Maashaven metro station

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Rotterdam Metro station
Metrostation Maashaven.jpg
Coordinates 51°53′50″N 4°29′41″E / 51.89722°N 4.49472°E / 51.89722; 4.49472Coordinates: 51°53′50″N 4°29′41″E / 51.89722°N 4.49472°E / 51.89722; 4.49472
Owned by RET
Platforms Side platforms
Tracks 2
Structure type Elevated
Opened 1968
Preceding station   Rotterdam Metro   Following station
toward De Akkers
Line D
toward Slinge
Line E

Maashaven is an above-ground subway station in the south of the city of Rotterdam. It is part of Rotterdam Metro lines D and E.

The station opened on February 9, 1968, on the same date that the North-South Line (also formerly called Erasmus line), of which it is a part, was opened. Maashaven station is located just east of a harbor with the same name. Maas is the name of the Dutch (and also German) part of the Meuse river, while haven is the Dutch word for harbor.

Located underneath the station is a Rotterdam tram stop, where travelers can get on RET-operated tram line 2.

Southbound train from Rijnhaven to Maashaven.