Ludger Tom Ring the Younger

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Ludger Tom Ring the Younger, Selfportrait, at the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, 1547

Ludger tom Ring the Younger (1522–1584) was a German painter and draughtsman.

Tom Ring was born in Münster. His father and brothers were also painters. Tom Ring primarily painted portraits and still lifes. He died in Braunschweig in 1584.[1]

Early life[edit]

Ludger tom Ring the Younger was the second son of Ludger tom Ring the Older. Until his father's death in 1547, tom Ring the Younger trained artistically with him, and later worked in his older brother Hermann tom Ring's, studio. His first painting, a self-portrait now in Braunschweig's Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, was painted in 1547.[2]

In Braunschweig[edit]

On January 27, 1569 tom Ring applied to be a citizen of Braunschweig, receiving citizenship on March 27, 1572.[2] He married the widow Ilse Bardenwerper und they lived in the Altewiek district. He created many portraits of Braunschweiger patricians and clergy, some of which now hang in the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, and another in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. In addition to prominent citizens of the city, he also painted the reformer Martin Chemnitz.[3] He died in May 1584.


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