Maciste contro il vampiro

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Maciste contro il vampiro.jpg
Directed by Sergio Corbucci
Giacomo Gentilomo
Produced by Paolo Moffa
Music by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Cinematography Alvaro Mancori
Edited by Eraldo Da Roma
Distributed by American International Pictures (USA)
Release date
1961 (Italy)
1964 (US)
Country Italy
Language Italian

Maciste contro il vampiro (internationally released as Maciste Vs. the Vampire, Goliath and the Island of Vampires, Goliath and the Vampires and The Vampires) is a 1961 Italian fantasy-peplum film directed by Sergio Corbucci and Giacomo Gentilomo.[1] It was noticed that the visual style of the film was inspired by Mario Bava's films.[2]



Wild East Productions released this on a limited edition DVD in 2007 in a double feature with Goliath and the Barbarians.


Gordon Scott's performance has been evaluated as "above average" in comparison to other contemporary genre flics.[3]


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