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Love By Chance
Love by Chance.jpg
Promotional picture of Love By Chance
Genre Drama
Presented by Kavi Shastri
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 36 Total
Running time approx. 42 minutes
Production company(s) BOLT Media Limited
Original network Bindass
Original release 31 May 2014 (2014-05-31) – 31 January 2015 (2015-01-31)

Love By Chance is a Romantic Comedy Indian Television Series that presents dramatizations of love stories. It showcase true stories of people who have found love through serendipity!. It airs on Bindass channel at 7:00 pm every Saturday

Every week the show takes you through hatke love stories with actor and stand-up comedian, Kavi Shastri.



No. in
Episode Name Original air date
1"Aur Phir Baji Ghanti"31 May 2014 (2014-05-31)
The story of Mahender aka Mandy (Dhaval Thakur), a lost confused boy finally decides to please his father and travel to Delhi to give an exam that he has been trying to clear for three years. He decides this is his year and no matter what, he will appear for his exam and clear it. However fate has its own game to play with Mandy and on his way to give the exam he finds an unidentified phone ringing under the seat and decides to answer it. This is when he starts talking to Roshni (Annie Gill). But the fact is that Roshni pretends to be Anjali (the actual owner of the phone) and sends Mandy Anjali's picture. So even though Mandy talks to Roshni, he thinks it's Anjali the whole time. So will both Mandy and Roshini give love a chance after knowing the truth? Watch this full episode to know more[1]
2"Boys Not Allowed"7 June 2014 (2014-06-07)
Dhruv (Ayush Mehra) finds himself in a pickle when his senior bullies him to enter the girls' hostel and deliver a teddy bear to the girl of his dreams. Dhruv has no idea how he will manage this as he enters the wrong hostel building and finds himself stuck in the girls' washroom. Vishy (Shivangi Joshi), a girl also hiding in the same bathroom comes to his rescue and helps him out when he finds himself in a sticky situation with finding the right way out and also the matron who suspects something is up. What happens next? Watch episode.[2]
3"Love At Dandiya Nights"14 June 2014 (2014-06-14)
Jigness and Hetal's love story. It all happens when Jigness (Mohsin khan)who is a NRI visits his hometown in Baroda after 10 long years. He arrives on the eve of Navratri and the entire area is going bezerk, prepping themselves for Dandiya nights. His cousins are also going crazy, with costumes and plans for the night. While Jigness initially is reluctant to go to the Dandiya Nights but after his cousins insist, he agrees to come along with his camera. The first night at the Pandal, he runs into this girl, Hetal (Neetha Shetty) who is totally put off by the NRI thing. She completely sees through him. And then the boy takes it upon himself to dance well as he decides to join Garba coaching classes in the area. And so starts the journey of 9 days of Dandiya as the guy learns how to dance, gets closer to the girl and the girl too introduces him to her garba crazy friends, gives him a make over and falls in love with him. But there is only one problem - Dandiya King Ojas has already given his propose to Hetal. And when the stakes are that high, there is only one way to win the girl... Dandiya fight at Dandiya nights! [3]
4"Nights At The Hospital"21 June 2014 (2014-06-21)
Rahul (Aashish Mehrotra), who is extremely fed up with his girlfriend Simran who uses him as an assistant asking him to do all her work and treats him horribly. To top it all, in no time she breaks up with him. So now Rahul is a free bird. But his freedom is short lived. The moment Simran breaks up with Rahul and walks out she gets herself hurt in an accident. Rahul then rushes her to the hospital where he meets Dr. Nidhi, a beautiful girl who takes his breath away. Rahul now leaves no stone unturned to try to get her out for a date. Dr. Nidhi finally agrees but the twist in the story arises when Simran wakes up and doesn't remember breaking up with Rahul and tells Dr. Nidhi that he has been dating her since 6 months now. So will Dr. Nidhi give love a chance? Will Rahul succeed in impressing Dr Nidhi?[4]
5"What The Fauj!"28 June 2014 (2014-06-28)
