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This is a list of Basil Brush episodes. The Basil Brush Show was a British television show that aired from 2002 to 2007.

Series Info[edit]

Series Episodes Originally aired Season Premiere Season Finale
1 13 2002 4 October 2002 27 December 2002
2 13 2003-2004 21 November 2003 21 June 2004
3 13 2004 3 September 2004 23 December 2004
4 13 2005 2 September 2005 21 December 2005
5 13 2006 15 September 2006 7 December 2006
6 13 2007 7 September 2007 30 November 2007

Series 1 (2002)[edit]

No. Title Air Date
1 "The Date" 4 October 2002 (2002-10-04)
The first episode of Basil Brush, Steven has a date with Amanda.
2 "Mouse" 11 October 2002 (2002-10-11)
The Basil Brush gang has a mouse in the flat and they do whatever they can to get rid of it!
3 "The Stately Home" 18 October 2002 (2002-10-18)
Basil and the gang turn their flat into Brush Manor, and more than just tourists visit.
4 "The Bully" 25 October 2002 (2002-10-25)

Molly is depressed as she is being bullied by "Big Gladys", but who will stop the bully? Meanwhile, Anil is having a Mexican Theme Week at the cafe which attracts some unwanted attention.

Guest Star: Sally Reeve as Big Gladys
5 "Cakes" 1 November 2002 (2002-11-01)
Basil & Co. try to get themselves back on showbiz feet.
6 "The Fake's Progress" 8 November 2002 (2002-11-08)
Steven meets a gypsy and wishes to be handsome, and when his wish comes true, all the girls begin slobbering over him.
7 "The Job" 15 November 2002 (2002-11-15)
Molly sends Basil and Stephen to find a job and why does Molly have a giant stone? And where is the TV?
8 "Mean Genie" 22 November 2002 (2002-11-22)

While spring cleaning, the gang (Molly, Basil, Steven and Dave) find a magic kettle. Basil rubs it and out comes a 'huge blue man' (called a Meanie) who requests three wishes. Now Basil has to grant the Meanie the three wishes or else the Meanie will stay in the flat for 'all eternity'. The problem now is simple. To get rid of him. Finally they finish the 3 tasks and find out about his past. He finally leaves by getting the kettle stolen.

Guest Star: Laurie Ventry as The Meanie
9 "The Farm" 29 November 2002 (2002-11-29)
There is a new tenant upstairs. It seems a farmer, has moved in. He has a beautiful daughter that Steven fancies. Of course Basil has to watch out for 2 reasons (1, he hates foxes and 2 he's on the look out for whoever stole his animals.)
10 "The Mad Man From Murrumbidgee" 6 December 2002 (2002-12-06)
Basil and the gang are watching a show about the popular animal poker, Trev Dunfermeline. Dave wins a contest, the prize being able to go to Australia and meet Trev, much to Steven's anger due to the fact that he has an audition with popular film director Marty Scorberg.
11 "Going For Broke" 13 December 2002 (2002-12-13)

Dave has an unexpected fit of kindness to a tramp, but really is going on? And what is Dave hiding?
Guest Star: Max Moran as The Nasty School Boy

Special Guest Star: Peter Sissons as the newsreader
12 "Molly Christmas" 20 December 2002 (2002-12-20)

It's mid-summer and the repressive heat has put everyone, especially Molly, in a bad mood. When Father Christmas moves in upstairs, Basil thinks he's found the perfect solution to the frayed tempers and sweltering heat in the shape of a red suit and a cool yule.

(This episode is the series 1 Christmas episode)
13 "Cousin Mortimer" 27 December 2002 (2002-12-27)

Everything is going well for Basil & Co until his Cousin "Mortimer" turns up, claiming to be homeless and terminally ill. Stephen, Molly and Dave feel sorry for Mortimer and take him in. But Basil knows Mortimer's true colours, and tries to prove it to his friends. Can Basil convince his friends that Mortimer is evil before it's too late? (This episode is the series finale.)

Guest Stars: Don Austen as Mortimer

Series 2 (2003-04)[edit]

No. Title Air Date
14 "Ella" 21 November 2003 (2003-11-21)

The flat across the hall is up for rent and Basil is keen to impress his new neighbour the foxy Miss Ella! But chaos ensues, as the landlord tries to keep trouble at bay and Basil out of the way while he tries to let the flat!

