and compete in a race. The winner will be determined by the fastest lap time. Upon arrival they learn that it is an exotic car track day, meaning they will be racing their cars against the likes of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other exotic cars. Rutledge goes off the track and is disqualified. Tanner's Yugo loses its gas cap and is disqualified for leaking fuel on the track. Adam successfully completes his lap and is declared the winner of the challenge. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: The three hosts defend their cars by performing some small challenges.
    • Mini-challenge 1: Tanner and Adam compete in a 60 foot race, with Adam driving his Mustang II and Tanner on foot. Winner: Tanner
    • Mini-challenge 2: Tanner is tasked with proving he can perform a J-turn in his Yugo while blindfolded. While he does almost roll the car, he is successful. Winner: Tanner
    • Mini-challenge 3: Rutledge is challenged to drive his Aztek up the side of a mountain. Rutledge makes it most of the way, but gets stuck near the top.
  • Challenge 3: For their final challenge the cars will be auctioned off, with the winner being determined by the car that sells for the most at the auction. Each host is given $1,000 to modify their cars in any way they see fit. Tanner adds some performance parts to his car, such as a roll-cage, racing seat, 5-point harness, and removes unnecessary weight in an effort to increase the Yugo's performance. Adam adds a "Shelby-ish" paint job to his Mustang II (opting for silver and blue paint over the traditional white and blue). He also removes the II from the Mustang II badge and adds some interior modifications. Rutledge, in an effort to increase the Aztek's off-road capabilities, adds a brush guard, externally mounted spare, large tires, and cuts out the wheel arches. Tanner's Yugo sells for $600. Adam's Mustang II originally sells for $1,000, based on Adam's claim it was owned by Eric Clapton. After the auction it is shown Adam did not receive the full $1,000. Rutledge's car sells for $4,100. At the conclusion of this challenge the Mustang II is declared to be the worst car in America. Winner: Rutledge

Review: Tanner travels to England to test the new Noble M600. Noble has not yet determined the top speed of the M600 and Tanner is tasked with determining the top speed of the vehicle. He races a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and an Audi R8 V10 in half-mile drag race. The M600 comes in first, beating the Superleggera in second and the R8 in third. Tanner then takes the M600 to an American Air Force base to determine the maximum top speed. Tanner drove the M600 to 215 MPH.

Tanner gives a generally favorable review of the M600. He praises the car for its large power to weight ratio and calls it " of the purest driving experiences around," due to its lack of driver aids. At the conclusion of his review, Tanner states, "The M600 has proven itself to be a member of the supercar elite."

Season 3 (2012–13)[edit]

On May 11, 2012, History renewed Top Gear for a third season.[29] It premiered on August 14, 2012.

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Viewers
(in millions)
27 1 "Police Cars" August 14, 2012 (2012-08-14) 1.7[30]

The Ford Crown Victoria, once the bestselling police patrol vehicle available, is now out of production. After a short sendoff, the hosts each select which new cop car they feel will replace it. Rutledge's selection is a Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) based off the 2012 Chevrolet Caprice, while Adam's selection is a 2012 Dodge Charger Police Package. Tanner selects the upcoming Ford Police Interceptor

  • Challenge 1: The hosts visit Ford's proving ground, where they are instructed to accelerate to 100 MPH, then brake. The one to break in the shortest distance wins. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 2: The group makes their way to a tactical training facility. The hosts are to sit in their vehicles, which will be wrapped in a completely sealed bubble. A tear gas grenade is then detonated within the bubble, outside of the vehicle, to see how well the vehicle can keep the gas out. The hosts are challenged to stay in their vehicle for five minutes, with the option to tap out if things become unbearable. Adam and Tanner complete the time, not without difficulty. Rutledge shortly taps out, and afterwards it's revealed Tanner sabotaged him. Winner: Tanner and Adam
  • Challenge 3: The hosts are to navigate an obstacle course wearing a police vest. Winner: Rutledge

Reward: The overall winner, declared as Tanner, gets the chance to drive a police pursuit vehicle based on the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, and give chase to a man on a Triumph motorcycle. Tanner manages to catch him, but barely.

28 2 "Small Cars" August 21, 2012 (2012-08-21) 2.07[31]

The hosts each select which they feel is the best city vehicle available today. Adam selects a Fiat 500, Rutledge a Scion iQ and Tanner a Smart ForTwo.

  • Challenge 1: The group has to race to Algiers Point. Rutledge, remembering visiting New Orleans as a kid, decides taking the ferry is the quickest option, citing that the bridge they have to cross usually has slow traffic. Adam and Tanner drive the whole way, with the traffic on the bridge being, to Rutledge's surprise, very light. Just as Adam is about to reach the destination, Tanner shows up and cuts him off. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 2: As they make their way to a swamp, the hosts decide to mark their cars asking people to honk a certain number of times for each car (e.g. honk once for Smart, honk twice for Scion). Adam decides to write "honk three times for Jesus" on his car. Adam is the only host to get any response. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: The hosts dress up their vehicles to head out into the swamp. Rutledge affixes longhorns to the hood and a gunrack to the back, while Tanner camouflages his vehicle. Adam adds truck nuts. The three then go out into the swamp, accompanied by a hunter, to attempt to bring back food for a barbecue. None of the hosts are successful, so they leave to purchase food. Tanner and Adam each bring back a gator, while Rutledge brings back crawfish, which were let loose in the vehicle by Tanner.
  • Challenge 4: The hosts hold a tug of war between their vehicles and an airboat. All vehicles perform poorly, especially Adam's, which launches him into a rant against nature.

Punishment The loser is tasked with going about a normal day in their life in a Peel Trident. The confused hosts settle on Rutledge, who performs various tasks such as grocery shopping, getting coffee and visiting his mom all while staying in his vehicle. At the end he reports in for work, and plays the role of a pace car during a race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

29 3 "Cult Classics" August 28, 2012 (2012-08-28) 1.57[32]

The boys have to choose one of their favourite cult classics. Adam choose a Cadillac Allante, Rutledge choose a Subaru SVX, and Tanner choose the Merkur XR4Ti.

  • Challenge 1: Test the claims of the marketed unique features.
    • Allante: Groundbreaking road sensing suspension. Adam has to drive 50 mph over a series of speed bumps with volatile cargo in the passenger seat. Half of the sixteen bottles of champagne survived.
    • XR4Ti: The height of German precision engineering. Tanner has to navigate through a makeshift racetrack with German brats and passengers in under 30 seconds. Tanner completes the course in exactly 30 seconds knocking over three pylons including the one moved closer together at the finish line.
    • SVX: Ability to drive in the rain with the windows down and not get wet. Rutledge has to drive two laps while following a 4,000 gallon water truck while wearing a suit made of sponges. Rutledge was mostly dry, but the car was very wet inside.
    • Results: Adam lost half his champagne. Rutledge was half wet. Tanner completed the course in the 30 seconds allotted. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 2: Sell the car in a live TV commercial.
    • SVX: Rutledge uses a smoke screen while dressed in a space suit and riding a Segway PT.
    • XR4Ti: Tanner drifts around a light pole and announcer then presents the car.
    • Allante: Adam dressed up in a tux and promises the world.
    • Results: Rutledge buys Tanner's XR4Ti for $600. Winner: Tanner

Punishment Double Decker BMW "10 Series" (a 3 series welded to the top of a 7 series) at Irwindale Speedway. Rutledge chooses Dax Shepard as his co-driver while Sean Hayes goes with Adam. They race three laps of a head-to-head race. Results Rutledge and Dax win in the final lap.

30 4 "One Tank" September 4, 2012 (2012-09-04) 2.02[33]

The guys race from Portland, Oregon, to San Francisco, California, without being able to get gas; the toughest off road machine in the world. Adam choose a Ford F350, Rutledge choose a 1997 Volkswagen Passat (B4) TDI, and Tanner choose the BMW 528i.

  • Main Challenge: Drive from Portland to San Francisco without refueling.
    • Tanner: BMW F10 528i with an 8-speed automatic transmission.
    • Rutledge: Volkswagen Passat (B4) with a manual and a turbo diesel.
    • Adam: Ford F350 with four doors and a bi-fuel system and two gas tanks.
  • Coast Challenge: Whose car will coast the farthest. Starting at the top of a hill, the guys coast in neutral down a hill to see who goes the farthest. The extra weight Tanner and Adam added to the trunk of Rut's Passat helps him gain speed the fastest and coast the farthest. Both pass Adam. Winner: Rutledge
  • Pee Challenge: Who can last the longest before having to make a pit stop. Adam and Tanner egg Rutledge on and he throws in the towel first. While waiting, Tanner goads Adam into tapping out. Finally Tanner caves while waiting. Rutledge finds the bags of cat litter in the trunk and throws them into the bed of Adam's truck.
  • Result: Adam and Rutledge race the final stretch in sight of the finish line. Adam runs out of gas leaving Rutledge to take the checkered flag. Tanner arrives in a tow truck.

Reward Race a King of the Hammers truck against extreme kayaker Erik Boomer. Rutledge makes a really hard decision to let The Stig's "backwoods cousin" pilot the hammer truck. The river route is approximately four miles long while the truck route circles up and back before heading back down for a total of eight miles. Winner: "Backwoods Stig" and the Hammers truck

31 5 "The Tractor Challenge" September 18, 2012 (2012-09-18) 1.72[34]

Adam, Tanner, and Rutledge each choose a very expensive tractor and compete in a series of challenges with them.