This episode shows how Lieutenant Kanishka Mehta (Ankit Bathla) meets Shreya (Swati Rajput) - an army man's daughter in a road accident and falls in love with her. Before he could properly enjoy his love at first sight moment he finds out that Shreya hates army men. Confusions and complications cloud his mind as calling himself as an army guy was supposed to be the coolest swagger factor that could have helped him impress Shreya. He ends up telling her that he is a film director. She gets upset and refuses to talk to him the moment she finds out the fact that Kanishka is an army man. Will he be able to get her back and impress her all over again as 'Lieutenant Kanishka'?[5]
6"Customer Scare"5 July 2014 (2014-07-05)
Rishi left his dad's sari shop to land a job at a mobile network company as a customer care executive and realizes that he has to face the boss from hell - Avinash Rathod - an old college mate who had a huge grudge against him. While on other had its Arundhati Seth (Amrita Prakash), an equally broke and unemployed girl who is also trying to figure out how she can earn a few bucks. While the twist is that Arundhati turns out to be a grudgy customer who has a complaint with Rishi's company. On top it all, Rishi is only allowed to talk for 1 minute to any customer he attends. So from there begins the daily interaction between Rishi and Arundhati, lasting one minute every time and before they realize it, they both fall for each other[6]
7"Gyaan Ki Dukan"12 July 2014 (2014-07-12)
Sakshi (Lovey Sasan) and Shaurya's (Rahul Pardasany) quirky love story. It all started when Sakshi kisses a guy as a desperate impulsive measure to make her ex-boyfriend, Yash (Rohit Sharma), jealous. But the next day, Sakshi realizes that the person who's going to approve her business plan is the same guy she grabbed and kissed the previous day. And as Sakshi goes about trying to explain Shaurya why she did, what she did, she realizes Shaurya is a Gyaan Ki Dukaan; an unending source of facts, figures and numbers who has a mathematical point of view on love. So now the question is will Sakshi give Shaurya a chance? Will they give love by chance? [7]
8"Bhootiyapanti"19 July 2014 (2014-07-19)
In this episode a Bhootiyapanti Story of Kaavya (VJ Barkha Singh) and Nihar (Mohit Malik). Kaavya who is a polished South Mumbai chick is on a so-called romantic night out at the allegedly haunted National Park, just to test Manish's bravery. Fortunately she meets Nihar Singh, rogue from Saharanpur who is in Mumbai to shoot a TV series. Where Manish out of fear leaves the park, it is just Nihar and Kaavya left all alone at this haunted park. Battling thieves, ghosts and dangerous animals both eventually realize that the adventure has brought them closer.[8]
9"Mere Pyaar Ki Shaadi"26 July 2014 (2014-07-26)
Smriti and Gaurav's quirky love story. It so happens that Smiriti (Menaka Lalwani) and Gaurav are attending their ex's marriage ceremonies. Yes, Smriti has decided to wreck the marriage exactly like how Rajat (Smriti's ex) wrecked her life by breaking up with her unceremoniously. Whereas, Gaurav a simple heartbroken boy (ex-boyfriend of Nimmo, Rajat's future wife) has been manipulated into attending the wedding by Nimmo's Father who wanted some extra cash and knew that Gaurav would not only possess that but also help around the house doing most of the work. And when both meet each they realize that they are attending their ex's wedding and finally sees eye to eye or rather broken heart to broken heart and in their drunken state decides to completely ruin and break down the wedding set up. And amidst all this Smriti and Gaurav realize how them landing for their ex's marriage by chance was a fate of destiny and so they decided to give their love a chance! [9]
10"Couples Only"2 August 2014 (2014-08-02)
Adarsh (Hitesh Bharadwaj) who is the City of Dreams, finds it difficult to rent an apartment as landlords in Mumbai rent out houses to Couples Only! That’s when Suchi Chawla (Tanvi Thakkar) enters, who claims to be Adarsh’s wife. Gradually their closeness grows amidst their contrasting personalities. And finally after suspicious events surrounding them both Adarsh and Suchi’s chemistry impresses the landlord, giving each other and the love between them a chance because Yeh Love By Chance Hai – Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai![10]
11"Reporters No.1"9 August 2014 (2014-08-09)
