Andrew Serbinski

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Andrew Serbinski
Education BID
Alma mater Pratt Institute
Occupation Industrial designer
Employer Machineart
Title President, Principal Designer[clarification needed]
Machineart, Inc.
Industry Product Development
Industrial Design
Interaction Design
Founded 1988
Headquarters Frenchtown, NJ, USA
Key people
Andrew Serbinski, President
Daniel Howell, Design Director
Rich Wyant, Design Director

Andrew Serbinski is the Principal[clarification needed] of Machineart.

Prior to joining Machineart, Andrew lived in Tokyo, Japan from 1973 to 1975 designing the first convenience plain paper photocopiers for Ricoh and its export customers in the United States and Europe. Successful relationships with Japanese companies enabled him to establish Machineart Industrial Design in 1988 to provide design services for Japanese and American companies.[1]

He founded Machineart in 1988. It is an industrial design consultancy based in Frenchtown, New Jersey. The company designs products, recreational vehicles, packaging, graphics, and user interfaces.[2] In 2005, The Museum of Modern Art showcased the Machineart-designed Leardal Inflate-a-shield as part of their exhibit "SAFE, Design takes on risk"[3] Machineart Moto was formed in 2007 to market Machineart designed specialized parts for BMW motorcycles.[4]

A lifelong interest in motorcycles led him to design the MK9,[5] MF3, and eCycle eC Series[6] concept motorcycles, in addition to Industrial Design consulting at Machineart. In 2007, Andrew launched MachineartMoto,[7] an online store front for custom BMW motorcycle parts.

Andrew holds a BID from Pratt Institute.


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