Liu Xun (Han dynasty)

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For other people named Liu Xun, see Liu Xun.
Liu Xun
Traditional Chinese 劉勛
Simplified Chinese 刘勋
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Liu.

Liu Xun, courtesy name Zitai (子台), was the Administrator of Lujiang Commandery during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. Later on when Sun Ce and Lü Bu formed an alliance against Yuan Shu in 197, Sun Ce sent his cousins Sun Ben and Sun Fu to attack Liu Xun and they scored an easy victory over Liu. Later in 199, Liu Xun captured Yuan Shu's generals Zhang Xun, Yang Hong, and Yuan Shu's son Yuan Yao, he was then attacked by Sun Ce and driven from Lujiang.

According to official historical records, Liu Xun became an attendant to Cao Cao, to whom he was already an acquaintance, but was later dismissed due to his haughty attitude.

Appointments held[edit]

  • Administrator of Lujiang (盧江太守)
  • General Who Attacks Barbarians (征虜將軍)

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