Two news reporters competing with each other to get an exclusive interview with India’s number one cricket sensation and star batsman Abhay Rana. Tej Sahai is a veteran journalist who has been in the field and earned his name and fame. While Chandni is a budding journalist who wants get the story at any cost. She is young, feisty and aggressive. While, Tej and Chandni just can’t stand each other whenever they meet. Admist all this Abhay gets drunk and his super possessive bodyguard panics to protect his boss’s image. In all the mayhem Tej and Chandni fall for each other giving love a chance.[11]
12"Mujhe Shaadi Se Bachao"16 August 2014 (2014-08-16)
Mihir and Gayatri’s lovely story. Mihir and Gayatri sail in the same boat when it comes to rejecting marriage proposals but don’t agree to settle their egos aside. Yes, Mihir hates the concept of his parents choosing his wife and has been successful in rejecting 7 girls he met. On the other hand, Gayatri who will be seeing the 15th boy which is Mihir, has all tricks in place to shoo him away. They both meet and then start the series of mind games orchestrated by Gayatri and Mihir to outwit each other. But after a brief encounter with Gayatri’s Daadi, Mihir realizes he’s being a fool by letting Gayatri go; And rushes to her house only to find her in the middle of rishta number 17. But nothing can stop him now as Mihir goes down on one knee in the middle of a rishta and asks Gayatri to marry him. And Gayatri says yes even before he can finish his sentence[12]
13"Angry Young Man"23 August 2014 (2014-08-23)
Shantanu Shekhawat has been taught since he was a little boy to give it back whenever someone troubles him. Shantanu took this childhood lesson a bit too seriously and has grown up to become one Angry Young Man! Shantanu who has never had a proper conversation with a girl, happens to meet Parineeti aka Pari who discovers him at a juice stall, squeezing the juice out of sugarcane. She quickly exchanges numbers and promises to call Shantanu believing him to be an angel of a person who can cross all boundaries to help someone in need. But little does she know about Shantanu’s temper. So on one fine day Shantanu decides to take Pari out for a date. He promises himself that he won’t let his temper get the best out of him and even though he is provoked many times, he controls himself thinking about Pari. But here’s a twist, when Pari and Shantanu are walking back home; Pari is teased by some goons. Shantanu tries to control him anger here too but after a point losses it and scares away the goons. He then realizes that he might have lost Pari forever as he got angry again but Pari in turn loves how protective Shantanu was and tells him that she is lucky to have a man in her life like him who will always keep her safe. Finally, Pari and Shantanu hug each other and decide to give the love between them a chance![13]
14"Lo Chipak Gaya"30 August 2014 (2014-08-30)
This is a fun filled story about Joshi meeting Ishita (Huzan Mevawalla) on his day at work. Joshi works for a glue manufacturing company. He is a door to door salesman for this glue called Lo Chipak Gaya. It is his 31st day at work and he has failed to meet the monthly sales target. He is under great pressure to perform. That’s when he steps out for some hard selling & meets Ishita. As soon as Ishita buys the glue – Joshi asks for a high five. Accidentally some glue had gotten on to their hands as the glue bottles were faulty. Their hands get glued together and Ishita has a whole day of tasks planned ahead. From being an irritating sales man stuck with her to solving her problems throughout the day; Joshi charms his way to Ishita’s heart. And finally both give their a chance![14]
15"Seat Hai Meri Kiran"6 September 2014 (2014-09-06)

Kiran vs Kiran's Story. Yes, Kiran (Boy) has worked extremely hard to study and hopefully secure a seat in Bolt Institute of Engineering. It has been his dream since he was a kid but due to financial and personal instability he never had the chance. Now however was his time. Kiran (Girl) too worked extremely hard to get into this college. Her father always dreamed of her becoming an engineer and she too has managed to ace the entrance exam. Both the Kirans meet on this fateful day and realize that the Institute has lost all the documentation and now there’s no way to trace who actually got the seat.

