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General information
Architectural style Dutch Renaissance
Location Lystrupvej 9, 4640 Faxe
Country Denmark
Coordinates 55°15′40″N 12°3′52″E / 55.26111°N 12.06444°E / 55.26111; 12.06444Coordinates: 55°15′40″N 12°3′52″E / 55.26111°N 12.06444°E / 55.26111; 12.06444
Completed 1579

Lystrup is a manor house and estate located two kilometres west of Faxe, in in Faxe Municipality, Denmark. The estate was from 1514 to 1717 owned by members of the Grubbe family. The Dutch Renaissance style main building was built for Chancellor of the Realm Eiler Grubbe in 1579,


Godov family[edit]

Lystrup was created when the farms in a village by the same name was merged into a single manor. It is first mentioned in 1403 when it belonged to Olsen Godo. After Oluf Pedersen Godov's death, it was passed on to his daughter Regitse Olufdatter Godov. She was married to Palle Andersen Ulfeldt.

Rhe Grubbe family[edit]

Their daughter, Mette Ulfeldt, married Sivert Grubbe. He was one of the signees of the act that instituted Protestantism in Denmark in 1536, Grubbe had many children. One of his sons, Jørgen Grubbe, doed as a prisoner of war in Turley. Another son disappeared abroad. When Hrubbe died in 1559, Lystrup was therefore passed on to his youngest son, Eiler Grubbe, who had served as secretary at Crown Prince Frederick's court in Malmöhus. He married Else Laxmand in 1559. Ge was appointed to treasurer (rentemester) in 1560 and Chancellor of the Realm in 1570.

After Eiler Grubbe's death in 1585, Lystrup was passed to his son Christian Grubbe. He led a quiet life on his estate without offices at the court and did not marry untilthe age of 37. His son, Peder Grubbe, who served in the Torstenson War (1643-1645), inherited Lystrup after his father. He had to sell some of his estates but kept Lystrup. After his death, it was passed to his son Tønne Grubbe. He was rather unstabile and for a while imprisoned at Kastellet in Copenhagen. He married Wilhelmine Hedevig von Winsheim but the couple had no children. He died at the age of 70 as the last member of the Grubbe family in Denmark.

Changing owners[edit]

A few years prior to his death, in 1717, Tønne Grubbe had endowed Lystrup to Claus Bendix Beenfeldt who was married to Christine Cathrine Statlander, a niece of Grubbe's late wife. He was an army officer but was dismissed after the end of the Freat Northern War in 1720. The family then settled on the Lystrup estate. In 1740, he also acquired neighbouring ]]Junfruens Egede]].[1]

Claus Bendix Beenfeldt had two daughters, Anne Vilhelmine and Christine Ulrikke Beenfeldt. Anne Vilhelmine Beenfeldt married Christian Holmsted while her sister married his twin brother Thomas Holmsted. In 1750, Claus Bendix Beenfeldt ceded Lystrup to Christian Holmsted and Jomfruens Egede to Thomas Holmsted. After Christian Holmsted's early death in 1754, Anna Vilhelmine Beenfeldt married Niels Rosenkrantz von Holstein-Rathlou. His wife died in 1775, He then married her sister, Christine Ulrikke Beenfeldt, who had become a widow a couple of years earlier.

After Niels Rosenkrantz von Holstein-Rathlou's death in 1786, Lystrup was passed to his son by Anna Vilhelmine Beenfeldt, Christian Frederik von Holstein-Rathlou.

Mylius family[edit]

Christian Frederik von Holstein-Rathlou's son-in-law, Johan Caspar Mylius, Lystrup, purchased the estate in 1831. He was already the owner of a number of other estates. After his death in 1852, it was endowed to his eldest son, Johan Jacob Mylius. After his death in 1857, Lystrup was passed on to his brother, Frederik Vilhelm de Mylius, who sold it.

Moltke family[edit]

Lystrup depicted by Ferdinand Richard in 1861

The new owner was Carl Henrik Moltke. He renovated the main building and lived there until his death. Lystrup was after his death in 1918 passed on to his son Aage Molkte. The estate is still owned by the family.


The main building is designed in the Dutch Renaissance style.


Lystrup Manor covers 340 hectares of land. Lystrup and Jomfruens Egede has a total area of 1304 hectares (1998) of which 849.7 is farmland, 34.3 hectares is pastures and 487 hectares is woodland.

List of owners[edit]

  • (1403) Peder Olsen Godov
  • (1433) Oluf Pedersen Godov
  • (1473- ) Palle Andersen Ulfeldt
  • ( -1559) Sivert Grubbe
  • (1559-1585) Eiler Grubbe
  • (1585- ) Christian Grubbe
  • (1630-1675) Peder Christiansen Grubbe
  • (1675-1717) Tønne Pedersen Grubbe
  • (1721-1750) Claus Bendix Beenfeldt
  • (1750-1754) Christian Holmsted
  • (1754- ) Anna Wilhelmine Beenfeldt, gift 1) Holmsted, 2) Rosenkrantz von * Holstein-Rathlou
  • ( -1786) Niels Rosenkrantz von Holstein-Rathlou
  • (1786-1828) Christian Frederik von Holstein-Rathlou
  • (1828-1831) Boet efter Chr. Fr. von Holstein-Rathlou
  • (1831-1852) Johan Caspar Mylius
  • (1852-1857) Johan Jacob Mylius
  • (1857) Sigismund Volf Veit de Mylius
  • (1857-1918) Christian Henrik Carl Moltke
  • (1918-1943) Aage Moltke
  • (1943-1957) Ivar Christian Eiler Moltke
  • (1957- ) Christian Aage James Moltke
  • (1990-present) Joachim Godske Norman Moltke


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