Longford County (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

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Longford County
Former County constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
Former constituency
Created  ()
Abolished 1800
Replaced by Longford

Longford County was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons from 1614 to 1800. The area is in County Longford. Between 1725 and 1793, Catholics and those married to Catholics could not vote.

Members of Parliament[edit]


Election First member Second member
1616 Connell O'Farrell John O'Farrell

There was no representative for the Longford County constituency in the Parliament of 1661-1692.

1689 (Patriot Parliament)[edit]

Election First member Second member
1689 Roger Farrell Robert Farrell


Election First member First party Second member Second party
1692 Robert Choppin Sir Robert Newcomen, 6th Bt
1695 Wentworth Harman
1703 Anthony Sheppard
1713 Henry Edgeworth
1715 Anthony Sheppard
1735 Sir Arthur Newcomen, 7th Bt
1739 Arthur Gore
1758 Henry Gore
1759 Sir Thomas Newcomen, 8th Bt
1761 Robert Harman John Gore
1765 Ralph Fetherston Hon. Edward Pakenham
1766 Wentworth Parsons
1768 Henry Gore Hon. Robert Pakenham
1775 Laurence Harman Harman
1790 Sir William Gleadowe-Newcomen, 1st Bt
1793 Caleb Barnes Harman
1796 Sir Thomas Fetherston, 2nd Bt
1801 Replaced by Westminster constituency Longford