  • Challenge 1: The group race through the Haystore and back. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 2: Reverse a trailer round a circuit, a 5 minute penalty is given for mistakes or cheating. Adam continuously jackknifed his trailer and in the end cheated and went round forwards earning him a time of 11mins 38secs, Tanner faired slightly better until hitting a haystack making his time 13mins 11secs, Rut also jackknifed his trailer and took the penalty of driving around the course forwards. Tanner & Adam however give Rut a 10-minute penalty for giving up too early as well as cheating making his time 13mins 38secs. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: The 3 presenters are given the job of moving some cattle from one side of the farm to the other. Rut loses his cow and gets disqualified, Adam manages to get his cow to the finish but gets a time of 38mins 58secs, Tanner is partly slowed down on the course but completes with a time of 17mins 10secs. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 4: The 3 presenters are given a cargo which needs moving through town to another farm, the winner being the presenter who managed to move their cargo with the least damage. Tanner was given a barn, Adam a silo & Rutledge a set of saws. Tanner as predicted drove too quickly and destroyed his barn resulting in him being disqualified, Adam although drove carefully his cargo was damaged with Tanner ramming him giving Rutledge the win. Winner: Rutledge

Reward: Tanner is given the chance to drive the Lamborghini Aventador which he races against a plane.

32 6 "Monument to Moab" September 25, 2012 (2012-09-25) 1.83[35]
33 7 "College Cars" January 29, 2013 (2013-01-29) 1.57 [36]
The guys relive their college days by driving their college cars to Mexico for spring break. Tanner drives a 1991 Eagle Talon TSI, Adam drives a 1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and Rutledge drives a 1972 Volkswagen Transporter.
34 8 "America's Toughest Car" February 5, 2013 (2013-02-05) 1.87 [37]

The hosts try to find America's toughest car. The cars had to be at least 20 years old and cost no more than $2000. Rutledge chooses a 1990 Volvo 240 DL Estate, Adam drives a 1992 Chevrolet Caprice and Tanner brings a 1987 Toyota Corolla.

  • Challenge 1: Drag race. Tanner and Adam compete for the lead early while Rutledge lags behind. Adam's Caprice eventually passes Tanner's Corolla for the win, with Rutledge's Volvo finishing far behind. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: The presenters head to a shooting range to test their cars' reliability and build quality.
    • Part 1: Each presenter gets to shoot the others' cars three times with a shotgun in order to inflict as much damage as possible. Rutledge starts by shooting Adam's Caprice in the rear door and quarter panel, while Tanner shoots out the windows. Adam shoots the body and windows of Rutledge's Volvo, while Tanner shoots the driver's door handle. Adam and Rutledge both shoot the body and windows of Tanner's Corolla.
    • Part 2: Explosives are placed in the back seats of each of the cars, with the presenters testing to see which car drives the best afterwards. Rutledge's Volvo's leather interior melts, while Adam's Caprice bursts into flames and needs to be put out by the fire crew. Tanner's Corolla has its doors blown open by the explosion. All three of the cars start right up after the explosion, making the challenge a tie. Winner: Tie
  • Challenge 3: The cars are dropped from a crane from 15 feet in the air to simulate a 25 mph collision. The winner is the car with the least damage. The presenters each get to pick which side the car gets dropped onto. Tanner and Adam choose the passenger side, while Rutledge decides to drop his Volvo on its back, which causes it to fall forward onto its tires. All three of the cars start up and drive away, making the challenge a tie once again. Winner: Tie
  • Final Challenge: Off-road race course with obstacles and water hazards. The winner is the car that finishes the most laps of the course. To further test the cars, all of the oil is drained from each car prior to the race. Adam and Rutledge begin by smashing into Tanner's Corolla, and Adam spins off the course immediately. Rutledge takes the lead but blows several of his tires, and Tanner passes him. Rutledge's Volvo breaks down shortly after, leaving Tanner's Corolla as the last car standing. Winner: Tanner
  • Reward: Tanner travels to a military base at Fort Campbell on the Kentucky/Tennessee border, testing the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG to see if it has retained its military roots. Tanner must travel ten miles through a simulated war zone, pursued by a US Army strike team armed with a drone and helicopters, and must evade them before reaching a safe house. The drone and helicopters find Tanner within two miles, but Tanner loses them by driving through the woods. Four miles to the finish the team catches Tanner again and deploy armored trucks that begin to pursue him. Two more helicopters and a team of 28 ground troops join the chase, blocking off all roads in an attempt to lead Tanner into an ambush. Tanner drives right into the trap and is apprehended by the team. Despite losing the challenge, Tanner concludes that, while the G63 is more concerned with "bling" than durability, it still manages to handle military use.
35 9 "RVs" February 12, 2013 (2013-02-12) 1.60 [38]

The hosts compete who can build the best RV, that is both comfortable and fun to drive. Tanner drives a 1983 Porsche 928 with a rocket on the roof as sleeping accommodation, Adam drives a 1973 Buick Centurion Convertible, with a building modeled after the Flatiron Building and Rutledge drives an extendable 1989 Honda Civic Wagon.

  • Challenge 1: Race to the nearest campsite. They each have to race to their plots, whoever gets their first will win. Adam and Rut take the same route whereas Tanner takes a Shortcut. In the End Tanner comes first, Adam in Second and Rut in Third. Winner: Tanner

On the way to their Next Challenge Tanner is relaxed whereas Adam has near contact with a Bridge and Rut's Ears hurt due to the Honda's cut off Exhaust.

  • Challenge 2: Drag Race there and back. Each of their creations will race a Newmar Mountain Aire down a drag strip and back. On the way down the drag strip Tanner is in first, Adam in second, Rut in third and the Newmar in last. On the turn due to Tanner has to wait for Rut to move out the way whereas Adam doesn't. Despite this Tanner's Porsche easily beats Adam's Buick which both thrash Rut's Honda and the Newmar. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 3: Easy to withstand winds and get changed in. They each must try an get changed into rain gear inside their RV's while the other two through toys at them through 80mph fans. During Tanner's run his rocket disintegrates meaning that he fails to complete the run into getting dressed into his rain gear and gets a DNF despite getting a time of 1:17. During Adam's run despite the other two throwing the hardest objects, the Flatiron building withstands it and Adam gets dressed into his rain gear and completes the course in 1:44. During Rutledge's run he couldn't even set up his RV, couldn't put on his rain gear and completed the course in 3:04 meaning that he lost. Winner: Adam

During their way to their next Challenge Adam has few problems such as tree stuck in the window of his Flatiron Buick, whereas Tanner has to fix his the Rocket on his Porsche and Rut's Honda is stuck in its open position with everything inside wet.

  • Challenge 4: Tailgate party. See which RV is the most popular by attracting people to their RV's. Tanner attracts some people due to the fact that he serves wine and he has a sports car. Rutledge attracts more people due to the fact he's from the south and understands NASCAR tradition. Adam attracts the least number of people due to him being a New Yorker and not understanding the South. Winner: Rutledge
  • Final Challenge: Racing around NASCAR Track. Race against three motorhomes for 6 laps of the NASCAR rally track. Initially Tanner takes the lead with Adam and Rut fighting for second. However during the second last lap one of the motorhomes knocks into Adam's Buick causing it to role over. Near the finish line on the last lap Tanner's Porsche dies and Rut's Honda manages to complete the course. Winner: Rutledge

In the End: Despite Adam technically building the only RV and Tanner winning two challenges, overall victory was the final challenge meaning that Rutledge was the winner plus since the Porsche died and the Buick rolled over the Honda was the only car still intact Rut concludes by saying that the RV should be based on the Honda Civic Wagon. The guys all leave in the Honda. Overall Winner: Rutledge

36 10 "150 MPH Challenge" February 19, 2013 (2013-02-19) 2.01 [39]

150mph is the speed which cars must reach in order to let them be known as Performance cars. To show this is possible for less than $30,000 they each choose a car and head to the Mohabi Dessert, Adam chooses the Buick Regal GS, Rutledge takes the Mazda-Speed3 and Tanner uses a Chevrolet Camaro SS. All three reach 150 mph. The guys then compete to see who can reach 150 mph for the least amount of money. Adam brings a 1995 Pontiac Trans-Am which he paid $2600, while Rutledge arrives with a 1994 Infiniti Q45 which he paid $1700 equipped with nitrous for an extra $700 (as the Q45 was drag-limited to 145 mph so the nitrous would be used to gain an extra 5mph), bringing up his total to $2400 and Tanner brings a 1999 Saab 9-3 Viggen which he paid $3500 for. Rutledge quotes how both he and Adam have automatic V8's with Rear Wheel Drive whereas Tanner had a manual, Front Wheel Drive 4cylinder and to make Tanner jealous both do a burn out. On the way to the proving grounds it turns out that Tanner's Saab has no flaws at all whereas Adam's Pontiac is starting to decay and Rut's Infiniti is too slow.

