Magenta-class ironclad

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French ironclad Solférino
Class overview
Name: Magenta
Operators:  French Navy
Preceded by: Gloire class
Succeeded by: Provence class
In commission: 1861 - 1875
Completed: 2
Lost: 1
General characteristics
Type: broadside ironclad
Displacement: 7129 tonnes
Length: 95 m
Beam: 17.7 m

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1000 HP steam engine, 8 boilers
Speed: 12 knots
Capacity: 3 months of food, 700 tonnes of coal
Complement: 681 men

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10 × 240mm guns
4 × 190 mm guns

50 riffled 30-pounders

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Armoured above the water line

Wooden hull
Notes: Ships in class include: Magenta, Solférino

The Magenta class was a class of broadside ironclads of the French Navy.

The type was designed by Dupuy de Lôme. The ships carried 50 guns in broadside. They were the only ironclad two-deckers ever built, and the first ironclad to feature a naval ram

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