Lucy Myers Wright Mitchell

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Lucy Myers Wright Mitchell
Born Lucy Myers Wright
(1845-03-20)March 20, 1845
Urumiah, Persia
Died March 10, 1888(1888-03-10) (aged 42)
Occupation Historian, author
Notable works A History of Ancient Sculpture (1883)

Lucy Myers Wright Mitchell (March 20, 1845 – March 10, 1888) was an American writer, historian, and expert on ancient art. Mitchell was one of the first Americans to write and publish a book on classical sculpture and was one of the first women to study the field of classical archaeology.[1]

Mitchell was born in Urumiah, Persia, and was the daughter of missionary and oriental scholar Austin Hazen Wright, and the sister of classical scholar, John Henry Wright. Her two-volume, 766 page work, A History of Ancient Sculpture, examines the history of ancient sculpture beginning with its origins in Ancient Egypt, and includes another volume of plates.[2]


  • A History of Ancient Sculpture (1883) Download. View
  • Selections of Ancient Sculpture (1883)


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