First Appearance: Tisha Martin as Ella
15 "Surprise Party" 28 November 2003 (2003-11-28)
It appears that everyone has forgotten Stephen's birthday, so he throws his own party.
16 "Fit For Nothing" 5 December 2003 (2003-12-05)

Ella and Molly try to convince Basil and Stephen to stop eating junk food and get fit at "Healthy Harry's Healthy World Gymnasium".Once there Harry tricks them into signing a contract to be on his embarrassing TV fitness show. Can Basil and Stephen get out of it?

Guest Star: Jeff Harding as Harry
17 "Molly In Love" 12 December 2003 (2003-12-12)

Molly experiences the ups and downs of being in love for the first time. But will Molly's choice in boys meet with the overly protective Uncle Stephen's approval?

Guest Stars: Basil Soper, Sean Baker, Joseph Williams, Junior James and Max Moran
18 "Big Bother" 19 December 2003 (2003-12-19)

The flat plays host to a reality TV show. But which of the housemates will win the cash prize?

Note: Ella is absent in this episode
19 "Bend It Like Basil" 7 May 2004 (2004-05-07)

Dave is forced by his P.E teacher to play in a match against "St Nigel's" – the toughest and meanest school in the world!

Guest Star: Bradley Walsh as Mr Savage
20 "Bing Trouble" 10 May 2004 (2004-05-10)
Basil and the gang learn that big trouble comes in small packages with the arrival of Basil's nephew Bingo.
21 "Soap A Dope" 17 May 2004 (2004-05-17)

Stephen gets a role in a TV soap that catapults him straight to stardom – TV interviews, guest appearances and even a magazine spread all follow. But fame proves something of a rollercoaster ride for Stephen!

Guest Stars: James Seager, Maria Charles, Robert Cameron
22 "The Return Of Cousin Mortimer" 24 May 2004 (2004-05-24)
Basil’s villainous Cousin Mortimer is back, but has he really mended his ways?
23 "Taste The Blood Of Brushcula" 31 May 2004 (2004-05-31)

Basil discovers that cheese at midnight and a marathon of horror films can be a nightmare combination.

Guest Star: Ross Burden as Himself and Eamonn Holmes as Himself
24 "Project Anil" 7 June 2004 (2004-06-07)

Basil and his friends try to stop Anil losing his cafe to his slimy rival Orso. Guest Star: Howard Gossington as Orso

Special Guest Star: Ainsley Harriott as Himself
25 "Quiz Night" 14 June 2004 (2004-06-14)

It's the annual quiz night at the cafe. Basil & Stephen are going to need more than their brain cells if they hope to beat Ella to the prize. An epic battle of the sexes ensues as the Girls take on the Boys!

Guest Stars: Michael Jenn, Dougal Irvine and Tisha Martin as Ella
26 "Basil's Christmas Turkey" 21 June 2004 (2004-06-21)

Basil is determined to have a traditional Christmas show with all the trimmings. (This episode is the series finale)

Note: Final appearance Ella

Series 3 (2004)[edit]

No. Title Air Date
27 "Frocks Rocks" 3 September 2004 (2004-09-03)
Madison, an American fashion student, has moved in upstairs so Steven offers to help her move in. This results in Basil throwing away all of her collection. Now Basil, Molly, Dave and Steven must help her make a brand new collection on a tight budget.
28 "Basil's Millions" 10 September 2004 (2004-09-10)

Basil and Mortimer must get along without any fighting for 48 hours.

Absent: Ajay Chhabra as Anil
29 "Camping" 17 September 2004 (2004-09-17)
Basil and Steven are dared to spend a night camping with Molly, Dave and Madison. Anil takes advantage of them gone and spends the night in Steven's flat.
30 "The Revenge Of The Mummy" 24 September 2004 (2004-09-24)

Molly’s homework on the Ancient Egyptians leads to the discovery of a burial chamber under the flat. Basil and the gang are keen to raid the tomb and get their hands on the famous jewel that once belonged to King Tutenbek. But are they wise to ignore the jewel’s curse?

Absent: Ajay Chhabra as Anil and India Beau as India
31 "The Pitz Hotel" 1 October 2004 (2004-10-01)
Dave’s latest moneymaking scheme turns the flat into a hotel. The gang are roped in to help but Basil and Stephen are determined to ruin the project. But by making the hotel the worst hotel in the world it becomes a success. Are the guests going to stay forever?
32 "Holding The Baby" 8 October 2004 (2004-10-08)

Molly has taken on a babysitting job. However, when Molly is called away by the paranoid parents she leaves Basil and Stephen to cope with an increasingly flatulent baby boy, who goes through more nappies than either Basil or Stephen can handle.

