Märtini Brös

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Märtini Brös.
OriginBerlin, Germany
GenresDance, Indietronic
Years active1998–present
LabelsPoker Flat Recordings

Dessous Recordings
FromWithIn Rec.

Mole Listening Pearls
MembersClemens Kahlcke
Mike Vamp
WebsiteOfficial Site

Märtini Brös (aka Maertini Broes) is a German indietronic dance musical duo from Berlin, who have toured extensively throughout Europe and overseas. The project is a collaboration between DJ Clé (born in East Berlin) and Mike Vamp (born in Frankfurt). Both became established on the electronic music scene in Berlin during the 1980s and 1990s as Djs and remixers. The duo first worked together in 1997 at the Berlin nightclub E-Werk as part of an effort to translate the opera Don Giovanni into an electronic version.

Their sound incorporates techno and house combined with lyrics sung in German and English. As a live act the band usually performs with sequencers and electric guitars.


Märtini Brös (aka Maertini Broes) have provided remixes for numerous artists; the most significant include Missy Queen's Gonna Die by Tok Tok with Soffy O, Bleib Geschmeidig by 2raumwohnung and Filthy and Georgeous by Scissor Sisters. Tiga has used several tracks on his progressive house compilations on Turbo Recordings, including DJ-Kicks.


Singles and EPs[edit]

Date Release
1998 "Material Love"
1999 "Babyhaze"
2000 "Tanzen"
2001 "Flash"
2002 "Dance like it's OK"
2002 "The Biggest Fan"
2003 "Boy/Girl"
2003 "HOT"
2004 "Love The Machines"
2004 "Big and dirty"
2004 "She's Heavy Metal"
2005 "Tracks from the Lab pt1"
2005 "Tracks from the Lab pt2"
2006 "Tracks from the Lab pt3"
2007 "From Buleaux"


Date Release
2002 "Pläy"
2004 "Love The Machines"
2008 "The MB Factor"
2011 "Moved By Mountains"
2012 "Starshine"


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