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Maharam (Hebrew: מהר"ם) is an acronym of the words ...מורנו הרב רבי מ (Morenu Ha-Rav rabi M..., Our teacher the Rabbi M...), a pattern also used for other names. Since many Rabbis were referred to as Maharam, an addition, usually a name of a place or a surname is generally used to differentiate between them.

Maharam may refer to:


  • Dorothy Maharam - an American mathematician behind Maharam's theorem
  • Meïr b. Jacob Schiff (Maharam Schiff) - Rabbi Meïr b. Jacob Schiff
  • Meir Eisenstadt (Maharam Ash) - Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt (Poland, Germany, c. 1670 – 1744)
  • Meir Eisenstaedter (Maharam Ash) - Rabbi Meir Eisenstaedter (Hungary, 1780–1861)
  • Meir Lublin (Maharam Lublin) - Rabbi Meir Lublin
  • Meir of Rothenburg (Maharam of Rothenburg) - Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Meir Shapiro (Maharam Shapiro) - Rabbi Meir Yehuda Shapiro of Lublin, creator of the Daf Yomi
  • Mordecai Benet (Maharam Benet) - Rabbi Mordecai Benet (Moravia, 1753–1829)
  • Moses Alashkar (Maharam Alashkar) -posek quoted extensively by R. Chaim Benbenishti
  • Moses Halevi Mintz (Maharam Mintz) - Rabbi Moses Halevi Mintz (Germany, 1415–Poland, 1480)
  • Moshe Schick (Maharam Schick) - Hungarian rabbi.



  • Maharam (company) - Supplier of textiles to commercial architects and interior designers
  • Maharam's theorem - a mathematical theorem regarding decomposability of measure spaces