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London First is a not for profit[1] advocacy group with a membership composed of leaders of businesses in London, United Kingdom.[2][3][4]

As of 2008, it represented 300 London based businesses.[2]

Its stated aim is "to make London the best city in the world in which to do business".[5]

London First was established in 1992 to meet a perceived lack of a unitary body to promote London after the dissolution of the Greater London Council. Its first chair was Allen Sheppard, Baron Sheppard of Didgemere.[6] Its current chair is John Allen.

The chief executive is Jasmine Whitbread, who took up the role in December 2016. Its former CEO was Baroness Jo Valentine.[3][4]

London First has supported plans to provide roofing over major roads in London amongst other transport infrastructure developments, a proposal that was under consideration by then London mayor Boris Johnson.[3] It has criticised the Cameron ministry's proposal to require a bond of £ 3 000 for some visitors to the UK.[4]

London First was a partner in the 2014 "Wikimania".[7]


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