And thus, from here begins Kiran and Kiran's by chance wali love story...[15]
16"Love Me Bhai Ka Chance"13 September 2014 (2014-09-13)
This time a story of Shaamabhaaai (Anshul Trivedi) and Dr. Mishti (Priyamvada Kant) [16]
17"Just Say Sorry"20 September 2014 (2014-09-20)

What happens when love comes knocking at a couple’s door and they almost let it go that too for almost 10 years! So is the case of Dumpy and Sasha (Pooja Sharma)[17] ... Watch their extra ordinary love story in this episode.[18]

The episode will capture the transition period of the couple in three quarters. The duo will meet in school where the guy would like to hook up his friend with the girl. But the girl would tell him that she likes him rather than his friend. And soon enough the friendship will turn into love.

But soon their different personalities and aspirations will lead them to part but life would soon play a twist and the two will come across once again after 5 years. And strangely their personalities would have swapped completely and how the two would try finding love once again will be for viewers to see
18"Pyaar Ka Ghulam"27 September 2014 (2014-09-27)
Tanveer and his friends have brought new bikes just in impresses girls in their college. While Tanveer who don't know how to ride a bike had a dream to make Koyal (Vinny Arora) – college’s dream girl sit behind him. Amidst all this Saloni (Nida Chakraborty) enters Tanveer’s life as she is the one who has trashed his new bike. Thus, to repent on the damage Saloni has created, Tanveer makes her his servant aka Gulam. While Saloni cracks an idea of escape that she would help Tanveer hook up with Komal. But here's a twist - Instead of falling for the girl Tanveer ever wanted, he starts to develop a soft corner for Saloni and finally in the end both give their love a chance!.[19]
19"Meri Waali Divya"4 October 2014 (2014-10-04)
What if the person you had crush on turns out to be some else? Yes, this is what exactly what happened to Harsh (Ankit Narang). Harsh had a childhood crush on Divya Sharma. But the only problem is that he doesn't remember how she looks like. Amidst all this he starts to interact with the other Divya Sharma (Rashi Mal) from his class. Now the question is will Harsh find the Divya he had a crush on? And which Divya will he finally fall for? Watch full episode.[20]
20"Andha Pyaar - Andha Kanoon"11 October 2014 (2014-10-11)
The story of Rishabh (Teeshay Shah), debutant Vakil, and Urmi (Nikita Sharma), half Vakil, half feminist. They both don’t have any job or case and both reach one office for interview and unfortunately the job allotted to another candidates. Now, luck by chance, they got the divorce case of Mr. & Mrs. Agarkar. Our hero & heroine now fights in court for Mr. & Mrs. Agarkar and also in personal life for men & women rights. For the proof in divorce case of Agarkar couple, they both live in Agarkar’s home. So what would be next? Can they get proof for divorce?, Can they success in their first case of divorce?, can they get love by chance?.
21"Love In Top Gear"18 October 2014 (2014-10-18)
The story is about Rajeev (Gaurav Bajaj) who decides to work as an instructor at car driving school to make a living from that job. Though he is good looking but shy by nature. He starts earning good amount of money and also gets the opportunity to help teach girls how to drive the cars. This is the backdrop of the story. Rajeev have started working at the driving school due to his father’s insistence. Some of the things to note that driving school training usually takes 1 month or so, and most people who goes for the training are bit afraid. How Rajeev and the girl Manvi (Fenil Umrigar) have fallen in love in this short time since he was shy? What are the elements and chance moments that have brought them together – emotional/caring/protective, common things and understanding ? Did love blossomed in them at the onset or later, how would they become lovestruck?[21]
22"Can I Drop You Home?"25 October 2014 (2014-10-25)
Apna Hero - Anonymous (Sonal Handa) and Anu (Shivangi Desai) firstly meets in bar; A small intro and then a cute fight happens. Anu and her friend, Sneha, became drunk and spent all their money. They were now facing problem of going home because of no money. At that time Apna Hero and his friend, Kanishk, helps them to drop home in Kanishk’s car. But they got an accident and takes lift from a Tempo Driver. During this tempo journey, there are moments where Sneha was coming close to Kanishk & Anu and Apna Hero were also coming bit close. At last Apna Hero and his friend drops both cute girls to their homes. But till now, our hero and heroine did not exchanged neither their detailed intro nor their mobile numbers. Could they meet at last? Could they get Love by Chance? Watch full episode on Bindass.