  • Challenge 1: Acceleration. They have to see which car has the fastest acceleration and beat a arrow of fire before it can destroy something precious to their hearts. To ensure that when a car beats the arrow a tripwire near the boxes will be triggered releasing a burst of water to save the possessions. For Adam its his old collection of records, For Tanner its his Racing Suit and for Rutledge its his Honda Civic Owner Manuals. Tanner manages to save his suit due to the Saab's Quick Acceleration whereas Adam's Pontiac and Rut's Infiniti aren't fast enough and the possession are combusted into the atmosphere. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 2: Stability. They have to see which car remains the most stable at speed by fitting very thin tyres to each car and doing a race up to a slalom, turning round and racing all the way back. Initially Rut's car drifts due to its Rear Wheel Drive configuration, Adam's Car door wouldn't close due to its poor build quality and initially Tanner takes the lead despite his car having a lot of understeer. In the end Rut's Infinity spins out and Adam just beats tanner by a millimetre. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Concentration under Pressure. They will repeat another slalom course only this time they would be have a bowl with rats on their head. Rutledge spins his car many times yet manages to complete the course. Since Adam and Tanner each won a challenge, they cannot be bothered with this one meaning that Rutledge wins. Winner: Rutledge
  • Final Challenger: 150 mph. They drive to El-Mirage dry lake bed, in order to max their cars. Adam's Pontiac manages to get to 136 mph, Tanner's Saab manages to get to 151 mph and Rut's Infiniti despite him the Nitrous manages to get to only 141 mph. Even though Tanner was the only one who achieved 150 mph, Rutledge fibbed claiming that he also achieved 150mph. Winner: Tanner and Rutledge

Reward: Since Rutledge paid less than Tanner he gets to drive the $2.7 millon Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse which he need to drive to 150 mph. He adores the power, exquisiteness, quality, price tag, speed and the fact that it's more special than any other car he has driven. The VIP turns out to be Tanner who claims to be the actual winner and takes the Veyron off Rut. Tanner maxes the Veyron on a highway north of Miami where he achieves 201 mph. He and Rut agree that the Veyron is a masterpiece.

37 11 "Best Taxi Challenge" February 26, 2013 (2013-02-26) 1.60 [40]

Taxi driving is essentially the most boring job in the world. For inspiration Tanner looks at the 2012 BMW M5 which he describes as the best taxi due to the fact that it is fast and can drift beautifully much to the annoyance of Adam and Rutledge, his passengers. However since the M5 costs $90,000 the guys compete to see who can design the most interesting taxi for less than a BMW M5. Tanner drives a highly modified Scion xB, which has been converted to rear wheel drive for drifting, Rutledge brings a 1984 Chevrolet El Camino with car seats mounted in the bed and Adam brings a Ford E350 Ambulance. They drive to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

  • Challenge 1: A Taxi should have Capacity and speed.. Each Taxi should race to a imaginary family, load them and their luggage into their Taxis and race back to the start line, Fastest Time wins. Adam manages to fit all family and luggage into his Ambu-Taxi and completes the Course in 1:50. Rut's El Camino manages to fit all family and luggage and due to its V8 motor completes the course in 1:10. Tanner's Scion has to make two trips and does not carry all the luggage so completes the course in 2:43. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 2: A Taxi should have comfort and stability. They must each carry five Las Vegas Drinking Cups three in the front and three in the passenger seat and complete a road course of slaloms, braking and road bumping. Adam's AmbuTaxi saves four cups. Tanner' Scion turns his go into a race and saves two cups. Due to Rut's ElCamino being a convertible and his El Camino being unstable. he loses all five drinks. Winner: Adam
  • Final Challenge: Which one is most popular. The guys must each drive round town and see who receives the biggest tip. Tanner and Rut warn Adam not to use his Alarms otherwise its a federal offence. Adam's AmbuTaxi's three stops including some drunk passengers, a magician and his glamorous assistant and a Robert DeNiro lookalike. He gains a huge tip by using his alarms Tanner's Scion's three stops include three game nerds, two Mexican women and some Australian male dancers. He gains a huge tip by doing an enormous burnout. Rut's ElCamino three stops include a couple, some exotic female dancers and some party girls. In the end they count up scores, Rut gets $55, Tanner gets $80 and Adam gets $140, however since Adam used his alarms Rut and Tanner disqualify him giving Tanner overall victory therefore concluding that the best Taxi is the modified Scion xB. Winner: Tanner

Reward: Tanner gets to drive the McLaren MP4-12C, firstly describing how it ticks all of the supercar boxes. He then describes how unlike any other supercar it rides beautifully. He then describes how it has mind blowing acceleration and is unbelievably fast due to 616hp. On a stretched out runway he achieves 0-60 in 3.0 seconds and achieves a beautiful drift throughout each corner. He then takes it to a racetrack where he find Rutledge and NASCAR Legend Carl Edwards with his 920hp Ford Fusion 99. At first Rut and Carl mock the McLaren compared to the Fusion but Tanner challenges and they agree to a race. Initially due to the Launch Control and through the twisting corners the McLaren takes the lead but on the final lap due to 920hp the Fusion just beats the McLaren. Rut and Carl then change their minds and are blown away by the McLaren and both admit that it is a phenomenal car. Tanner concludes by saying that the McLaren is a Jekyl and Hyde car as it is comfortable, beautiful and well equipped but also underneath the exquisite exterior it is pure race car. He describes it as his favourite Supercar ever.

38 12 "Adam's Show" March 5, 2013 (2013-03-05) 1.69 [41]
Adam designs his own show, supposedly by blackmailing Tanner and Rutledge with embarrassing childhood photographs. He drives the original GT40 for six feet, and a replica for much farther after that. Rutledge arrives in a Ferrari 550 Marinello and the two compete in a series of challenges. Later, the guys play a game of 5 vs 5 American football using demolition derby cars. An air gun is used in the quarterback car, and nets are fitted to two other cars that play the role of receivers.
39 13 "Doomsday Drive" March 12, 2013 (2013-03-12) 1.72 [42]
The guys must build and drive an apocalypse-prepped vehicle through a series of challenges, using a $750,000 MRAP troop transporter as inspiration. They are tasked to build it out of late 1990s Toyota Camry. Adam is in charge of offensive weapons, Rutledge is in charge of defensive weapons, and Tanner is in charge of performance. Tanner adds an exoskeleton and puts the Camry body onto an F-150 chassis. Rutledge adds electrified wires, a smokescreen, and a few other deception measures which are ultimately proven useless, including fake door handles on a door which can't be opened. Adam adds a catapult after realizing his skills with firearms are poor. After the build, which is not shown on screen, the three are tasked with a series of apocalypse challenges, including driving in darkness and evading the Stig in a Lincoln sedan.
40 14 "Mammoth Mountain" March 19, 2013 (2013-03-19) 1.88 [43]

Tanner drives the 2012 Range Rover Sport Supercharged, Adam brings the Cadillac Escalade modified by Lingenfelter a drag racer and Rutledge tries the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

  • Challenge 1: A race from the meeting place from Pismo beach to the Gazebo in Paso Robles 40 miles away. Rutledge heads down the flat beach to the main road a 7 mile long journey whist Tanner takes a 1 mile short cut over the sand dunes Adam follows Tanner since they both know that Tanner always wins when he takes a short cut. However the plan backfires for Adam when he gets bogged down in the deep sand. Adam then tries Rutledge's route to try and at least beat Rutledge. At the finish line Rutledge and Adam finish within minutes of each other, Tanner finishes last. Winner Rutledge
  • Challenge 2: The three test comfort and ride quality by hosting a picnic for a couple for each presenter as a test of ride quality half of the picnic will be on the roof, Tanner is confident in the Oxford leather upholstery in his car. Tanner's couple get an English assortment of kippers and Stilton and ever the racing driver drives as fast as possible with little regard to the comfort of his passengers. Adam decides that the picnic should be a collection of very sizeable food to show off the size of his Cadillac and boasts the luxury and features i.e. the climate controls in the car as well. Rutledge as always gives his passengers a documentary-like lesson about the Jeep and provides ready-meal-like cheese from a spray can and ''good old fashioned comfort food'' which doesn't go down well with his passengers. The guests are given comment cars and Tanner's food was ''horrible'' the ride was ''terrible'' and Tanner was ''unrefined''. Rutledge was ''annoying'' and they complained that the host ate their food and Adam's guests thought ''things got worse when we got out of the car'' which implies as Adam points out they liked the comfort of the car. Since the test was about the comfort of the car and where Tanner scored 1, Rutledge scored 6 and Adam was rated the highest at 7 it meant he was the winner. Winner Adam.
  • Challenge 3 A there and back drag race Tanner is concerned that whist he will win this his car starts having problems like water is coming into the car and his air suspension is acting and Adam points out the Range Rover is a bad choice due to only 12 dealerships across the US and the company is now Indian and will therefore be harder to find a place to repair or buy a new Land Rover. Despite all this Tanner still wins the race, Rut comes in second and Adam far behind. Winner: Tanner

Whilst going to Mammoth Mountain all three start to lose performance due to the altitude especially Rutledge who has a naturally aspirated engine and Adam starts to think that he will be in some difficulty in the snow due to the Cadillac's weight and size. The trio also have a race to the hotel they will stay at Tanner once again takes a short cut ignoring the road closed and the deep snow warning signs and gets stuck whilst Adam and Rutledge stick to the main road and win waiting for Tanner who when he arrives thinks that he has won only to find that he is quite the opposite. Adam And Rutledge finally can gloat about Tanner taking a short cut.

