List of World War II prisoner-of-war camps in Kenya

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British Prisoner of War Camps in Kenya during World War II

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The following list is an attempt to create the most complete list of British POW Camps in World War II.

362 Thika camp no. 5

Camp Number Camp Name Location Near
351 Nairobi
352 Naivasha
353 Gilgil
354 Nanyuki
356 Eldoret
357 Mitubiri
358 Makindu
359 Burguret
360 Ndarugu
361 Namanga
365 Londiani
366 Jinga, Uganda

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Italian POW camps are mentioned at Gilgil, Naivasha, Nyeri and Londiani.[1] There was also an Italian POW camp at Mackinnon Road (60 miles from Mombasa). In 1950 it still had at least three 'prisoners' there who refused to leave! Roy Ashworth


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