Los Vikings

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Los Vikings
Also known as Los Vikings de Usulután
Origin Usulután, El Salvador
Genres Rock
Garage rock
Rock en Español
Nueva Ola
Years active 1965-1973
Labels Dimsa
Members Remberto Trejo (lead vocals)
Gustavo Llarreinaga (drums)
Juan López Gonzáles (organ)
Victor Moreno (bass)
Payín Moreno (lead guitar)
Armando Martínez (rhythm guitar, background vocals)

Los Vikings (also known as Los Vikings de Usulután) are a rock group from Usulután, El Salvador, formed in the 1960s, and are often cited as the exemplary group of the "golden age of Salvadoran rock".[1] Members included Remberto Trejo (lead singer), Gustavo Larreinaga (drums), Juan López Gonzáles (organ), Victor Moreno (bass) Payín Moreno (lead guitar), and Armando Martínez (rhythm guitar, background vocals). Group hits include, "Tu Crees En Mi", "Y En Cambio Tu", and "Cien Mujeres". After much success during the Latin American Nueva Ola scene, the group became inactive in 1973. Los Vikings reunited in 2002 for at least one show.[2]

During their career they wrote 50 songs and recorded 3 Long Plays, of these, the first album "Vikings" obtained a resounding success both at home and in Mexico and the United States. Among the songs that made them famous include: "Sentado en la verja del camino", "Y en cambio tú", "Melodía para ti", "Cien mujeres", and many more.

After 40 years, their music still sounds in some radio stations in Mexico, Australia and The United States, and of course in El Salvador.

The group separated to pursue their individual careers in other countries. [3]


Vikings legendary band of Usulutan, El Salvador, met again after 40 years to participate in the Fiestas Patronales of the city, Usulutan. There were jokes, great atmosphere and a lot of happiness. In the rehearsal where they once again proved their undeniable skills. Their reunion concert at public park in Usulutan which was held on Friday November 23, 2012. Though it's been four decades since the entire, starting line up reunited as a group, it felt that the time had not been a factor when it came to their musical abilities.

They played music, their best songs during the rehearsal, showing that they are made to outlast, and make their mark in history.


  • 19?? – La Inmensidad (DIC-1004)
  • 1969 – Los Vikings (DIC/S-1022)


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