List of islands called Garbh Eilean

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This is a list of islands in Scotland with the name Garbh Eilean or similar, meaning 'rough island' in Scottish Gaelic.

The largest of these islands are:

Smaller islands[edit]

Garbh Eilean[edit]

Eilean Garbh[edit]

An Garbh-eilean[edit]

Innis Garbh/Garbh Innis[edit]

Similar names[edit]

  • Garbh Eileach, an island in the Inner Hebrides of the west coast of Scotland
  • Garvellachs, a small archipelago in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland
  • Garbh Sgeir, a rock near the islet Òigh-sgeir, in the Small Isles, Lochaber

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