List of lochs in Orkney

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This is a list of the named lochs of Orkney, Scotland. There are numerous lochs, both large and small, scattered across the islands of this archipelago

List of lochs, island by island[edit]


  • Echna Loch


  • Loch of Bomo (diminutive lochan)
  • Loch of Carrick
  • Loch of Doomy
  • Loch of London
  • Mill Loch


  • Manse Loch
  • Loch of Watten
  • Loch of Welland

Holm of Huip[edit]

  • Veltieskerry Loch


  • Berry Lochs (two lochans in southwest)
  • Lochs of Geniefea (series of lochans north of summit of Genie Fea)
  • Heldale Water (largest loch on Hoy)
  • Hoglinns Water (second largest loch on Hoy)
  • Kit Loch (diminutive lochan)
  • Lint Lochs (diminutive lochans)
  • Loch of Greenhill (lochan on South Walls)
  • Loomi Shuns (diminutive lochans in southwest)
  • Muckle Lochs (series of lochans east of Withi Gill)
  • Rotten Loch (diminutive lochan in far south)
  • Sands Water
  • Sandy Loch (reservoir)
  • Loch of Stourdale (diminutive lochan near Rora Head)
  • Lochs of Withigill (series of lochans on Withi Gill)
  • Water of Hoy (beside B9407 at Lyrawa Hill)
  • Water of the Wicks (east of Water of Hoy)


North Ronaldsay[edit]

  • Ancum Loch
  • Dennis Loch
  • Loch of Garso
  • Loch Gretchen
  • Hooking Loch (largest loch on North Ronaldsay)
  • Trolla Vatn

Papa Westray[edit]

  • Loch of Hyndgreenie
  • Loch of Ness
  • Loch of St Tredwell


  • Loch of Jan Janet (diminutive lochan)
  • Loch of Knitchen
  • Loch of Loomachun
  • Loch of Moan (diminutive lochan in northwest)
  • Muckle Water
  • Peerie Water
  • Loch of Quoys (diminutive lochan in east)
  • Loch of Scockness
  • Loch of Wasbister
  • Loch of Wasday (diminutive lochan beneath Ward Hill)
  • Loch of Withamo (diminutive lochan on Kierfea Hill)


  • Bea Loch
  • Loch of Brue
  • Loch of Langamay
  • North Loch
  • Roos Loch
  • Loch of Rummie
  • Westayre Loch


  • Lairo Water
  • Loch of Sandside
  • Little Vasa Water
  • Vasa Loch
  • Loch of Westhill

South Ronaldsay[edit]

  • Gairy Lochs
  • Graemston Loch
  • Liddel Loch
  • Loch of Lythe
  • Sounds Loch
  • Trena Loch


  • Blan Water
  • Bruce’s Loch
  • Gricey Water
  • Lea Shun
  • Little Water
  • Loch of Matpow
  • Meikle Water
  • Mill Loch
  • Loch of Rothiesholm
  • Straenia Water


  • Loch of the Tarf


  • Loch of Burness
  • Craig Loch
  • Muckle Water (lochan in south)
  • Loch Saintear
  • Loch of the Stack (near Noup Head)
  • Loch of Swartmill


  • Loch of Oorns (bog)
  • Loch of the Taing


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