  • Final Challenge: The three prepare to scale Mammoth Mountain and all fit snow tires to their car wheels and they all agree that the one who wins is the overall winner.Tanner blasts into the snow and soon gets stuck Rutledge and Adam manage to pass Tanner Adam manages to quickly get in the lead but soon gets stuck and tactics and slaloms up the Mountain Rutledge gets stuck and goes off to get some coffee and a breakfast. Adam instead of actually using the car to get him to the mountain uses another vehicle to get him to the mountain. Once again Tanner get stuck and in order to win leaves his Range Rover to get to the top of the mountain only to find Adam has made it there before him. However Tanner realises that Adam didn't get his car up the mountain on its own so Tanner declares he is the winner. Rutledge turns up a few minutes later on a snowmobile and they leave the mountain in Adam's Cadillac. In the end Tanner concludes by saying that if you want all grounds you need a Range Rover. Winner: Tanner
41 15 "Minnesota Ice Driving" March 26, 2013 (2013-03-26) 1.98 [44]

The guys tries to find the perfect winter beater for $2000 and arrive in Minnesota. Rutledge chooses a Subaru Legacy GT, Tanner bought a Nissan 300ZX and Adam takes a Chevrolet S-10 Blazer.

  • Challenge 1: Snow and Stuck. They each must dig their cars out from the snow drift and then drive to the first checkpoint. Despite Rut initially slipping on the snow he manages to get his Subaru out of the snow first and arrives at the checkpoint first. Despite his Nissan being rear wheel drive Tanner manages to get his Nissan out of the snow next and arrives at the checkpoint second. Despite his Blazer being 4WD and having Ground Clearance, Adam fails to get his Blazer out and comes in last place. Winner: Rutledge

On their way to the Proving Grounds Adam's 4WD fails and his Blazer spins out.

  • Challenge 2: Lap Time. Each car must each complete a lap time of the winter track fastest time wins. Rutledge's Subaru is the only one to completes the course in 1:53.13. Tanner's Nissan gets stuck on the second to last corner giving him a DNF. Adam's Blazer fails to start giving him a DNS meaning he lost again. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 3: Withstanding Cold. They are each put in a room wearing shorts in their cars where temperatures can go below -40oC. Rut is the first to abandon his Subaru. Adam is the next to abandon his Blazer. Tanner is the last to abandon his Nissan. Winner: Tanner
  • Final Challenge. Race between other Winter Beaters. They must race around a track against other Winter Beaters. The winner is the first to cross the line. Since Tanner fitted snow studded tires to his Nissan, the other two put a trailer on the back of his Nissan. In the end Tanner and Rut battle it out whereas Adam sails through. Winner: Adam

Despite Adam's win the producers felt that a car which always breaks down like the Blazer should not be crowned the best winter beater. Despite Rut's two wins they ultimately felt that Tanner should take the prize.

Reward: Tanner goes to Colorado to drive the 2012 Bentley Continental GT V8. He is impressed with its ride comfort and V8 engine noise as well as the chassis and 4WD. He is to race it against a snowboarder. He ultimately crosses the line first. He then describes how the Bentley cannot only drive down the ski slope but up it as well. He concludes that the ultimately winter beater is the Bentley Continental GT.

42 16 "Viking Trucks" April 2, 2013 (2013-04-02) 2.17 [45]
The hosts tries to prove to the Icelandic people that American trucks are better than imports by driving up a volcano. Tanner drives a 1979 Ford Bronco, Rutledge drives a 1973 International Scout II and Adam drives a 1984 Chevrolet K30.

Season 4 (2013)[edit]

History renewed Top Gear for Season 4, which premiered on September 3, 2013.

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Viewers
(in millions)
43 1 "Coast to Coast" September 3, 2013 (2013-09-03) 2.01[46]

The hosts decide to take three expensive supercars on a 3,000 mile road trip across the United States from Lower Manhattan in New York, to Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The loser would have to pay for the entire gasoline bill for all three cars. Rutledge chose a $280,000 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale, Tanner decided on a $320,000 McLaren MP4-12C Spider. Adam drove a $152,000 SRT Viper.

  • Unofficial Challenge: Drag Race on an airport runway. Due to Tanner's car having a launch system, he wins with Rutledge in second and Adam in last place. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 1: In Pennsylvania, the hosts are challenged to get an authentic Amish Hat from an Amish person. Tanner and Adam buy theirs at souvenir shops while Rutledge manages to get a real one after giving a local a ride in his car. Winner: Rutledge

While driving to the next challenge, the hosts must stop at a filthy motel for the night. To protect their expensive cars, Adam decides to sleep in his, Tanner takes out the ignition fuses for his, and Rutledge chains one leg to his vehicle.

  • Challenge 2: In Missouri, the hosts must find the biggest football stadium and take a picture of his car on the 50-yard line. The one with the largest football stadium wins. Tanner manages to get his picture taken at the stadium of the Missouri Tigers college team. Rutledge decided to follow Adam to Kansas City to Arrowhead Stadium, though he is unable to get his car onto the field. Adam manages to get onto the 50 yard-line. Arrowhead Stadium seats 79,000 while the Missouri college stadium seats only 71,000. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: The hosts are sent through the Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado to see who could get through it the fastest. Adam makes 147 mph, Rutledge achieves 150 mph and Tanner gets 165 mph. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 4: In Los Angeles, California, the hosts must take a picture of a famous celebrity in their car and take the picture to Venice Beach. First host at Venice Beach with a celebrity picture wins. Tanner goes driving around the city, looking through movie premieres but having no luck on a Monday afternoon. Rutledge follows behind a celebrity tour bus, hoping to find a celebrity at home. Adam decides to just call on his list of famous friends, though none were able to help him. In desperation, Tanner manages to get a Marilyn Monroe lookalike to pose in his car. Rutledge speaks to Laurence Fishburne through the speaker at the gate to his driveway. Rutledge gets to Venice Beach first and shows the others the picture of Fishburne's gate. Tanner shows off his picture of Marilyn Monroe. Despite being the last to arrive, due to a stroke of luck, Adam brings along Dolph Lundgren. Winner: Adam

Reward: Since Marilyn Monroe is dead, Tanner's picture of a lookalike does not count. Rutledge's picture of Laurence Fishburne's gate does not qualify as a celebrity in his car. Adam is declared the final winner with two wins and Tanner is stuck with paying a gas bill of over $2000.

44 2 "Alaskan Adventure" September 10, 2013 (2013-09-10) 1.45[47]

The guys construct home made convertibles tough enough to survive in America's 49th state and road test them in a series of challenges as they drive from Anchorage to Homer. Rutledge buys a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic which he cuts the roof into three sections in order to be removed, Tanner chooses a 1999 Chevrolet Express which he turns into a Soft-Top Convertible and Adam for the first (and possibly only) time takes a 1999 Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab which he turns into a Targa Top.

  • Challenge 1: Ease of Use. They arrive at the Alaska Raceway Park where they must achieve a high speed and put the roof up. Adam sets a new world record and puts the roof on his Tacoma up at 35mph. During his run Rut asks Tanner to drive while he puts the roof up and although he achieves 50mph he fails to put the roof up on his Cherokee. During Tanner's run he fails to close the roof and hits the end of the straight in his Express. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: Toughness. They all drive along an off road course to see which one of their designs would be the toughest. Despite Rut's Cherokee being the best off road he gets covered in mud. In the end Rut's Cherokee has nearly all its paint scratched, Tanner had a broken taillight, side mirror and rocker panel on his Express but Adam's Tacoma was just dusty meaning he won again. Winner: Adam

When they arrive at the campsite to prove Tanner's Design is poorly made, Adam and Rut put tuna in the roof which attracts a Grizzly Bear. To get back at Adam for showing off Tanner and Rut increase the pressure of his roof firing the Roof off and when they leave bashing the Tacoma.

  • Challenge 3: Roof Strength. A chunk of water carried by a Helicopter will be lifted in the air and dropped on the roof of their cars. Rut's Cherokee takes this well, Adam's Tacoma takes it terribly and Tanner avoids to take the challenge by racing away towards Homer in his Express. Rut follows and Adam fails to start his Tacoma. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 4: Race to Homer. With Tanner and Rut left they both race to Homer using different roots. Tanner takes the road as he is an expert driver whereas Rut takes a boat across the shore to Homer. In the end Tanner arrives first with Rut in Second. Winner: Tanner
  • In the End: Before Rut and Tanner can agree on a winner Adam arrives with a helicopter carrying his battered Tacoma. He drops it on its face killing it immediately. Rut and Tanner claim that since their cars are still alive they win but Adam claims his two victories makes the Tacoma the overall winner. In the end Rut and Tanner are willing to accept Adam as the winner but since they are sick of Adam destroying cars both refuse to drive him to the hotel. As both leave Adam and his wrecked Tacoma are left stranded but Adam concludes that the Tacoma is the best convertible in Alaska. Overall Winner: Adam
45 3 "Off Road Racing" September 17, 2013 (2013-09-17) 1.54[48]
Tanner takes Adam and Rut to try out extreme off road racing in rally cars, which involves driving at high speeds through the woods on narrow dirt roads with hairpin turns. Despite Tanner's experience, Rut and Adam challenge him to a race. While they take lessons to prepare, Tanner hones his skills at a nearby rally race. When they all meet up again, their friendly competition turns out to be way more epic than Tanner expected.
46 4 "America's Biggest Cars" September 24, 2013 (2013-09-24) 1.88[49]

America is known for making big cars and the '60s and '70s saw some of the biggest. But which one of these behemoths is the best? To find out, the Top Gear guys select their favorite and compete in a series of challenges as they travel along the Mississippi. Adam selects a 1970 Buick Electra 225 which he's loved since he was a kid, Tanner selects a 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV which is over 19 ft long and Rutledge selects a 1976 modified Chevrolet Caprice Classic. Upon driving to their first challenge both Tanner and Adam's cars have soft, floaty suspension, Tanner actually describes how "They don't build luxury cars like they used to", whereas Rutledge's modified Caprice rides so harshly due to his 24 inch tires.

