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Louis Vico Žabkar (7 December 1914 – 15 September 1994)[1] was an American Egyptologist who published a number of academic works and who participated in the 1960s the UNESCO campaign to salvage the monuments threatened by the building of the Aswan Dam.

Žabkar was born on the Dalmatia island of Lastovo, which was then part of Italy. He was born to a Croatian father, Louis Franz Žabkar, and Italian mother, Maria Carminatti. He immigrated to the United States in 1948.[2] He received his Ph.D. in 1958 from the University of Chicago. After teaching in the history department of Loyola University Chicago he became Professor of Egyptology at Brandeis University where he worked until his retirement in 1984. He was field Director of the Oriental Institute Expedition to Semna South which excavated a Middle Kingdom Fortress and a large Meroitic cemetery. His interests covered Egyptian religion, Ptolemaic hieroglyphs and Nubiology.[3] His 1968 book on the concept of the ba in Ancient Egypt was the first in depth study of the subject.[4]

Žabkar died in 1994 in Rockport, Massachusetts.[1]

Select bibliography[edit]

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