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This is an incomplete list of a cappella musical groups at colleges or universities in the United States, who have achieved some level of recognition or success.

Group name Institution Membership Year founded
A Minor University of Connecticut Mixed 2004
The Academical Village People University of Virginia Tenor/Bass 1993
The Accafellas Michigan State University Tenor/Bass 1996
The Accidentals University of Georgia Tenor/Bass 1974
The Altitunes Young Harris College Mixed 2015
Another Round Indiana University Tenor/Bass 1996
The Bear Necessities Brown University 1992
The Beelzebubs Tufts University Tenor/Bass 1962
The Brown Derbies Brown University Tenor/Bass 1982
The UNC Cadence Cadence Soprano/Alto 2003
The California Golden Overtones University of California, Berkeley Soprano/Alto 1984
Cayuga's Waiters Cornell University Tenor/Bass 1949
Chai Town University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Tenor/Bass 2001
Chattertocks Brown University Soprano/Alto 1951
The Georgetown Chimes Georgetown University Tenor/Bass 1946
Chorallaries of MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mixed 2011
The Chordials Cornell University 1997
The Claremont Shades Claremont Colleges Mixed 1995
The Clef Hangers University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1977
The Colgate Thirteen Colgate University Tenor/Bass 1942
Compulsive Lyres University of Michigan Mixed 1997
The Crosbys Binghamton University Tenor/Bass 1982
The Dartmouth Aires Dartmouth College Tenor/Bass 1946
The Dear Abbeys Boston University Tenor/Bass 1992
Deep Treble Rutgers University Mixed 1998
Dhamakapella Case Western Reserve University Mixed, South Asian 2005
Dicks and Janes University of Michigan Mixed 1998
The Din & Tonics Harvard University Tenor/Bass 1979
The Dissipated Eight Middlebury College Tenor/Bass 1952
DMaC (DePaul Men's a Cappella) DePaul University Tenor/Bass 2003
The Dreamers of Phi Mu Alpha Penn State Tenor/Bass 1989
The Duke's Men of Yale Yale University Tenor/Bass 1952
The Earth Tones University at Albany Tenor/Bass 1998
Eight Beat Measure Rochester Institute of Technology Tenor/Bass 1987
Emocapella George Washington University Tenor/Bass 2001
Everyday People Stanford University 1987
Footnotes Princeton University Tenor/Bass 1959
Fundamentally Sound University of Wisconsin–Madison 2005
The Gentlemen of the College The College of William and Mary Tenor/Bass 1990
Gestalt University of Florida Mixed 2016
GigaBeats New Jersey Institute of Technology Mixed 2014
The Hangovers Cornell University Tenor/Bass 1968
Harpur Harpeggios Binghamton University Soprano/Alto 1983
Heinz Chapel Choir University of Pittsburgh Mixed 1938
Hoos in the Stairwell University of Virginia Mixed 2012
Hoos in Treble University of Virginia Soprano/Alto 1999
The Hullabahoos University of Virginia Tenor/Bass 1987
The Idlers United States Coast Guard Academy Tenor/Bass 1957
The Innocent Men University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Tenor/Bass 1985
The Jabberwocks Brown University Tenor/Bass 1949
The Katzenjammers Princeton University Mixed 1973
Kauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat Aalto University School of Economics Tenor/Bass 1949
The Krokodiloes Harvard University Tenor/Bass 1946
The Logarhythms Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tenor/Bass 1949
The Harvard LowKeys Harvard University Mixed 1999
The Maccabeats Yeshiva University Tenor/Bass 2007
UW MadHatters University of Wisconsin-Madison Tenor/Bass 1997
Magevet Yale University Mixed 1993
The Meddiebempsters Bowdoin College Countertenor/Tenor/Baritone/Bass 1937
The Mendicants Stanford University Tenor/Bass 1963
UC Men's Octet University of California, Berkeley Tenor/Bass 1948
Midnight Ramblers University of Rochester Tenor/Bass 1998
MIT Resonance Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mixed 2000
Mixed Company of Yale Yale University Mixed 1981
Mosaic Whispers Washington University in St. Louis Mixed 1991
Nassoons Princeton University Tenor/Bass 1941
Night Owls (vocal group) Vassar College 1942
The Pitchforks Duke University Tenor/Bass 1979
Northwestern Undertones Northwestern University Mixed 2001
Not Too Sharp University of New Hampshire Tenor/Bass 2002
Noteworthy Brigham Young University Soprano/Alto 2003
On a Sensual Note American University Tenor/Bass 1996
The Other Guys University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Tenor/Bass 1968
Out of the Blue Yale University Mixed 1986
Penn Masala University of Pennsylvania Tenor/Bass 1996
Polyteknikkojen Kuoro Helsinki University of Technology Tenor/Bass 1900
The Potsdam Pitches State University of New York at Potsdam Mixed 2007
Purple Haze Northwestern University Mixed 1996
Quirks Trinity College 2006
Raagapella Stanford University Tenor/Bass 2002
The Radcliffe Pitches Harvard University Soprano/Alto 1975
Redhot & Blue Yale University Mixed 1977
Reverse Osmosis University of Southern California Mixed 2001
Shir Appeal Tufts University Mixed 1995
Sil'hooettes University of Virginia Soprano/Alto 1988
Sirens Simmons College 1989
The Smiffenpoofs Smith College Soprano/Alto 1936
The SoCal VoCals University of Southern California Mixed 1995
The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus Yale University Tenor/Bass 1938
The Spizzwinks(?) Yale University Tenor/Bass 1914
The Spokes University of California, Davis 2004
Stanford Harmonics Stanford University Mixed 1991
Talisman Stanford University Mixed 1990
Straight No Chaser (group) Indiana University Bloomington 1996
THUNK a cappella Northwestern University Mixed 1993
Tigertones Princeton University Tenor/Bass 1946
The Tritones University of California, San Diego Mixed 1996
The Trojan Men University of Southern California Tenor/Bass 2005
The Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones Harvard University Mixed 1985
The Virginia Belles University of Virginia Soprano/Alto 1977
Virginia Gentlemen University of Virginia Tenor/Bass 1953
Vocal Point Brigham Young University Tenor/Bass 1991
VoiceMale Brandeis University Tenor/Bass 1994
Voices in Your Head University of Chicago Mixed 1998
The Whiffenpoofs Yale University Tenor/Bass 1909
The Yale Alley Cats Yale University Tenor/Bass 1943
The Yale Russian Chorus Yale University Tenor/Bass 1953
YOUTHphonics A Cappella University of California Los Angeles Mixed 2009
The YellowJackets University of Rochester Tenor/Bass 1956
Staccato Universidad del Sagrado Corazón Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass/Beatbox 2016

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