Absent: India Beau as India
33 "Wedded Blitz" 15 October 2004 (2004-10-15)
Basil awakes to discover he’s lined up to marry popular soap star, Kelly Foxwell. As Kelly charms her way into Basil’s affections, the gang are subjected to a few changes around the flat. Stephen suspects Kelly’s intentions are not honourable and when Mortimer turns up Basil is in for a surprise.
34 "The Candidate" 22 October 2004 (2004-10-22)
Molly and Dave are both running for School President, but they have completely different ideas. Basil, Madison and India help Molly, meanwhile Anil and Steven help Dave.
35 "Sports Day" 29 October 2004 (2004-10-29)
Molly is involved with Sports day but the coaches daughter is always cheating. Basil & Co. get Molly in training to win.
36 "Pop Fox" 5 November 2004 (2004-11-05)
As owner of a new karaoke machine, Anil has been chosen to host the latest heats of TV’s pop talent show "Pop War". Basil and Stephen decide to enter but as rivals. Stephen’s nerves increase on discovering Basil’s surprisingly brilliant singing abilities so, with Dave’s assistance, resorts to cheating to try to win. However, in spite of all their efforts they are both outperformed by a surprise talent.
37 "Foxweight Champion" 12 November 2004 (2004-11-12)
Wrestling mania has taken over in the Basil household so when their favourite wrestler, the Stone, steps out of the ring into retirement they are all distraught. Dave sets up Anil’s café as the venue for a new wrestling show. Basil becomes champion tempting the Stone out of retirement. It looks like the end for the gang when the Stone enters the ring but fortunately a mystery champ saves the day. (This Episode Is A Spoof of World Wrestling Entertainment)
38 "DoggoneIt" 19 November 2004 (2004-11-19)

Dave’s pet sitting scheme enrages the landlord who issues an ultimatum to remove all the animals from the flat or else. With Basil and the gang’s help the flat is cleared apart from one stray dog whose owner can’t be located. Coincidentally the landlord has lost his little dog …

Guest Star: Mr Rossiter
39 "It's a Wonderful Brush" 23 December 2004 (2004-12-23)
Basil and the gang are in tragedy as they have only 79p for Christmas. Basil blame himself for this and wishes he was never born. This episode is based on Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life. (This episode is the series 3 finale and christmas episode). Guest Star: Don Austen as Bingo

Series 4 (2005)[edit]

No. Title Air Date
40 "Fox in Space" 2 September 2005 (2005-09-02)
Dave is setting up cheap flights into space and persuades Basil and Stephen to test pilot the spaceship. It all goes well until an alien spaceship appears on the scene. However Basil, as ever, has the last laugh.
41 "Thanks A Million" 9 September 2005 (2005-09-09)

Madison's Aunt Maddie arrvies from America and is deposited in the flat with Basil and the gang who are keen to get rid of her, but when she ends up winning a million pounds on the lottery their feelings change as they offer to help her spend the money. However it is Madison and Molly who come up with the best way of getting rid of a million!

Absent: India Beau as India
42 "Manic Organic" 16 September 2005 (2005-09-16)

Madison and Molly help Basil opt for a healthier lifestyle by changing his diet and growing veggies in the back garden. Anil, feeling threatened by the popularity of the organic produce, tries to sabotage the operation using toxic waste provided by Cousin Mortimer. However, the waste give such amazing results that soon Basil wholefoods are in the shops. Unfortunately there is a side effect.
Guest Star: Don Austen as Cousin Mortimer

Absent: India Beau as India
43 "Basil's Angels" 23 September 2005 (2005-09-23)
First the money from the till, and then the till itself go missing from Anil's café. Basil is determined to find the thief using every cop show parody – this includes the girls (Molly, Madison and India) dressing up 'Charlie's Angels' style.
44 "I'm A Celebrity... Let Me Back In The Kitchen" 30 September 2005 (2005-09-30)

Dave decides to jump on the reality TV bandwagon and, with the help of Molly and Madison, turns the garden into a jungle. Basil, Stephen and some B list celebs are thrown together to see who can survive. But lack of food makes all the celebs do strange things...

