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This is a selected list of works of Fanny Crosby.


  • [Carleton, Will]. Fanny Crosby's Life-Story. New York, NY: Every Where Publishing Company, 1903.[1]
  • [Carleton, Will]. Fanny Crosby's Life-Work. New York, NY: Every Where Publishing Company, 1905.
  • Memories of Eighty Years. Boston, MA: James H. Earle & Company, 1906.[2]
  • Keller, Cozette; Fanny Crosby, and William Howard Doane. Safe in the Arms of Jesus: Illustrated Pantomimed Hymn. Edgar S. Werner, 1917.
  • This is My Story, This Is My Song, 1906. ISBN 978-1-898787-41-9.

Books of poetry[edit]

  • The Blind Girl. Wiley & Putnam, 1844.[3]
  • Monterey and Other Poems. R. Craighead, 1851.[4]
  • A Wreath of Columbia’s Flowers. H. Dayton, 1858.[5]
  • Bells at Evening and Other Verses; with Biographical Sketch by Robert Lowry. New York, NY: Biglow & Main, 1897; 3rd ed., New York, NY and Chicago, IL: Biglow & Main,1899.[6]


  • -------- and George Frederick Root. The Flower Queen: A Tonic Sol-fa Cantata. Advertiser and Chronicle Offices, 1880.
  • -------- and George Frederick Root. Libretto of The Flower Queen; or the Coronation of the Rose. New York: Mason Brothers, 1853.
  • -------- and Hart Pease Danks. Conquered by Kindness: A Juvenile Operetta. New York, NY: Wm. A. Pond, 1881.[7]
  • -------- and Theodore E. Perkins. "The Excursion". In The Mount Zion Collection of Sacred and Secular Music: Consisting of Tunes, Anthems, Singing School Exercises and Songs for the Sabbath School and Social Circle. Edited by Theodore E. Perkins. New York, NY: A.S. Barnes & Co., 1869.
  • -------- and William Howard Doane. Santa Claus' Home; or, The Christmas Excursion: A Christmas Cantata for the Sunday School and Choir. Biglow & Main, 1886.
  • -------- ; George Frederick Root; Chauncy M. Cady; and William Batchelder Bradbury. DANIEL: or the Captivity and Restoration. A Sacred Cantata in Three Parts, Words selected and prepared by C[hauncy]. M[arvin]. Cady, Esq., [1824-1889], assisted by Miss F[rances]. J[ane]. Crosby. [Mrs. Van Alstyne] [1820-1915]. Music composed by Geo[rge]. F[rederick]. Root [1820-1895] and W[illiam]. B[atchelder]. Bradbury [1816-1868], [8]
  • -------- ; George Frederick Root; and Henry Fisher. The New Flower Queen: or, The Coronation of the Rose. A Cantata in Two Parts, for the Use of Singing Classes in Academies, Ladies' Schools, and High Schools. Oliver Ditson co., 1870.

Popular songs[edit]

  • Fare Thee Well Kitty Dear--1852[9]
  • Mother, Sweet Mother Why Linger Away--(New York, NY: William Hall & Son, 1852)[10]
  • Bird of the North--(Feb. 1852)[11]
  • The Hazel Dell--(1853) [12]
  • There's Music in the Air-- (1857) [13]

Selected hymns[edit]


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