23"English Speaking Course"1 November 2014 (2014-11-01)
Cute wali Story of Babul (Vicky Arora) & Sheetal (Neelam Sivia). Babul is a village boy having Zero Fashion Sense but he is very intelligent in his studies especially in Maths. On the other side Sheetal understands high Fashion World but weak in studies. Now at one time Babul have to give Speech on Vigyaan in English & sheetal have to complete her assignments. So their professor introduce them with each other. They make a deal that Sheetal will help Babul in English and Babul will give his assignments. As the time spends together both of they gets fall for other. But at that time Sheetal ignores Babul & make fun of him in front of her friends, just because of her ego. This makes Babul sad and he left Sheetal. So, what next? Will Sheetal & Babul meet again? Will they get a Love By Chance? Watch full episode for the answers.[22]
24"After Sale Service"8 November 2014 (2014-11-08)
Myrah (Harpreet Chhabra[23]) is a girl who has no life outside of her office. She's over worked and has an obsessive compulsion to work continuously. One day she decides she's had enough and asks her boss for a 2-day holiday. The trouble is... she doesn't have a life outside of work. So she doesn't know what she's going to do on her break. After many suggestions to while away her time, her boss suggests she should pick up a book to read. Rehaan (Kushabh Manghani) is a boy who's whiling away his life. He hasn't had a steady job for two years and is now working at his uncle's book store. He's desperate to make his first sale when a confused Myrah saunters into the store. After selling books of 5000 Rs. in 20000 Rs. he offers her After Sales Service. On the base of After Sales Service, Myrah calls Rehaan again & again for her small troubles like Shower Repairing. What happens next!!? Watch the full episode.[24]
25"Prank You Very Much"15 November 2014 (2014-11-15)
No one can ever be so sure and so particular about each and every decision that they make. Trisha knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it, how she wants it and will leave no stone un-turned to make sure she gets it. On other side, Sanyog is just used to follow his friends and was the best hassle-free guy for whom, everything is fine. All the people at the party gives dare to Sanyog to get Trisha drunk. Trisha who initially isn't keen on this dare ultimately agrees because she realizes that otherwise she'll be completely left out. Here they make Prank with her and all friends creates scene of something between Trisha & Sanyog. This makes Trisha uncomfortable and she plans to harass Sanyog by becoming her boss and to show lots of attitude crossing many boundaries. Can Sanyog adjusts with her?; Can Love fill their life? Watch full episode.[25]
26"Who's The Expert?"22 November 2014 (2014-11-22)
Kunal (Nitin Sharma) is a Student (Researcher) studying Human Behaviors, while Prachi (Karishma Sharma) works at a magazine as a designer. It happens that she rejects a grant proposal and Kunal gets approved it instead. He decides to know about the girl who has rejected it and manages to go on a meeting with at her at the cafeteria. Kunal learns how she dealt with her ex-boyfriends and thinks that she rejects things which come easy to her. To prove his point, he asks how come she is single though being hot. She becomes annoyed and asks him to leave from there. Later, she realizes what Kunal wanted to convey and seeks his help in finding the Mr. Right for her. Both begins to spend some time together while having some petty fights. Sooner then, she understands about her earlier attitude of not getting satisfied and starts to accept things now and is sure what she wants. Could She choose Kunal as her Mr. Right? Could Kunal & Prachi will find their mutual love and become lovestruck? Watch full episode.[26]
27"Do Jugaadu Ek Haseena"29 November 2014 (2014-11-29)
