Lunar New Year fireworks display in Hong Kong

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Lunar new year fireworks as viewed from the Mid-levels in 2004.

Lunar New Year Fireworks Display in Hong Kong is an annual event to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. It is held on The Second Day of Lunar New Year above the sky of Victoria Harbour in the evening.

In 1982, to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Jardine Matheson sponsored the first fireworks display event. The event received good public response. Since then, it became an annual event of Chinese New Year as a greeting to Hong Kong citizens.

Fireworks shows similar to this event are also held in the Victoria Harbour on the actual New Years' Eve globe event, on December 31st as part of New Year's Eve events held globally, as well as on the anniversary of the day of Hong Kong's control being handed over from the United Kingdom to China that happened on June 30th, 1997.