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Lyndon is a district within the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull in the English county of the West Midlands. The population of the Lyndon Ward at the 2011 census was 13,574.[1] It was the home of the Lyndon family. The home (Lyndon Manor) is long gone but became Lyndon Park on Lyndon Rd. It was born in Acocks Green and named after the family home and the park. There is a local historical society with some knowledge of the family before they built the Manor:

The name Lyndon is remembered in the names of; Lyndon Pub, Lyndon Rd. and so on.

Lyndon B. Johnson had British roots, the movie Barry Lyndon may in someway be connected to this family or location.

The ancient monument of Hob's Moat is nearby, as is Hatchford Brook.

The area is not generally called Lyndon, but amenities such as schools and pubs have Lyndon in their title.

Lyndon ward elects its representatives on to Solihull Council three in every four years.

The placename "Lyndon" is Anglo Saxon in origin and refers to a hill bearing a lime tree.

Coordinates: 52°26′56″N 1°47′31″W / 52.449°N 1.792°W / 52.449; -1.792


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