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Luotes are magic words of Finnish Kalevala meteric incantation. Possibly luotes have been needed only for the most powerful spells, in which case they have denoted especially holy words. Different incantations have been distinct luotes, which have been must a command of to be able to the incantation.

Finnish-language word "luote" contains possibly a verb trust, in Finnish "luottaa", that have evidently referred to it, that the words have been trusted or given up only from a seer for a close relative for a student or from a dead or a spirit for a seer. ("Give up" is in Finnish "luovuttaa", which is a cognate word to the above-mentioned Finnish-language word "luottaa", in English "to trust".)

Missing luotes have been must fetch in folk stories including from Tuonela, Louhi or buried giant Antero Vipunen.

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