List of hostile incidents at the Argentine border

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This is a list of hostile incidents at the Argentine border. This timeline does not include events from the 1982 Falklands War.



Especial edition of "Clarin" of Argentina 29.Nov.1966: The Argentine government considered the act as "seditious" ("faccioso"), but 2014 they were rehabilitated by the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.


  • 4 February 1976: The Argentine destroyer ARA Almirante Storni fired warning shots at the RRS Shackleton.[3]
  • 3 and 4 October 1977: The Argentine Navy shelled and captured the Russian trawler Prokopyevsk and the Bulgarian Ofelia and Aurelia off Puerto Madryn. Three Argentine sailors died from drowning and one Bulgarian sailor was wounded.[4][5]



  • 5 July 1991: The British trawler Pict, which had been part of the British Task Force in the Falklands War as an auxiliary minesweeper,[8] was captured by the patrol boat Azopardo, from the Argentine Naval Prefecture.[9]
  • 1995: According to British reports, the Argentine corvette ARA Granville harassed seven trawlers and illuminated RFA Diligence with her radar.[10]


  • 5 February 2000: The Argentine corvette ARA Spiro shelled and captured the Taiwanese trawler Hou Chun 101 off Gulf San Jorge.[11]
  • 12 June 2002: The Argentine Naval Prefecture's patrol boat Thompson shelled and damaged the Russian squid trawler Odoyevsk off Puerto Madryn.[12][13][14]
  • 11 February 2004: The Argentine corvette ARA Drummond shelled and sunk the Taiwanese trawler Jim Chin Tsai off Comodoro Rivadavia.[15]
  • 15 March 2004: The icebreaker ARA Almirante Irízar entered a maritime area designated as conservation zones under the jurisdiction of the Falkland Islands and issued demands for other ships to identify themselves.[16]
  • 20 February 2006: The British squid trawler John Cheek was seized by the patrol boat Prefecto Fique from the Argentine Naval Prefecture.[9][17]


Michael A. Morris stated that Argentina's use of force against Chile and the United Kingdom has been "the exception rather than the rule", and that some of the hostile acts or armed incidents appear to have been caused by zealous local commanders, and not as the result of a widespread strategy.[18]


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