Sunder works as fixing things of people at a price and believes in the philosophy that there is nothing impossible and doesn’t want to back-out once committed. Shivangi (Priya Chauhan[27]) meets him, who wants his help in getting a break-up from her boyfriend Ajit. He decides to find more on Ajit and starts spying. They find that Ajit might not be cheating on her. Later, he finds Ajit is the son of a gangster with four men giving him cover. When they come to know that he belongs to a gangster family Ramnik, Sunder Friend & Partner, wants to back-out but Sunder doesn’t give up as by now he has already started feeling for the girl. He wants to win her heart as there are so many similarities between them. Despite their lot of attempts, Ajit turned out to be innocent and they realized that Shivangi is not in love with him and is looking for a way to get rid of him. They try to frame Ajit by getting him seduced by another girl, but eventually they get exposed and Ajit threaten to beat Sunder. Shivangi comes to his rescue and helps him by informing Ajits weaknesses and in a dramatic climax they teach him a lesson. Ajit realizes his mistakes and let them be. Our couple realize their love for each other.[28]
28"Papa Ka Siyapa"6 December 2014 (2014-12-06)
Jigar is a handsome, smart and confident guy. Open to any challenge and will go to any extend to prove himself. Ragini (Kaizeen Daruvalla[29]) is a Daughter of an ex-army officer Major Suryakant, very disciplined and well mannered. She follows her dads every rules & is scared of him. Avoids boys, as her dad hates them. At one night it happens that her car breaks down in the middle of the road and also her mobile battery have also been drained out and she gets help from Jigar. He helps her and start talking with her. Day by day challenges occurs & Jigar accepting those challenges to get close with her for friendship. Could love get chance between them?; Can Jigar talk with her?; Can he convince her Strict Army Father? Watch full episode.[30]
29"Please Say It's Okay"13 December 2014 (2014-12-13)
For 23-year-old Geetika, life has always revolved around one phrase, 'I am sorry'. She feels guilty for everything that happens around her and she apologizes for it to whoever is concerned, be it a random roadside Golawala, a handsome stranger or her self pompous boss Hindol Banerjee. On one fine afternoon at a client pitching, Hindol, the creative director of an ad agency faces an unusual situation with an otherwise loyal and cooperative client. The brands new marketing director, Manan, who is also the owners son, reads through Hindols bogus presentation and asks him to get his act together or the pitch will go out of his hand. A desperate Hindol takes Geetika idea (which he previously rejected) and passes on as his own, but Manan figures out the truth from Geetikas reactions. Incidentally Manan was the handsome stranger who Geetika bumped into that very morning.[31]
30"The Perfect Surprise"20 December 2014 (2014-12-20)
The story starts with Shaina (Manasi Rachh) coming to confront her uncle who is the head of the restaurant and seen in angry mood. She reminds how she was sent to Goa regarding her marriage proposal without her approval. She speaks of restaurant’s getting more customers and soon finds Chola Batura being prepared in the kitchen and asks why it is prepared. Uncle Paul speaks of desi customers and need some Tadka and spice. She asks him how come things have changed so fast in one week when she was away. She goes to the kitchen and finds music playing loudly and a chef Bobby (Aalekh Kapoor[32]) is cooking while listening to it. He speaks that cooking and love make food more interesting. He introduces himself as Bobby Singh, chef by passion and D.J by hobby.She wonders why all Idiots come to her kitchen.She says that cooking is like worshipping and music should not run. He speaks of a challenge that whoever blinks first will win.The story revolves the rest.[33]
31"Love Pyaar Te Dating"27 December 2014 (2014-12-27)
Heli is a Gujrati girl from Baroda who is a fan of Virus (a popular television celebrity) and his reality show ‘Love Shove te Dating’. Heli is crazy, nutty and very much in awe of Virus and has been watching the show since she was a teenager. This show has been on air for 10 seasons and Heli remembers each and everything that Virus has ever said on the show. For the first time ever Virus and the show are coming to Baroda and Heli has a chance to audition for the show but she doesn’t want to find love, she just wants to meet her idol and crush - Virus. During the auditions she meets Luv who is a crazy fan too but in quite the opposite way... he believes that he understands everything about the show and the 'Masala' for TRPS and this 'know it all' attitude irritates Virus to no end. In a quick twist, Virus ends up casting Heli and Luv on the show hoping to teach Luv a lesson for being so cheeky. He tries to manipulate Heli to embarrass Luv but in the meanwhile Heli and Luv's friendship evolves and becomes much more and then Heli realizes that she is over her infatuation for Virus and actually loves Luv and all his eccentricities.[34]