  • Challenge 1: Speed. The Three have to drive down a short stretch of Pavement to see which one of their cars achieves the highest top speed. Tanner's Lincoln achieves 71 mph, Rut's Caprice achieves 68 mph and Adam's Buick achieves 83 mph. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: Comfort. The three have drive down a stretch of railroad track back and forth to see which car is the most comfortable. Tanner's Lincoln does a near perfect run spilling very little food on the way despite throwing it all on the floor at the end and achieving a time of 56:1 seconds. Despite being known as the wrecker, Adam doesn't want to damage his Buick as he loves it so much so he doesn't bother with the challenge. Rut's Caprice spills all the food initially when he is travelling down the railroad track and then upon reversing smashes one of his wheels so they need replacing and achieves 4:10. Adam and Tanner leave him behind. Winner: Tanner

While waiting for the next challenge at a riverbed Adam and Tanner find Rut arriving with 14-inch tires on his Caprice. Tanner calls Rut a freaking idiot as he has just made his Caprice worse than it was.

  • Final Challenge: How Big? Each presenter must prove how big their car is by doing the most obscure thing. Rutledge puts a boat in the trunk of his Caprice, Adam carries a piano on the roof of his Buick and Tanner catches a parachuted Stig on the bonnet of his Lincoln. Despite Rut's and Adam's claims Tanner points out that catching a Human being is far more relevant than carrying material goods and claims that the Lincoln is the best big american car. Winner: Tanner

Reward: Tanner gets to drive the new Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray. He is impressed with its straight line performance, cornering speeds and G and also the Quality of interior showing how America are now moving into Europeans league by ultimately saying how it is the closest thing to a Porsche 911. He then does a race against himself whereby in one car (The Blue Car) the Corvette's Stability control is on and in another (The Red Car) it is off. Despite the Blue car getting off to a faster Start, The red car wins by a Centimetre. He concludes by saying how the Corvette Stingray is a Masterpiece and will finally be an American Car which Europeans might appreciate and respect.

47 5 "Sturgis" October 22, 2013 (2013-10-22) 1.73[50]
The Top Gear hosts embark on a two-wheel road trip through South Dakota to the world's largest automotive event, the annual Sturgis Bike Week. Starting out on scooters and needing to pass challenges to progress to the bigger bikes they'll need to ride to fit in at the rally, the hosts go through hell as they close in on Sturgis. The winner will race a super-charged Ariel Atom against a 200 mph sports bike, while the loser will have to take part in a stunt, courtesy of The History Channel's newest series, American Daredevils. The hardest challenge features the slowest bike race ever, in which the winner loses. Tanner cheats least and wins overall. He takes on the super-bike in the Ariel Atom and loses by half a lap. Adam loses the most challenges, but pays off a stunt driver to take his place in the final explosion.
48 6 "Can Cars Float?" October 29, 2013 (2013-10-29) 1.58 [51]
Is it possible to make a vehicle that's as good on water as it is on land? Rut, Adam and Tanner build their own amphibious vehicle and put them through a series of road tests before embarking on a huge water challenge, attempting to cross one of the Great Lakes. During the show, Adam chooses to transform a Jeep into an airboat. As this was supposed to be the least likely to sink, they elect to place all their belongings and passports in the Jeep/Boat for the crossing of Lake Ontario to Toronto in Canada. Unfortunately, the Jeep sinks like a stone. Tanner is forced to abandon ship – twice! And Rut gets lost taking the three to Canada. After a whole day adrift, Rut and Adam finally manage to land successfully on the shore of Toronto, but then get arrested because they don't have passports.
49 7 "Fully Charged" November 5, 2013 (2013-11-05) 1.13[52]

Adam, Rut and Tanner drive three of the bestselling electric cars on a journey through Michigan to determine which is best and showcase some surprising features. The unusual tests include a reverse high speed challenge, a race indoors, and a stealth mission. The winner gets to drive the new all-electric Tesla Model S. Tanner chooses a Ford Focus Electric, Rutledge chooses a Nissan Leaf, and Adam chooses a Fiat 500e.

  • Challenge 1: The three of them must beat the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 in a quarter mile run. Since their electric vehicles are too slow to compete with the Camaro, the producers arrange some custom-built all-electric racing cars to be used during the challenge: an all-electric Chevrolet S10, an all-electric Porsche 944, and an electric dragster. All three manage to beat the Camaro, but Tanner wins by having the fastest time of 8:58 seconds. Winner: Tanner

While driving to the next challenge, they contemplate about their cars and topics such as the omission of engine noise. They drive down to a small road for the next challenge.

  • Challenge 2: Electric cars are supposed to have the same amount of torque going backwards as well as forwards. So, to test the torque, the three each had to drive their cars as fast as they could in reverse. Each of them set a goal of beating the world record for reverse driving, which is 55 miles an hour. Tanner goes first, but only hits 20 miles an hour. Adam goes next, and only hits 27 miles an hour. They then suspect that all three cars were limited to 20–30 miles an hour for safety. But when Rutledge takes his turn, he hits 57 miles an hour. When Tanner and Adam accuse him of cheating, he admits that he had the limiter removed from the car. Despite this, he still claims victory. Winner: Rutledge

The trio drive to their next challenge. They discuss problems like range anxiety. They finally reach their next challenge at a Detroit mall.

  • Challenge 3: Because their cars have zero emissions,theoretically, you could drive it anywhere. The challenge was to drive from one side of the mall to the other without getting caught by a mall cop on a Segway. The first one out would win. Despite issues such as stopping at a food court and hiding in a dress boutique, all three make it out without getting caught by the mall cop. Rutledge wins, Tanner comes in second, and Adam reaches third place. Winner: Rutledge

Because it was late in the day, and their cars were low on charge, the three of them decide to turn in for the night. The next morning, they drive off to their final challenge. Adam describes electric car developments like the first video games. "I remember Pong was the first video game when I was a kid. Then we had Atari. Now look at what we've got. You've got Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. You can play online with a bunch of people from different countries around the world. It's the same thing with electric cars. The technology is gonna keep zooming. It ain't there yet. We're still at Pong." Having stated that, they reach their final challenge in a small suburban cul-de-sac.

  • Challenge 4: Electric cars are supposed to be quiet. To test their quietness, each person has to sneak out of a house, drive around the cul-de-sac and back without making a sound. Anything that peaked over 30 decibels (the level of regular talking) would set off an alarm, resulting in a 10-second penalty. Tanner scored the lowest time of 3:02 with 40 seconds in penalties. Despite this, Rutledge claims a moral victory, saying that his car did not get any penalties because he got them trying to escape. Winner: Rutledge

Reward: Rutledge gets to test drive the luxury class Tesla Model S Performance Plus. He puts it in a drag race against the Camaro ZL1 and wins. Rutledge praises the car's superior acceleration, cornering, and the interior; which he says was "Like a Spaceship" and "Lifted from the executive bathrooms at Apple headquarters." Rutledge then proceeds to a racetrack and reveals The Stig. He has the Stig lap a Mercedes-Benz S550 around the track. The Mercedes scores a time of 1:15. Stig then laps the Tesla with a time of 1:12, beating the Mercedes by 3 seconds. Rutledge then says,"So, if it's an exciting four-door sedan you want, forget the Germans (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi). Forget Lincoln and Cadillac. This is the car you want to buy. Now all I need to do is find an outlet."

50 8 "American Supercars" November 12, 2013 (2013-11-12)

Intro: Rutledge drives the 240mph Vector W8 which he describes as a car that gave the Europeans a run for their money. Yet due to financial costs W8 productions stopped in 1993 and it appeared like the American Supercar was gone. However now American Supercars are in the midst of a rebirth. To determine which one is the best, the hosts select their favorite and drive to Malibu California. Rutledge chooses a Saleen S7 as he always wanted to drive one, Adam chooses a Rossion Q1 which is an american version of a Noble M400 and Tanner chooses a Lucra LC470 which doesn't have a windshield.

