Voyage of the Space Bubble

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Voyage of the Space Bubble

  1. Into the Looking Glass
  2. Vorpal Blade
  3. Manxome Foe
  4. Claws That Catch
AuthorJohn Ringo
Country United States
GenreFiction, science, fantasy
PublisherBaen Books
PublishedMarch 27, 2007 – November 24, 2009 (initial publication)
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)
No. of books4

The Looking Glass, or Voyage of the Space Bubble, series is a military hard science fiction novel series created by author John Ringo and centering on the creation of trans-space portals known as "looking glasses" (due to their mirror-like appearance) and the effect their discovery and the discovery of things via the portals have on life on Earth and off it.[1][2] Ringo wrote the first book in the series alone, and has collaborated with physicist and author Travis S. Taylor beginning with the second book in the series.


  1. Into the Looking Glass (2005) ISBN 9780743498807
  2. Vorpal Blade (2007) ISBN 9781416555865
  3. Manxome Foe (2008) ISBN 9781416591658
  4. Claws That Catch (2009) ISBN 9781416555872


This series begins with the cataclysmic creation of a system for opening portals to other places in this universe. Alien contacts and conflicts (both friendly and non) form the basis of the story and provide a look at the idea that being a hero requires more than just muscles and guns.

Into the Looking Glass[edit]

At the beginning of Into the Looking Glass, a scientist named Chen attempts a limited modification of the laws of physics in a given area. That area being the particle accelerator in the University of Central Florida's high energy physics department. It is suspected he succeeds as the result is a 60 kt blast and the creation of something known as the 'Chen Anomaly', an enigmatic black sphere that functions as a portal to another world.

Having heard about the blast in Florida, the Secretary of Defense - going to brief the president - grabs the nearest scientist with any qualifications on the matter who happens to be Dr. William Weaver (modeled on Sci-Fi author Travis S Taylor), a self-proclaimed High-Tech Redneck from Huntsville, Alabama. Dr. Weaver finds himself, along with SEAL Chief Todd Miller, becoming the lead investigators and trouble-shooters relating to the Chen Anomaly and the 'Looking Glass' portals it spawns. When one begins to spew a hostile alien biological entity, it's up to a Geek and a Jock to save not only this world but literally hundreds of others.

Vorpal Blade[edit]

In dealing with the Looking Glasses, humanity has discovered precisely one friendly species; the Adar. About a hundred years in advance of humanity, the Adar have had all sorts of problems with the hostile entity known as the Dreen and their slave races. With the discovery of an ally, Humanity looks forward to a brighter future. As a gift, the Adar offer Humanity a small black box that they discovered on a distant world. Enigmatic and plain, the box appears to be a terrifying weapon until Dr. William Weaver discovers that it is in fact a hyperdrive which, when grafted to the former SSBN Nebraska creates the first Warp Ship, the Alliance Space Ship Vorpal Blade.

Vorpal Blade tells the story of Humanity's first voyage into interstellar space and the hazards they encounter there, such as the Mecha-eating Crabpus, the gravitational standing waves between solar systems, or the Demons of Cheerick the crew encounter. The Marines and SF contingent of the Vorpal Blade must deal with those issues while still vomiting from the pink maulk in the pre-mission physical.

Manxome Foe[edit]

An astronomy center located on another planet, reachable through the Looking Glass portals, was attacked and destroyed, presumably by the Dreen. As per protocol, an Ardune warhead was sent through the gate destabilizing it. Now the crew of the Vorpal Blade must find out what happened, if it was the Dreen and if they are colonizing the local systems. Despite the fact that it takes a month to get there with pre-mission physical in route, the crew is put up against unimaginable odds, making a new ally, and discovering the Dreen's plan for Earth.

Claws That Catch[edit]

During their escape from the Dreen, the Hexosehr discovered a planet with ancient ruins, containing an inactive 'black box.' Sent out to make sure the Dreen don't get it and any other advanced technology, the Vorpal Blade II goes on this mission in a new ship with a new CO. The veterans of the Blade must teach the new soldiers all the common sense they need to survive, as well as the Cheerick fighters they're training. On their arrival, they discover a great secret in some odd encounters.


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