Live – In the Heat of the Night

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Live - In The Heat Of The Night
Live in the Heat of the Night.jpg
Live album by Diamond Head
Released 2000
Recorded 1991
Genre Heavy metal
Length 71:43
Label Zoom Club Records
Producer Steve Guard
Diamond Head chronology
The Best Of Diamond Head Live - In The Heat Of the Night Am I Evil? - The Anthology

Live - In The Heat Of The Night is a live album by heavy metal band Diamond Head recorded at the Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall during their 1991 comeback tour. It was originally a video bootleg but was released on the insistence of their manager, Steve Guard,[1] in 2000 in tribute to the band's live sound after their breakup after the Death and Progress album in 1994, and contains a thank-you note from vocalist Sean Harris on the inner sleeve. The band ended up reforming in late 2000 to perform some acoustic numbers in order to promote this album with Floyd Brennan ending in the release of the First Cuts EP.

This live album consists of two discs. The first is an audio recording of the show, whilst the second is video of the concert, although neither disc captures the entire show. The set started with "Wild On The Streets", which does on appear on the album, nor does the encore, Diamond Head's flagship; "Am I Evil?".[2] The second disc captures even less of the show, as it starts filming at "Feels Good" and films up until "Run".

The album contains several unreleased songs, such as "Let Me Down Easy" and "She Comes Down" as well as a medley of cover songs at the end of disc one, which was rare for Diamond Head.

Track listing[edit]

Disc I[edit]

  1. 'Lightning To The Nations'
  2. 'Feels Good'
  3. 'I Can't Help Myself'
  4. 'In The Heat Of The Night'
  5. 'Calling Your Name'
  6. 'She Comes Down'
  7. 'Sucking My Love'
  8. 'Let Me Down Easy'
  9. 'Borrowed Time'
  10. 'Run'
  11. 'To Heaven From Hell'
  12. 'Makin' Music'
  13. 'Home'
  14. Medley - 'Helpless', 'My Generation', 'Oh Well', 'Hocus Pocus', 'Riff Raff' & 'It's Electric'

Disc II[edit]

  1. 'Feels Good'
  2. 'I Can't Help Myself'
  3. 'In The Heat Of The Night'
  4. 'Calling Your Name'
  5. 'She Comes Down'
  6. 'Sucking My Love'
  7. 'Let Me Down Easy'
  8. 'Borrowed Time'
  9. 'Run'


  • Sean Harris - Vocals
  • Brian Tatler - Guitar
  • Eddie "Chaos" Moohan - Bass guitar & backing vocals
  • Karl Wilcox - Drums