Guest Star: Sally Reeve as Hassiba Worthington
45 "Basil: The Movie" 7 October 2005 (2005-10-07)
Dave's latest money making scheme is in the movie business. When Madison's uncle, a well known Hollywood director comes to town, production soon starts on Basil: The Movie. But Basil doesn't quite get the recognition he hopes for.
46 "Double Trouble (Part 1)" 14 October 2005 (2005-10-14)

Dave's science homework results in Mr Stephen being cloned. Basil and the gang feel the new Stephen is of a slightly higher pedigree than the original!
Absent: India Beau as India and Laura Evans as Madison

Guest Star: Don Austen as Cousin Mortimer
47 "Double Trouble (Part 2)" 21 October 2005 (2005-10-21)
The Episode starts with Basil, Molly and Dave in jail, but they are soon joined by Mortimer. After finding the real Steven, they break into the lab and save the clone. But Basil mucks up trying to get rid of Steven's clone and instead makes copies of everyone (Himself, Molly, Dave and Bingo). Eventually the original gang are fired and replaced by the clones. They go to work at Anil's and get paid 25 pence between them. Basil has an idea to let the clones age, as they age much faster than the originals. It works and the original gang get their jobs back.
48 "The Stupid Christmas, I Mean Halloween Episode" 31 October 2005 (2005-10-31)
When Basil and the gang decide to make a scary Halloween home movie they get more than they bargained for with the appearance of a poltergeist!
49 "Basil's Brush With Fame" 11 November 2005 (2005-11-11)

Basil, Dave and Stephen set up as a boy band. In spite of being terrible, a record producer signs them up and immediately dubs their voices and re-works their style. Eventually Dave and Stephen leave, are replaced, leaving Basil as the only original band member. They may be successful, but is Basil willing to mime?

Guest star: Robert Kazinsky as Sven
50 "The Incapables" 18 November 2005 (2005-11-18)

There seems to be a bit of a crimewave sweeping the neighbourhood and Basil and the gang decide to invent themselves as superheroes to clean up the town. However Anil also has some surprise powers when it comes to protecting his customers.

Guest Star: Mr Rossiter
51 "Meeja Mogul" 23 November 2005 (2005-11-23)

Dave decides to become every inch the successful meeja mogul only he takes it to extremes and is soon running a multi-million pound business. Basil and the gang start to worry about Dave's ridiculous lifestyle and besides, his schoolwork is starting to suffer.

Absent: India Beau as India
52 "Santa Brush" 21 December 2005 (2005-12-21)

After Santa gets food poisoning in Anil's, the gang feel obliged to do his job for him. But can they make and deliver enough presents all over the world in just one night? Even Cousin Mortimer is roped in to give them the benefit of his mathematical skills. (This episode is the series finale and the 2005 Christmas Episode.)

Guest Star: Don Austen as Cousin Mortimer

Series 5 (2006)[edit]

No. Title Air Date
53 "Liam And Lucy" 15 September 2006 (2006-09-15)

Stephen has left to go to Hollywood, so Basil, Madison and Molly audition for a new sidekick. Meanwhile Anil's niece, Lucy, has come to stay but Anil is treating her badly so Madison rescues her much to Basil's dismay. And Dave's looking for a new money making scheme.

Guest Stars: Georgina Leonidas as Molly and Christopher Pizzey as Stephen
54 "Fox Rocks" 22 September 2006 (2006-09-22)
Will Basil's performance be good enough for the rock festival?
55 "Toothache" 29 September 2006 (2006-09-29)

Will Basil, Liam, Dave and Lucy's amateur dentistry put a stop to Anil's toothache? Will Molly stop them before they go too far?

Guest Star: Georgina Leonidas as Molly
56 "Brush To The Future" 6 October 2006 (2006-10-06)
Basil and Liam try their hand at time travel.
57 "Kiss And Tell" 13 October 2006 (2006-10-13)
Basil's Arctic Fox girlfriend returns to see Basil, but will Basil be pleased or worried?
58 "Basil's Haunted House" 20 October 2006 (2006-10-20)

Is a Halloween sleepover in the countries most haunted house really a good idea?

Guest Star: Georgina Leonidas as Molly
59 "Basil Back To School" 27 October 2006 (2006-10-27)

Molly, Liam and Lucy bet Basil that he can't survive if he went back to school, so he goes to school and gets in trouble with other pupils and the headteacher. Liam and Madison are sent to get him out of trouble, but how much could Basil cause? At school he gets Molly, Dave, Lucy and Bingo all into trouble as well.