  • Challenge 1: A Supercar should draw massive attention. The guys drive to Beverly Hills and have to see if their supercars can draw more attention than a Bugatti Veyron. Tanner's Lucra attracts 25 people. Rutledge's Saleen attracts 20 people. Adam's Rossion initially attracts no-one until Adam covers the Veyron in a sheet by which time he gets 30 people. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: A Supercar should have fast acceleration. They guys head to a test track in the dessert and do a drag race from 0-60. As Tanner's Lucra is the lightest he wins, Adam's Rossion comes in Second Place and Rutledge's Saleen in Third. Despite Rutledge's Saleen having more power than Adam's Rossion, it spins its wheels which gives it a bad start and means that it comes in Third Place. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 3: A Supercar should have a high Top-Speed. The guys head to a long straight on the test track to max their cars. Both Tanner's Lucra and Rutledge's Saleen have a Top-Speed of 200mph whereas Adam's Rossion has a Top Speed of 187mph. Tanner achieves 162mph, Rutledge achieves 160mph and Adam achieves 145mph. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 4: The competition culminates in the ultimate test: a head to race against European supercar powerhouses. Adam's Rossion takes on the $230,000 Ferrari 458 Italia, Rutledge's Saleen takes on the $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador and Tanner's Lucra takes on the $150,000 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. To give their cars a fair chance of winning, the allow the Stig to drive the American Supercars whereas they drive the European Supercars. In the end though all three American Supercars beat the Europeans despite Tanner being ultra competitive. Winner: Tie

In the End Despite their victories both Tanner and Adam were disappointed with their Supercars, agreed that the American Supercar is still a concept that needs work and would much rather have the Porsche and the Ferrari to the Lucra and the Rossion. Rutledge however while agreeing that American Supercar is still a concept that needs work fell in love with the Saleen and would rather have it to the Lambo. Tanner points out that he still won. Overall Winner: Tanner

Reward Tanner gets to drive the $300,000 622 horsepower Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series. He is very impressed by its brutal acceleration and Top Speed of 196mph. He then challenges himself to do over ten miles of twisting turning road in under ten minutes. It manages to do it and has impressive handling despite it being known as a Muscle. In the end Tanner praises it as an achievement, not just because of its all in one package but also because it also means of what the big automotive giants can do to push the emblem. He then gets back to the American Supercars and says how despite boutique shops doing their best, the proper supercars should be made by the big three, his final quote is "Dodge, Chevy, Ford, come on, we are ready".

51 9 "Big Bad Trucks" November 19, 2013 (2013-11-19)

Is it possible for a truck to be comfortable, easy to drive, and still maintain its toughness? To find out, the guys select their favorite no-expense-spared light duty truck and put them to the test in a series of escalating challenges to determine if they can perform both car and truck duties. They meet up in the San Gabriel Mountains, Rutledge picks a 2014 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 1794 Edition 4x4 due to its off road credentials and rear legroom, Tanner drives a 2014 Ford F150 Super Crew King Ranch 4x4 due to its torquey engine and practical rear end and Adam chooses a 2014 Ram 1500 Sport Cab 4x4 due to its gearbox and V8 Engine. Tanner and Adam criticise Rut for picking a Toyota in an American Truck showdown however Rut points out that the Tundra was built in Texas, Rut and Adam criticise Tanner as his Truck has 6cylinder but Tanner points out that it produces 420 ft lps of torque and Tanner and Rut criticise Adam for picking the smallest truck with the worst rear end by far but Adam points out that the workers drive the F150 and the Tundra and the Boss drives the Ram.

  • Challenge 1: Off Roading. They must each drive through a dessert and the winner is the first one who reaches tarmac. Rut and Tanner take a left while Adam turns right. Tanner wastes time in the puddles to show his Truck's versatility. Eventually Rut's Tundra arrives first, Tanner's F150 second and Adam's Ram no where in sight. Eventually Tanner and Rut agree to leave Adam behind. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 2: Handling. Rut and Tanner arrive at the Malibu Speed Zone where Adam is not to be found. The challenge is that they must complete the course, fastest time wins. Rut's Tundra completes the course in 57 seconds and Tanner's F150 completes the course in 54 seconds. Adam then appears with a broken arm, claiming that his Truck fell off a cliff so he broke his arm, and a Black Ram driven by The Stig. It completes the course in 53.9 seconds. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Easy to Use. A family of three (old person, middle age person and teenager) must each drive the truck from one point of a parking lot to the next. Tanner does it in the order middle age, teenager, old person, Adam does it in the order old person, middle age, teenager and Rut does it in the order middle age, old person, teenager. During Rut's old person's go she is to stubborn to figure out which is the gas and which is the brake on the Tundra meaning he lost. In the end it is a race between Tanner's F150 and Adam's (Stig's) Ram. In the end Tanner's F150 crosses the line first, Adam's Ram second and Rut's Tundra failed to complete the course. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 4: Safety. They must each accelerate and decelerate from 0-60-0, if they fail to do so they will each run over cardboard cutouts of themselves. Tanner's F150 manages to stop 1cm from his Cardboard cut out. Despite the Stig driving, Adam's Ram knocks over his cardboard cutout meaning he lost. Rut's Tundra stops a whole inch from his Cardboard cut out meaning he won. Winner: Rutledge
  • Final Challenge: Towing. They arrive at Ontario Airport where the biggest challenge awaits. They each must tow a massive Boeing 727 airplane around an obstacle course made of typical airport vehicles, Fastest Time Wins. Rut's Tundra goes first and he takes it smooth and slowly completing the course in 2:26. With the help of Adam turning the plane, the Stig completes the course with the Ram in 2:10. Despite this Tanner's F150 completes the course in 1:42. Winner: Tanner
  • In the End: Despite his claims, Both Tanner and Rut agree that the Ram is the worst pick out of the three as even with the Stig it failed to win most of the challenges and won the least relevant challenge to for Trucks. Despite Rutledge's claims that the Tundra was the best off road and the Safest, Tanner pointed out that this was relevant for cars only. Tanner points out that the most relevant challenge is Towing and Ease of Use which is exactly what the F150 won. Tanner concludes by saying how he understands why the F150 is still the best selling Truck in America. Overall Winner: Tanner
52 10 "Fountain of Youth" November 26, 2013 (2013-11-26)

Three vehicles with speed and sex appeal are compared by the guys. Adam chooses a red 1993 Chevrolet Corvette. Tanner chooses a yellow 1998 Porsche Boxster. Rutledge chooses a 1933 Ford Model A pickup Rat Rod.

  • Challenge 1: One mile road course race. Losers are saddled with mid-life crisis toys. Rut goes first and has problems making the corners. He gets a time of 3:11. The three flags penalty gives him a final time of 3:26. Since Adam still has a bum shoulder, the replacement driver is a stunt coordinator named Mickey. Mickey slides into a curb and blows a tire, but still posts a time of 2:10. The two flag penalty gives him a final time of 2:20. Tanner goes last. He decides to take a shortcut through a water hazard, stalls the car, and gets it stuck. This gives him a DNF. Tanner is given a jet ski to tow, fake tanning lotion, and 80s sunglasses. Rut gets a mullet headband and jacket. Winner: Adam

On the drive to the next challenge, Tanner decides to dump the jet ski and sunglasses. Rut ditches his headband and jacket.

  • Challenge 2: Automotive Chicken. Race down a grassy path towards a gator filled pond. Adam puts Mickey up first. He barely touches the water. Tanner goes next and ends up getting the back tires just in. Finally Rut goes. He takes off his shoes and socks in anticipation of getting wet. He ends up putting the car farther in the water than Tanner. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Impress Women. Three ladies are to ride around with the guys for two laps each at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Adam has the women drive the car. The Corvette gets 5, 5, and 4 for a total of 14. The Porsche gets 6, 6, and 3 for a total of 15. The Rat Rod gets 2, 3, and 0 for a total of 5. Winner: Tanner

The guys make a few 'nips and tucks' before the final challenge. Adam puts on very wide wheels and tires and puts on deck stripes. Rut puts on flames and stacks and paints the wheels neon green. Tanner puts on the number 69 and a giant aluminum wing made from air conditioning ducting.

  • Challenge 4: Drag Racing. Racing for pink slips. If the car loses in the drag race, the presenter loses his car. Tanner chooses to race against a Chevrolet S-10. Rut chooses a Ford Focus ST. Adam opts for a turbocharged Honda Civic. Rut wins his race. Tanner's S-10 is not the 4 cylinder he thought it was and loses even with a rolling start. Adam catches the back bumper on fire with his last modification trying to intimidate the competition. He still loses his race. Winner: Rutledge

In the End Adam tries to claim victory as the Corvette won two challenges whereas the Boxster and the Rat Rod won one each and Tanner tries to claim victory as he says the most important thing in a mid-life crisis is to impress younger women which the Boxster won. Rutledge however claims that since both Adam and Tanner have lost their cars and he still has his, he warns them that they can either admit that he won or stay at the drag strip forever. In the end they admit defeat and Adam, Tanner, Rut and Mickey leave the drag strip in the Rat Rod. Overall Winner: Rutledge

Season 5 (2014)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Viewers
(in millions)
53 1 "American Muscle" June 3, 2014 (2014-06-03) 1.26[53]

Adam, Rutledge, and Tanner compete with their choice of "retro-mod" muscle cars in order to get a chance to compete in the Gatornationals drag race with their vehicles. Tanner drives a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 with 500hp, Rut chooses a 1972 Dodge Charger SE with 560hp, and Adam competes in a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro with 720hp.

