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Louis Boucher was a Canadian-born prospector, miner, explorer and a guide in the Grand Canyon, Arizona in the late 19th to early 20th centuries.


The dates of his birth and even his death are unknown; He has been described as a kind, gentle soul. Though not a true hermit, Boucher is the "hermit" for whom local features around the Canyon's southern rim are named..

He came to the Canyon around 1889 and mined copper along the creek that bears his name until 1912. Around 1891, Boucher staked claims below present-day Hermit's Rest. With help, Boucher carved a trail into the canyon and for years lived alone at nearby Dripping Spring.


Along the southern rim of the Grand Canyon there is a popular location known as Hermit's Rest, at the end of Hermit Road. These sites as well as Boucher and (Hermit Trail)s and a canyon are named after him in the Grand Canyon.