Los Amantes del Señor de la Noche

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Los Amantes del Señor de la Noche
Directed by Isela Vega
Written by Hugo Arguelles
Isela Vega
Starring Isela Vega
Irma Serrano
Emilio Fernández
Lilia Prado
Music by Pedro Plasencia
Cinematography Angel Bilvatua
Edited by Federico Landeros
Distributed by Producciones Fénix
Release date
  • 1986 (1986)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Los Amantes del Señor de la Noche (The Lovers of the Lord of the Night) is a Mexican motion picture categorized as horror. It was filmed in 1986.


Venusita (Elena de Haro) falls in love with the son of a wealthy family whose mother sends her son off to the United States in order to keep the two apart. Not to be rejected so easily, Venusita visits Saurina (Irma Serrano) the sorceress who comes up with a spell that kills off the merchant and zaps the son back home, but Venusita's problems are far from over.


Production Notes[edit]

The movie is about witchcraft and a passion thriller around it. It was written by a very known Mexican writer Hugo Argüelles in conjunction with Isela Vega. Great actors appear in the movie including Emilio Fernández and the always enigmatic Irma Serrano who is already celebrity of its own. This film passed unnoticed in Mexico in part thanks to the lousy distribution system of that time, which used to privilege the foreign movies. Nowadays there are no longer Mexican movies so the distributors no longer have the concern of programming Mexican movies. The movie could have turned into a cult movie. It has a good plot, good intentions, interesting actors and low budget.

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