List of windmills in Hainaut (province)

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A list of windmills in the Belgian province of Hainaut.

Location Name of mill Type Built Notes Photograph
Audregnies Moulin Moustache Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Bassilly Moulin à Briques
Moulin du Sart
Stellingmolen 1780 Molenechos (Dutch)
Blaton Moulin de la Folie Grondzeiler 1885 Molenechos (Dutch)
Braine-le-Comte Moulin Dubois
Moulin Jeanette
Stellingmolen Late 18th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Brasménil Moulin Grard
Moulin Bertot
Grondzeiler 1769 Molenechos (Dutch)
Buvrinnes Moulin Duart Grondzeiler 1750 Molenechos (Dutch)
Chercq Moulin des Sottises Grondzeiler 1679 Molenechos (Dutch)
Comines Moulin Soete
Souete Molen
Staakmolen 2001 Molenechos (Dutch)
Deux-Acren Moulin Poylte Grondzeiler 1789 Molenechos (Dutch)
Ellezelles Moulin du Cat Sauvage
Staakmolen 1750 Molenechos (Dutch) Ellezelles JPG02.jpg
Ellezelles Blanc Moulin
Moulin de la Rygaudrye
Grondzeiler c. 1805 Molenechos (Dutch)
Ellezelles Moulin Delattre Grondzeiler c. 1805 Molenechos (Dutch)
Estinnes-au-Mont Moulin des Trieux Grondzeiler 1815 Molenechos (Dutch)
Farciennes Moulin du Louat Grondzeiler 1818 Molenechos (Dutch)
Fleurus Moulin Naveau Stellingmolen Late 18th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Flobecq Moulin Liénart Grondzeiler 1786 Ruin, part of wall only remaining
Molenechos (Dutch)
Frasnes-lez-Gosselies Moulin Druez Grondzeiler 1834 Molenechos (Dutch)
Frasnes-lez-Gosselies Moulin Debilde Grondzeiler 1844 Molenechos (Dutch)
Gouy-lez-Piéton Moulin Pétiaux Grondzeiler Early 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Grand-Reng Moulin Degang Grondzeiler 1714 Molenechos (Dutch)
Grand-Reng Moulin à Cricq Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Harchies Moulin Degand
Moulin St-Roch
Grondzeiler 1830 Molenechos (Dutch)
Hautrage Moulin des Culz tout Nudz
Moulin Hecq
Grondzeiler 17th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Hennuyères Moulin du Hennuyères Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Heppignies Moulin du Bois
Moulin Bauloye
Grondzeiler 1826 Molenechos (Dutch)
Heppignies Moulin Wyaux Grondzeiler 1844 Molenechos (Dutch)
Hornu Moulin de Briques Grondzeiler Late 18th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Horrues Moulin Rombaux Stellingmolen 1830 Molenechos (Dutch)
Houdeng-Aimeries Moulin du Ya
Moulin Collet
Moulin d'Althanasse Ghislain
Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Jumet Moulin Hembise Grondzeiler 1813 Molenechos (Dutch)
Laplaigne Moulin Blanc
Moulin Favacque
Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Lessines Grand Moulin
Moulin Dooms
Stellingmolen 1834 Molenechos (Dutch)
Leval-Trahegnies Moulin Stoclet Grondzeiler Late 18th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Luingne Moulin de Tombrouck
Grondzeiler 1905 Molenechos (Dutch)
Maisières Moulin Thomas Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch) 0 Maisières - Ferme du Moulin et Bois Vilain XIIII (1).JPG
Marquain Moulin Cornille Grondzeiler c. 1883 Molenechos (Dutch)
Maubray Moulin Allard Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Maubray Moulin Maugré Bergmolen 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Meslin-l'Evêque Moulin Lescot
Moulin de la Folie
Grondzeiler c. 1845 Molenechos (Dutch)
Mignault Le Petit Moulin Grondzeiler Late 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Moulbaix Moulin de la Marquise Staakmolen c. 1752 Molenechos (Dutch) Moulbaix MV1bJPG.jpg
Obaix Moulin d'Obaix Grondzeiler 1835 Molenechos (Dutch)
Obigies Moulin de Barbissart Grondzeiler 1817 Molenechos (Dutch)
Ostiches Le Blanc Moulin Bergmolen 1789 Molenechos (Dutch) Ostiches MV1aJPG.JPG
Papignies Moulin de Papignies
Moulin Privé
Moulin Jules
Grondzeiler 1865 Molenechos (Dutch)
Pérronnes-lez-Antoing Moulin de Pérronnes Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Péruwelz Moulin Leroy
Moulin de la Loquette
Grondzeiler 1788 Molenechos (Dutch)
Quevaucamps Moulin d'en Haut Grondzeiler Early 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Roucourt Moulin Saint-Roch Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Saint-Amand Moulin de Chassart Bergmolen 1831 Molenechos (Dutch)
Saint-Sauveur Moulin de Valentin
Moulin de Muen
Staakmolen 1952 Molenechos (Dutch)
Saint-Sauvuer Moulin Dupont Achtkante Molen 1971 Molenechos (Dutch)
Stambruges Moulin Colmant Grondzeiler 1834 Molenechos (Dutch)
Stambruges Moulin Frison
Moulin Marie Tourond
Grondzeiler Early 18th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Stambruges Moulin Patin
Moulin Leroy
Grondzeiler 1828 Molenechos (Dutch)
Thimougies Moulin de Thimougies Staakmolen 1789 Molenechos (Dutch)
Tournai Moulin du Crampon
Moulin Buques
Grondzeiler 1835 Molenechos (Dutch)
Tournai Moulin à Cailloux
Moulin Lehon
Moulin de Pierre
Grondzeiler Mid-19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Ville-Pommeroeul Moulin Baudour Stellingmolen Early 19th century Molenechos (Dutch) Ville-Pommeroeul MV1aJPG.jpg
Villers-Perwin Le Moulin Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Wadelincourt Moulin Robertau Grondzeiler 1772 Molenechos (Dutch)
Warcoing Moulin de Pierre
Moulin Mille
Grondzeiler Late 15th century Molenechos (Dutch)
Wiers Moulin de Vergne Grondzeiler 19th century Molenechos (Dutch)


Bold indicates a mill that is still standing. Italics indicates a mill with some remains surviving.