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Louise Simard (born 1950)[1] is a Quebec writer.

She was born in Montreal and grew up in Mont-Laurier, Quebec. As of 2010, she was living in Stoke in the Eastern Townships.[1]

Simard earned a master's degree and Doctorate in French studies from the Université de Sherbrooke.[2]

In 1992, her book La très noble demoiselle was nominated for the Governor General's Award for French-language fiction.[1] She was awarded the Prix Alfred-Desrochers in 1995 for the novel Laure Conan, la romancière aux rubans,[3] the Prix Jean-Hamelin in 1996 for Le médaillon dérobé and the Grand Prix littéraire Archambault in 2001 for her novel Thana, La fille-rivière.[2]

Published books[1][edit]


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