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Loughborough Public School is part of the Limestone District School Board, and is centrally located within Sydenham, Ontario. The school is only seconds away from Sydenham High School, where graduates from Loughborough Public School will attend. The Public School teaches students from junior kindergarten all the way through to Grade eight where the students will graduate. The school holds a graduation ceremony for all graduating students at the end of both Grade eight terms. After the graduation ceremony is over the school holds a dance for the students.

The building has quite a bit of history to it and was founded over 100 years ago as school house. The school house was rather large when Loughborough Public School (house) was created, and has since had two building expansion renovations. The most recent change to the school was in 1993 when the front entrance was reconstructed, a new library was built, improved design to upper level facility office space and an addition to classrooms. The renovation meant Loughborough Public School would no longer have to use the three portables along the side of the school. The portables have since been torn down and additional recess activity areas are now in their place.

The School has received a few awards over the years. Queen's University gave Loughborough Public School the Associate School of the Year Award in 2002–2003. Over 150 schools participate in the Associate School partnership practicum program involving the Faculty of Education, Teacher Candidates, faculty and staff.

“To recognize this contribution, the Faculty of Education presents one Elementary School and one Secondary School with the "Associate School of the Year" award”[1]

Loughborough Public School is also the creator of the annual one-day Girls Active Living and Sport (G.A.L.S.) conference. G.A.L.S. caught Oprah’s attention and she runs a contest where awards are given out to the best leaders setting a healthy example.

“Oprah Award Winners are Spreading the Word About Healthy Living, and Leading by Example”[2]


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