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This is a list of the published fiction and non-fiction works of British author Susan Hill.


Short story collections[edit]


  • The Custodian, Covent Garden Press 1972[3]

Non Fiction[edit]

  • The Magic Apple Tree, (autobiography) Hamish Hamilton, 1982; Penguin 1985; Long Barn Books 1998
  • Through the Kitchen Window, Illustrated by Angela Barrett Hamish Hamilton 1984; Penguin 1986
  • Through the Garden Gate, (Illustrated by Angela Barrett), Hamish Hamilton, 1986
  • The Lighting of the Lamps, (Collected pieces) Hamish Hamilton, 1987
  • Shakespeare Country, (photographs by Talbot and Whiteman) Michael Joseph, 1987
  • The Spirit of the Cotswolds, (photographs by Nick Meers), Michael Joseph, 1988
  • Family, (Autobiography) Michael Joseph, 1989
  • Reflections from a Garden, (Illustrated by Ian Stephens; written with Rory Stuart) Pavilion Books 1995
  • Howards End is on the landing 2009


  • The Cold Country and Other Plays for Radio (includes The End of Summer, Lizard in the Grass, Consider the Lilies, Strip Jack Naked); London, BBC Publications, 1975.
  • Lizard in the Grass, broadcast 1971; produced Edinburgh, 1988
  • On the Face of It, broadcast 1975; published in Act 1, edited by David Self and Ray Speakman, London, Hutchinson, 1979
  • The Ramshackle Company (for children); produced London, 1981
  • Chances, broadcast 1981; produced London, 1983.

Children's stories[edit]

  • One Night at a Time, Hamish Hamilton 1984; Puffin 1986
  • Mother's Magic, Hamish Hamilton 1985; Puffin 1986
  • Can it be True?; (illustrated by Angela Barrett) Hamish Hamilton 1987; Puffin 1988; Walker Books 1990
  • Susie's Shoes, (illustrated by Priscilla Lamont), Hamish Hamilton 1989; Puffin 1990
  • Stories from Codling Village, (illustrated by Caroline Crosland) Walker Books 1990
  • I've Forgotten Edward, Walker Books and Sainsburys 1990
  • I Won't Go there Again, Walker Books 1990
  • Pirate Poll (illustrated by Priscilla Lamont), Hamish Hamilton 1991; Puffin 1992
  • The Glass Angels, Walker Books 1991, Paperback 1993
  • Beware, Beware, (illustrated by Angela Barrett), Walker Books 1993, Paperback 1994
  • King of King's, (illustratedb by John Lawrence), Walker Books 1994
  • The Christmas Collection: An Anthology (illustrated: John Lawrence), Walker Books 1995
  • The Battle for Gullywith, 2008


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