32"Photo Wali Ladki"3 January 2015 (2015-01-03)
Namita (Vrinda Dawda) is a Young Girl & want to become an actress. She decides to go at a studio for her photoshoot without informing her brother and family. Angad – Meerut ka Fashion Photographer falls in love with her in one wedding photoshoot. After Photoshoot Angad flirts with her & she leaves angrily. After that Namita's brother comes to Angad's Studio to find Namita. He hits Angad with Three Men. Events occurs & Angad ran away from his studio to save Namita getting catch. They both run from there to Bus Stand, where Namita have reserved Ticket for Mumbai. Between this they both fall for other. Angad leaves her safely in bus & comes to his studio again. Will their love story ends here? Watch full episode.[35]
33"Rent Waala Pyaar"10 January 2015 (2015-01-10)
The story is about two youngsters. The boy, Yuvraj (Sshrey Pareek), needs to show to his parents that he has a girlfriend since they are asking him many times and even suggested he should find his own love. Since he doesn’t have a GF, he meets a girl, Mauli (Harsha Khandeparkar[36]), and asks her to act as his GF in front of his parents. Mauli happily agrees to help him. His parents come to meet the GF in his son’s presence. Mauli speaks very fondly to his parents and suggests they are made for each other. Once Yuvraj's parents gets sincere about this relationship, they asks to meet Mauli's Parents. Now they need a character change. He asks Mauli to become vamp against his parents, but she doesn’t agree with his change idea and becomes angry and tell him that she is going to tell the truth to his family. Whether Yuvraj’s parents knows that she was acting? What made them to realize their mutual love and become lovestruck? Watch full episode.[37]
34"Dare Waala Love"17 January 2015 (2015-01-17)
Alisha Rai (Played by Jiya), the daredevil student of St. Francis college has one thing that separates her from other students. She loves challenges and gives everything to win one. Provoked by college hustler Dollar, who is scared of almost everything. Irritated by Alisha's dares, Veer decides to dare her to do something and they start playing a series of dares. When both of them get a little close to each other, Veer comes to know about Alisha's boyfriend from London and gets upset. Also after over hearing several phone conversations between Alisha and her boyfriend, he realized, that the only thing Alisha is scared of, is her boyfriend. When their bond grows stronger, Veer dares Alisha to dump her boyfriend, Alisha gets pissed off and leaves as she thinks Veer is too scared to take a decision for himself. Veer now wants to go to Alisha’s place to profess his feelings for her. Could he gather courage? Could Alisha also love Veer? Watch full episode.
35"Baby Steps To Love"24 January 2015 (2015-01-24)
Diya (Priyanka Bhole Sidana) have met Prateek (Abhishek Verma) once and have thought him as a stalker and even punched him hard. She later meets him at a financial office and came there to talk about Donation for Baby Steps old age home. Diya’s aim is to protect the old age home and she is told to arrange Rs. 50 Lakhs in 2 weeks otherwise the old age would be taken over by the businessman. Diya needs to take his help and he goes ahead to help her in saving the old age home. Finally, Diya and Prateek come closer and she was told to come office by Prateek to collect cheque of 50 Lakhs. But when she was on the road, she got news about purchase of Old Age Home by a Big Company and that Company was financed by Prateek's Financing Company. This made Diya angry and she fights with him. What will happen next? Watch full episode.
36"Desi VS Videshi"31 January 2015 (2015-01-31)
Sometimes it happens that Love By Chance occurs between Buyer & Seller and Study Table becomes the reason. Zeeba Khanna (Priya Chauhan)[27] wants to buy a Study Table for her, and Onil Chakravarty (Ayush Mehra ) want to sell it as he have to move to abroad after receiving VISA in Two days. Zeeba contacts him & goes to his home to purchase Table. Moments by moments occurs by which they have to spend couple of days & time together. This makes feelings improvements. On other day, in a party, Zeeba requests Onil to not move to abroad being drunk, and indirectly shares her love feelings. What will happen next? Watch full episode.


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