Serrano Island

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This article is about Chilean island in 48.5°S, Tortel Commune. For Island in Antarctica, see Isla Serrano.
Serrano Island
Native name: Isla Serrano
Serrano Island is located in Chile
Serrano Island
Serrano Island
Serrano Island, labeled as Little Wellington
Coordinates 48°31′56″S 74°46′32″W / 48.532351°S 74.775573°W / -48.532351; -74.775573Coordinates: 48°31′56″S 74°46′32″W / 48.532351°S 74.775573°W / -48.532351; -74.775573
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Area 1,062.8 km2 (410.3 sq mi)
Coastline 339.9 km (211.2 mi)
Region Aisén
Province Capitán Prat
Commune Tortel
Additional information
NGA UFI=-901551

Serrano Island, also known as Little Wellington Island, is an island in the Aisén Region, Chile. It should not be confused with Lavoisier Island in the Antarctica, which is also called Isla Serrano in Spanish.

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