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For the Irish member of the Sisters of Charity, see Louise O'Sullivan (Tien-Tsin).

Louise O'Sullivan is a former Montreal city councillor and member of the city's executive committee. She is the founder and leader of Parti Montréal Ville-Marie. She was a candidate for Mayor of Montreal in the city's 2009 Municipal Elections.

City councillor (2002-2005)[edit]

She was originally elected in 2001, to represent the Peter-McGill district as a councillor under Gérald Tremblay's Union Montreal party. Tremblay named her to the city's executive committee, where she was responsible for the social development/revenue security and the Business Centre portfolios.[1] Due to a disagreement with the Tremblay administration, she resigned from the executive committee and Union Montréal and spent the rest of her time in council sitting as an independent. For the 2005 municipal elections, she created Équipe Ville-Marie. For the 2009 municipals, this became Parti Montréal Ville-Marie.[1]

2006 federal election[edit]

During the 2006 Canadian federal election, O'Sullivan ran for the Conservative Party of Canada in the riding of Westmount—Ville-Marie. She was defeated by incumbent, Lucienne Robillard, of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Canadian federal election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Liberal Lucienne Robillard 18,884 45.68% -10.16% $70,313
Conservative Louise O'Sullivan 7,295 17.57% +7.50% $27,009
New Democratic Eric Wilson Steedman 6,356 15.37% +3.38% $13,082
Bloc Québécois Sophie Frechette 5,191 12.56% -2.25% $9,770
Green Julie Sabourin 3,451 8.35% +2.30% $122
Marxist–Leninist Serge Lachapelle 94 0.23% * $0
Communist Bill Sloan 69 0.17% -0.09% $380

2009 mayoral campaign[edit]

Louise O'Sullivan (centre) during the 2009 Montreal Saint Patrick's Day Parade.

Louise O'Sullivan ran as a mayoral candidate in Montreal during the 2009 municipal elections for Parti Montréal Ville-Marie.

Montreal municipal election, 2009[2]
  Candidate Party Vote  %
  Gérald Tremblay (incumbent) Union Montréal 159,020 37.90%
  Louise Harel Vision Montréal 137,301 32.73%
  Richard Bergeron Projet Montréal 106,768 25.45%
  Louise O'Sullivan Parti Montréal - Ville-Marie 8,490 2.02%
  Michel Bédard Parti Fierté Montréal 5,297 1.26%
  Michel Prairie Independent 2,648 0.63%

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