MV Cape Kennedy (T-AKR-5083)

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USS Cape Kennedy.jpg
MV Cape Kennedy moored at New Orleans 2007
United States of America
Name: MV Cape Kennedy (T-AKR-5083)
Namesake: Cape Kennedy
Owner: United States Maritime Administration
Operator: Keystone Shipping Company
Laid down: 1979
Launched: As MV Nedlloyd Rosario
Renamed: MV Rosario Date unknown, MV Cape Kennedy
Homeport: New Orleans, LA
Status: National Defense Reserve Fleet
General characteristics
Displacement: 15,718 tons light; 44,466 tons full
Length: 696 ft (212 m)
Beam: 106 ft (32 m)
Draft: 35 ft (11 m)
Propulsion: Single diesel, single screw
Speed: 16.6 knots
Complement: 25
Time to activate: 5 Days

MV Cape Kennedy (T-AKR 5083) is one of the United States Military Sealift Command's 27 Roll-on/Roll-off Ships and one of the 44 Ready Reserve Force (RRF) ships in the Sealift Program Office.


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