Madhu (2006 film)

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CD Cover
Directed byK. Thennarasu
Produced byK.Kaliya Moorthy
Written byK. Thennarasu
StarringJithan Ramesh
Ashish Vidyarthi
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Release date
12 May 2006

Madhu is a 2006 Indian Tamil romantic drama film directed by K. Thennarasu and produced by K.KaliyaMoorthy, starring Jithan Ramesh, Priyamani and Ashish Vidyarthi.[1] The film was released in 12 May 2006 to negative reviews and went unnoticed.[2]


Madhukrishnan (Jithan Ramesh) always roams on a bike. Mercy (Priyamani) and Esther (Jahnavi) are friends and hostel mates. Mercy believes in Jesus and is very kind and humble towards others. Esther is bold, glamorous in dressing, and teases everyone. One day, when Esther teases Madhu, he kisses her publicly. Madhu falls in love with Mercy at first sight when she rescued a puppy from raining weather. Madhu often gets the chance to meet Mercy. He comes to the hostel and expresses his love to Mercy, but she denies his love. After examination, Mercy goes to her hometown Mahi. Madhu follows her. Her father Siluvai (Ashish Vidyarthi) owes to bring up his daughter to a good position. Madhu becomes Siluvai's favorite. Esther enters the scene with lots of change in her character. Siluvai comes to know about their love affair, and his decision forms the rest of the story. In the end, Madhu and Mercy die by falling down from a hill.



Soundtrack was composed by Ilayaraja.[3][4]