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A multi-service access node (MSAN), also known as a multi-service access gateway (MSAG), is a device typically installed in a telephone exchange (although sometimes in a roadside serving area interface cabinet) which connects customers' telephone lines to the core network, to provide telephone, ISDN, and broadband such as DSL all from a single platform.

Prior to the deployment of MSANs, telecom providers typically had a multitude of separate equipment including DSLAMs to provide the various types of services to customers. Integrating all services on a single node, which typically backhauls all data streams over IP or Asynchronous Transfer Mode can be more cost effective and may provide new services to customers quicker than previously possible.

A typical outdoor MSAN cabinet consists of narrowband (POTS), broadband (xDSL) services, batteries with rectifiers, optical transmission unit and copper distribution frame.

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