  • Unofficial Challenge: Drag Race on the streets . Due to Adam's car being more powerful, in the beginning , he gets in the front . But, later on Tanner overtakes him . Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 1: Shock Steering Wheel: They have to maintain focus so they do not jump start, causing a painful shock on the steering wheel, Rutledge achieves 53 seconds, Tanner achieves 54 seconds and Adam achieves 57 seconds. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 2: Keeping Calm: After getting into their cars with boxes of creepy bugs, they are hooked up to a heart monitor. They opening the boxes and do the obstacle course. Lowest heart rate wins. Winner: Rutledge
  • Tie Breaker Challenge: Car Alarms. Adam and Tanner see whose car can set off the most car alarms. Adam sets of three and Tanner sets off all the alarms. Winner: Tanner

Reward: Rut and Tanner get to go to a professional drag strip and race modern versions of their cars. They are fully equipped dragsters. Tanner wins best 2 out of 3. (Rutledge 1, Tanner 2)

54 2 "Desert Trailblazers" June 10, 2014 (2014-06-10) 1.21[54]

Tanner, Adam and Rutledge meet in the Arizona back country with three of the most technologically advanced off road machines available, where they are challenged to find their way to the Grand Canyon like the trailblazers of old–without GPS or smartphones. First one to touch his front wheels into the Colorado river wins. Adam chooses the AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) Brute, which is an off-road build up of the Jeep Rubicon. Tanner decides on using a 2012 Land Rover LR4. Rutledge drives a 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

  • Challenge 1: River Crossing: After driving for several hours, the hosts decide to drive across a deep river to save time. Rutledge's FJ cruiser is almost swamped. Tanner's Land Rover makes it through, but Adams shows off the AEV Brute's abilities. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: Devil's Staircase: The hosts have to climb a rocky, 45-degree incline. Tanner stalls out his vehicle several times before finally making it to the top. Adam's Brute has relatively little trouble due to its power and ground clearance. Rutledge's FJ Cruiser has the most trouble since it was the lightest of the three vehicles and had the least amount of horsepower. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: After spending the night at a ski slope and going downhill on a snowboard trail, the hosts have a race up a slope composed of volcanic ash. Tanner races to the top, with Adam following behind and Rutledge getting stuck and needing to have a second running start to get up the hill. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 4: After a rough journey to the Grand Canyon, the hosts race to the Colorado River. Despite being a professional rally racer and knowing the course to the Colorado River, Tanner is beaten to the finish by Adam, due to him taking the most direct route and following the basic principle of water flowing down the path of least resistance. Rutlege comes in last. Winner: Adam

The hosts then have to go to an airstrip and drive into a cargo plane that is taking off. The overall winner for the episode is the AEV Brute as it was able to handle all types of terrain. The Land Rover suffers some damage while the FJ Cruiser comes in last place.

55 3 "80s Power" June 17, 2014 (2014-06-17) 1.26 [55]

The guys each choose their favorite 1980s car and compete in a series of challenges to see which is the best for under $5000 and seek final judgment from a mystery 1980s celebrity. Rutledge chooses a 1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged, Tanner drives a 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Iroc Z and Adam cheats and buys a 1986 Buick Grand National which is $15,000.

  • Challenge 1: Durability. Each of the guys have to drive through a car wash with shirts made out of popping candy, least wet wins. Due to the poor build quality of Tanner's Iroc, he gets some water in. Due to the Grand National being a coupe and Adam locking the doors he gets no water on himself. Both Adam and Tanner loosen the Targa Tops on Rut's MR2 so he gets the most wet. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: Speed. They find a mile stretch to see which one of their classics can reach the highest top speed. Rut's MR2 had a Top Speed of 130mph, Tanner's Iroc had a Top Speed of 115mph and Adam's Grand National had a limited Top Speed of 126mph. Rut reaches 100mph and Tanner reaches 110mph despite when passing the mile point reached 116mph. Adam pushes too hard on the Grand National that he breaks it and only passes at 50mph despite it being the most powerful car. Tanner and Rut leave him behind and Rut comments how "Cheaters never win". Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 3: Racing around Willow Springs against 80s challenge: Competitive Eating, Solving a Rubix Cube Blindfolded and Wiring a Cassette Tape. Tanner chooses the Rubix Cube man and Rut chooses the women with the cassette tape. Tanner starts by throwing his passenger's Rubix Cube in the back of the Iroc but that does not stop the man from finishing it at the top of the hill. Tanner sabotages so that he stops near where Rut stopped. In the end Tanner admits defeat and Rutledge claims victory. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 4: Sumo-Wrestling. At their mystery client's area, Tanner and Rut find Adam who has managed to fix the Grand National. The celebrity in question is Lou Ferrigno and his challenge is to see which car is best at Sumo-Wrestling. Tanner's Iroc manages to beat Rut's MR2. Despite hurting his car, Adam's Grand National still manages to beat Rut's MR2. During the final challenge of Adam's Grand National vs Tanner's Iroc, Rut tells Lou that Adam is a cheater and bought a $15,000 car even though the budget clearly stated $5000. Annoyed by this despite Adam's win Lou disqualifies him from the challenge saying that his wins did not count as he cheated meaning that Rut came in second place and Tanner came in first. Winner: Tanner

Reward: Lou hands Tanner the keys to the fastest Ferrari currently on the roads–the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta which he takes for a test drive. He loves the 730hp V12, mind-blowing acceleration of 0-60 in 3.1seconds and the insane top-speed of 211mph. Upon heading to Sonoma Raceway in California he finds that the F12 handles beautifully and flies through corners with a sense of beauty. Too see if it has passion and soul he takes it for a drift challenge against a 700hp Chevrolet Camaro Drift Car. He finds that the F12 to drift even better than the Camaro. He concludes by saying that it has the best engine fitted to a car and has plenty of passion and soul, it is ultimately an absolute masterpiece.

56 4 "Snow Show" June 24, 2014 (2014-06-24) 1.36 [56]
With massive storms devastating ill equipped parts of America this winter, Tanner, Adam and Rutledge decide to do their civic duty by trying to make a multi-tasking municipal hybrid in the form of a snow-plow school bus. The person whose contribution is deemed the most useful gets to race the Nissan GTR against a competition level snowmobile.
57 5 "Off Road Big Rigs" July 1, 2014 (2014-07-01) 1.3 [57]
Tanner, Adam, and Rutledge have to deliver a load of logs to their destination. In the way to their destination, they will face challenging roads and off-roads.
58 6 "Cool Cars for Grownups" July 8, 2014 (2014-07-08) 1.09 [58]

Is it possible to have a family vehicle without giving up your high horsepower dreams? The guys each choose a brand new car which is both practical and fast and push them to their speed and maneuverability limits to find out which is the best family friendly super car. Adam chooses a 2014 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG S Wagon, Tanner chooses a 2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and Rutledge chooses a 2014 highly modified Honda Odyssey with 1029hp which he describes as a dream car.

  • Challenge 1: Drag Racing Practicality. They must load some balls into the trunk of their cars but also fold the seats down and accelerate to 120mph to the end of the runway as quickly as possible and then brake. Fastest time wins. Tanner's Porsche achieved 3:01 but due to losing three balls his total was 3:16, Rut's Honda achieved 3:09 but due to losing two balls his total was 3:19 and Adam's Mercedes achieve 2:51 but due to losing 1 ball he achieved 2:56. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: Popping and Changing the tire. They need to pop one of their cars tires and then replace as quickly as possible. Rut points out that since his Honda has the most power and is front wheel drive his tire will be the easiest to pop whereas Adam and Tanner have Four Wheel Drive Cars with less power. While Rut does a burnout in the Honda, Tanner removes the stability control fuse from the Porsche and does doughnuts whereas Adam uses a knife to pop the Mercedes' Tire. Whereas Rut and Tanner have spare tires as standard, Adam has to re-inflate his own tire. This ultimately means that Adam loses and since Tanner had to remove a fuse from his car, Rutledge is declared winner. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 3: High Speed Cornering. Each car must chase a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 driven by the Stig over two laps of the Pikes Peak International Raceway and see how close they can get. Closest time in seconds wins. Adam's Mercedes is 11seconds behind the Corvette, Rut's Honda is 21seconds behind the Corvette and Tanner's Porsche is 4 seconds behind the Corvette. Winner: Tanner
  • Final Challenge: Race up Pikes Peak. They must each race up Pikes Peak and the car which gets to the top first will be crowned the best fun family car. Adam and Rut decide that since Tanner is a race car driver, he should give Adam a 30second start and Rut a 40second start and they also put a toy baby which spits Cheerios in the back of the Porsche. Despite this Tanner still overtakes Adam halfway up and risks his life in doing so, to which Adam calls Tanner a hypocrite for calling him "The crazy one". 3/4's of the way up Tanner overtakes Rut meaning that he is in front and eventually he crosses the line first. On the last turn Adam overtakes Rut putting him in second place. Winner: Tanner
  • In the End: Despite Adam and Rut's claims about their cars, Tanner still makes it clear that the Porsche's two victories compared to the Mercedes and the Honda's one each make it the ultimate fast family car. In the end Adam and Rut agree. Overall Winner: Tanner
59 7 "What Can It Take?" September 30, 2014 (2014-09-30)

Just how durable can a car be? Challenged to find three vehicles more than 25 years old and put them through a series of tests to see which one can last the longest. Meeting up in the Mojave Desert, they are given a series of challenges. Tanner chooses a 1988 Honda Civic LX, Rutledge a 1985 Mercedes Benz 300D TurboDiesel, and Adam a 1978 Mail Jeep.

  • Challenge 1: Remove the fan belt. Since Tanner's Honda has no fan belt, he removes the alternator belt instead. The challenge: to see whose car can successfully make it off the edge of a dry lake bed first. During the race Tanner's Honda takes off to an early lead, Rut's Mercedes in second and Adam's Jeep far behind. Not only was Adam's Jeep the slowest it was also the least refined nearly breaking Adam's back. Winner: Tanner

Halfway to their next challenge Tanner tries to keep stop/start to make Adam and Rut's cars overheat due to the lack of fan-belt.

