Live at the Mineshaft Tavern

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Live At The Mineshaft Tavern
Live album by ThaMuseMeant
Released 1995
Recorded unknown
Genre Folk rock
Length 1:13:51
ThaMuseMeant chronology
Live At The Mineshaft Tavern
Breakfast Ephiphanies
(1997)Breakfast Ephiphanies1997

Live At The Mineshaft Tavern is the debut album released by the folk-rock band ThaMuseMeant in 1995. Enion Pelta-Tiller did not appear on this album because she joined the band in 2003.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Cinderella's Shoes
  2. The Poverty of Mr. Stone
  3. Ok Say
  4. Evening Brew
  5. Lonely Rider
  6. Taxi to Bourbon
  7. Slow Night
  8. Sippin' Wine
  9. Matty Groves
  10. Shoulda Stayed Away
  11. Kissing Goodbyes
  12. Don't Leave, I'm Just Angry
  13. Mr. Hat
  14. Do You Find It Hard?
  15. Boys Will Be Boys


  • Aimee Curl (double bass, vocals)
  • Nathan Moore (guitar, vocals)
  • David Tiller (mandolin)
  • Jeff Sussman (percussion)

External links[edit]

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