List of animals in Galápagos Islands

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This is a list of animals that live in the Galápagos Islands.


Male Galápagos fur seal
Bottlenose dolphins off Galápagos Islands





Beetles — Coleoptera[edit]

There are around 200 beetle species including:

Ants, bees and wasps — Hymenoptera[edit]

There are about twenty native ant species, a few wasps and only one bee in the Galápagos, including:

  • Carpenter ant (Camponotus sp.)
  • The introduced little fire ant (Wasmannia )

Butterflies and moths — Lepidoptera[edit]

Eight species of butterfly and many species of moth are known from the Galápagos.

  • Galápagos sulphur butterfly (Phoebis sennae marcellina)
  • Galápagos silver fritillary (Agraulis vanillae galapagensis)
  • Painted ladies (Two species, V. carye and V. virginensis)
  • Monarch butterfly
  • Queen butterfly (Danaus gilippus)
  • Galápagos blue butterfly (Leptodes parrhasioides)
  • Large-tailed skipper (Urbanus dorantes)
  • Green hawkmoth (Eumorpha labruscae)
  • Hawkmoth (Hyles lineata florilega)
  • Hawkmoth (Manduca rustica calapagensis)
  • Footmen moths (Utethesia spp.)
  • Noctuid moth (Ascalapha odorata)

Grass insects[edit]

  • Praying mantis (Galapagia solitaria)
  • Grasshoppers, locusts, katydids and crickets—Orthoptera

Other arthropods[edit]

  • Galápagos scorpion (Centruroides exsul)
  • Common yellow scorpion (Hadruroides lunatus)
  • Several species of centipedes, including (Scolopendra galapagensis)
  • Sally lightfoot crab (Grapsus grapsus)

Over fifty species of spiders, including the giant crab spider (Heteropoda venatoria), the smaller Selenops, the endemic Lathrodectes apicalis, Argiope argentata and Neoscona oaxacensis (syn. N. cooksoni)

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