Guest Star: Georgina Leonidas as Molly
60 "Basil The Casualty" 3 November 2006 (2006-11-03)
Basil's illness lands him in hospital where his treatment holds a few surprises.
61 "Dave's First Girlfriend" 10 November 2006 (2006-11-10)

It's all hands on deck as Basil and the gang try to impress Dave's new girlfriend. Will the path of true love run smoothly?

Guest Star: Sydney White as Billy Jo
62 "The Sweet Smell Of Success" 17 November 2006 (2006-11-17)

Will Basil or Roxy win fox of the year? But is there someone else waiting in the wings?

Guest Star: Georgina Leonidas as Molly
63 "It's A Knockout" 24 November 2006 (2006-11-24)

Basil's knock on the head turns out to be a headache for the rest of the gang.

Guest Star: Georgina Leonidas as Molly
64 "Basil's Extravaganza" 1 December 2006 (2006-12-01)

Basil and Liam realise that staging the end-of-school extravaganza won't be easy.

Guest Star: Georgina Leonidas as Molly
65 "There's No Business Like Snow Business" 7 December 2006 (2006-12-07)

Will Basil and the gang get the snowy Christmas they are looking forward to? This is the Series 5 Christmas episode and series finale.

Guest Star: Georgina Leonidas as Molly and Don Austen as Cousin Mortimer and Bingo

Series 6 (2007)[edit]

No. Title Air Date
66 "Ballroom Basil" 7 September 2007 (2007-09-07)

Basil gets ballroom fever, but how can he cha cha cha without a partner?

Guest Star: Camilla Dallerup as Donna
67 "Basil's Angels 2: Fox on the Run" 14 September 2007 (2007-09-14)
Will Basil's trusty Angels prove he didn't steal a ruby before the police lock him away? Liam and Lucy replace become Angels in the places of India (who is on a slow-boat to China) and Molly (who has gone to get some milk).
68 "The Charming Man" 21 September 2007 (2007-09-21)
Liam's old Uncle Brendan has found the secret of eternal youth, and Basil wants a bottle!
69 "The Lift" 28 September 2007 (2007-09-28)
Will Basil save the day when Madison is trapped in a lift?
70 "Dave Swap" 6 October 2007 (2007-10-06)
A new Dave moves into the flat and creates mayhem. Basil plots to bring the old Dave home.
71 "Anil The Sidekick" 12 October 2007 (2007-10-12)
Anil and Liam swap places, meaning Liam is the owner of Anil's Cafe and Anil is Basil's new sidekick.
72 "Da Basil Code" 19 October 2007 (2007-10-19)
Basil and the gang are on the trail of an ancient artefact that grants wishes. But when the wishing gets out-of-hand, there are consequences.
73 "All Scream For Ice-Cream" 26 October 2007 (2007-10-26)
It is Hallowe'en but a freaky hot spell means everyone wants ice cream. However the mysterious Ice Cream Reaper is causing much trouble for the team.
74 "Windbreaker" 2 November 2007 (2007-11-02)
Basil becomes a secret agent for the British Secret Serive(Codename: Windbreaker)and along with the rest of the gang: Madison: Supergirl (U.S.A), Liam: Captain Green (Ireland), Lucy: The Doll (Russia) and Anil: Mighty Lion/Flaming Idiot by Basil (China), to spy on Cousin Mortimer, but who is the real villain?
75 "Dave's Apprentice" 9 November 2007 (2007-11-09)
Dave is to retire. Will Basil defeat the opposition and inherit Dave's business empire?
76 "That Shrinking Feeling" 16 November 2007 (2007-11-16)
Dave accidentally shrinks to the size of a microdot and is eaten by Anil. Basil shrinks himself down to rescue his old friend from the bubbling stomach acid.
77 "Basil Hood" 23 November 2007 (2007-11-23)
During the filming of a Robin Hood B-movie, Bingo thinks it's all real. Can Basil stop his nephew Bingo from becoming a small, furry outlaw like it's 1973?
78 "Basil's Christmas Dinners" 21 December 2007 (2007-12-21)

Basil and Liam accept invitations to three Christmas dinners, but will they finish pudding before they explode? This is the series finale and Christmas episode for 2007.

Guest Star: Georgina Leonidas as Molly
  • Georgina Leonidas was present for 2 episodes due to filming of the then new Harry Potter film.