  • Challenge 2: Remove the power steering. They then race around a dried river in a water park with no power steering. Tanner and Rut have to remove the power assisted steering in the Mercedes and the Honda whereas Adam's Jeep doesn't have power steering. However Rut and Tanner insisted that they need to make an adjustment to the Jeep, so they remove the steering wheel and replace it with pliers much to the annoyance of Adam. Fastest time wins. Despite Adam crashing into a tree he still completes the course with no damage and has a time of 1:43, During Rut's lap on the final corner he misses the second to last turn but despite this he completes the course in 52 seconds, During Tanner's lap he loses his rear bumper but completes the course in 41 seconds. Winner: Tanner

Halfway through the next run Rut's Mercedes overheats and he has to use an egg to fix a hole in the radiator.

  • Challenge 3: Remove unnecessary weight from the car. The guys strip down the cars and complete a barrel race to see whose car still runs with the least amount of weight. Tanner and Rut remove the doors, trunk and bonnet of the Mercedes and Honda whereas Adam removes the roof of the Jeep and Rut hands him back his steering wheel. Despite Stalling Adam's Jeep completes the course in 47 seconds, Rut's Mercedes completes the course in 46.43 seconds. Tanner loses so much weight, his Honda no longer has any stability. After the first turn he loses a wheel and is unable to finish. Adam and Rut leave him behind. Winner: Rutledge

Halfway to the final challenge it turns out that Tanner cut his Honda in half and manages to catch up with Adam and Rut.

  • Final Challenge: Remove and replace the oil. All three cars have their oil drained and replace with an alternative and reach civilization, Tanner with personal lubricant, Rutledge with maple syrup and Adam with lard. The overall winner is the one whose wreck of a car makes it the last 10 miles. Both Tanner's Honda and Rutledge's Mercedes crash out just one mile from the village whereas Adam's Jeep makes it to the finish line. Winner: Adam
  • In the End: Despite Tanner's two victories and Rut's car not actually losing a challenge, both cars had problems with reliability and structure, and didn't make it to civilization meaning that they lost. Adam's Jeep on the other hand proved to be durable and reliable. Overall Winner: Adam

Reward: Adam was given the keys to drive the new 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith. He first adores the high quality and beautifully crafted interior and describes it as exquisitely over engineered. He then points out that the Wraith is the fastest production Rolls-Royce ever made with 6.6l V12 putting out 625hp so it does 0-60 in 4.4seconds. He does a burnout and reaches 105 mph. Adam then says that a Rolls-Royce is more a car to chauffeured in than to be driven so he arranges a chauffeur who turns out to be Tanner. He takes the Rolls-Royce on a stretch of Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles known as "The Snake". Tanner unleashes it on this road and drifts it through every corner much to the annoyance of Adam. Adam concludes by saying how the Wraith is a masterpiece as Rolls-Royce took two ideas and blended them perfectly and that you will never find a more perfect car on the road again.

60 8 "Need for Speed" October 7, 2014 (2014-10-07)

The guys travel to Germany for the ultimate high speed road trip in cars from Germany's largest manufacturer Volkswagen. Tanner picks the 2014 Volkswagen Golf R due to it being the fastest Volkswagen in the world. Rutledge claims that since Ferdinand Porsche designed the Bug and Volkswagen owns Porsche he is allowed to bring the 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Adam claims that since Volkswagen bought Lamborghini in 1998 he is allowed to bring the 2014 Lamborghini Huracan. Right from the beginning Tanner knows that he's stuffed. They each must drive to the most famous racetrack in the world, the Nurburgring.

  • Challenge 1: Drag Race. The guys arrive at an airport and Adam and Rut agree to a drag race much to the annoyance of Tanner. During the drag race Tanner cheats and goes on 1 meaning that his Golf got an early start. However due to Adam's Lambo having greater horsepower he overtakes him easily and eventually Rut's Porsche does to. In the end Adam's Lambo comes in first, Rut's Porsche in second and Tanner's Golf in last. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: Autobahn. The guys arrive at the Autobahn, a part of derestricted motorway. They each agree to max the cars and the won who could achieve the fastest speed would win. Tanner goes first and his Golf manages to reach 250kph (150mph) until someone pulls out. Adam goes next and his Lambo manages to achieve 281kph (175mph). On Rut's run he is initially blocked by a Dodge and this means that when he does finally max out his Porsche it only achieves 230kph (143mph). Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Town Travel. The guys arrive at the town of Goslar and agree to race to a church in the historic city centre. Despite Tanner having the most suitable car, Adam having the least suitable car and Rut getting slightly lost they all near the church. Rut's Porsche arrives first, Adam's Lambo arrives second and Tanner's Golf in last place. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 4: Slalom. Due to Tanner not winning a single challenge he comes up with his own, at a parking course claiming that in order to master the Nurburgring the cars should also handle well. So he sets up some beer cans down the parking lot, the challenge being that each car must do the slalom and race back down to the race line. Tanner's Golf achieves a time of 14.70 seconds, Adam's Lambo achieves 15.69 seconds and Rut's Porsche achieves 14.50 seconds, meaning that Tanner couldn't even win a challenge he came up with. Winner: Rutledge.

On the way to the Nurbugring Adam suggests that they race to the exit by which he comes first, Rut Second and Tanner last.

  • Final Challenge: They arrive at the Nurburgring where Tanner suggests he needs a car with new tires. In this case it means that he swaps his Golf for a Volkwagen Golf 24hr Race Car with 450hp and much lighter than the Golf R. Adam and Rut claim that he's cheating but he argues he still has a VW compared to their cars and he agrees to no longer take part in the challenge. He completes the course in 7:42. Now it's down to Adam and Rut. Rut goes a minute before Adam and manages to get his Porsche into its comfort zone and completes the course in 9:42. Adam despite being Sloppy in the corners manages to unleash his Lambo on the long straight and completes the course in 9:43. Winner: Rutledge
  • In the End: Adam and Rut agree that the Golf was the sore loser of the bunch and despite the Lambo's best efforts, it was the Porsche that is seen as the best car in Germany and overall, they and Tanner couldn't think of anywhere better to travel and a better race track than the Nurburgring. Overall Winner: Rutledge
61 9 "Weekend Race Cars" October 14, 2014 (2014-10-14)

One of the best ways to get into professional auto racing is to start racing with your personal car, and over 130,000 Americans are giving it a try by racing their daily driver on weekends. But what if you want to try several different kinds of racing to see which you excel at? Could there be a daily driver that is competitive in many types of races? The guys decide to find out when they each pick a competent daily driver then compete in a series of different, and increasingly out-there, races. They meet up at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Tanner buys a 1999 Mazda Miata with a 140hp engine in a light weight car and due its barebones no thrill performance, Rutledge selects a 2002 Subaru WRX Wagon with 227hp in a rally bred machine and due to its practicality as well as racing heritage and Adam drives a 1969 Volkswagen Baja Bug with only 50hp but is possibly best RWD car at going off road.

  • Challenge 1: Asphalt. Each car must complete a full lap of the Auto Club Speedway to see which one will rule the track. Rut's Subaru completes the course in 1.37.6. Despite Adam fitting racing slicks on his Bug, and despite him cutting corners it completes the course in 2.02.0. Despite Tanner's arm being handcuffed to the side of his car, his Miata completes the course in 1.33.0. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 2: Mud. The guys head to the Pomona Fairplex where they find a mud bog which they must drive through. Fastest time from one end to the next wins. Rut's Subaru struggles very rarely and gets through in 9seconds. Despite taking a run up Tanner's Miata struggles through the Bog and completes the course in 41seconds. Despite stalling at the flag Adam's Bug completes the course in 6seconds. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 3: Dust. The guys head to the Lake Elsinore Motor Sports Park where they must each compete in a one lap race across the dusty hills. First to cross the line wins. In the beginning Tanner's Miata takes an early lead, Rut's Subaru close behind and Adam's Bug far behind. However on the final corner Rut takes Tanner on the inside meaning that he crosses the line first, Tanner in second and Adam in Last. Winner: Rutledge
  • Final Challenge: Automotive Chicken. The guys must each race down a hill without using the brakes. If they do the horn of the car will sound. First to cross the line wins. Adam's Bug is left far behind initially and due to the dust from Tanner and Rut's cars means that he slams on the brake first. Halfway down the hill Tanner's Miata knocks into Rut's Subaru meaning that he slammed on the Brakes next. Tanner crosses the line and ultimately claims that the best weekend race car is the Miata. Winner Tanner

Reward: Tanner gets to drive the 2014 Bowler EXR-S rally car in the highlands of Scotland. He is impressed with its Speed and agility but slightly criticises the $240,000 price tag. He then races it against an Enduro bike through a Scottish Trail on and off road. Despite having a slower start Tanner overtakes near the finish line and wins. Ultimately Tanner thinks that the Bowler is a masterpiece and names it his favourite car at the moment.

62 10 "Appalachian Trail" October 21, 2014 (2014-10-21) 1.24 [59]
The Appalachian Trail spans 2,168 miles from Maine to Georgia, and takes 3 to 6 months to hike. But what if you don't have that kind of time? The guys are given the monumental task of driving a road-based version of all 14 states on the trail in just 1 day. Adam picks a 1998 supercharged Jaguar XJR, Rutledge buys a 2003 Mercedes Benz CL500 and Tanner takes a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero. With just 24 hours to complete their task they barely have time to stop and must come up with all sorts of ideas to save time.


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