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The Mahe Socialist Party (French: Parti socialiste de Mahé) was a political party in Mahé, French India. The party was a unit of the Indian Socialist Party.[1] It had no links to the Socialist Party of French India of Edouard Goubert.[2] Raghavan Mangalat was the secretary of the party.[1]

The Mahe Socialist Party played a prominent role in the 1948 rebellion in Mahé. Several of its leaders were arrested. Raghavan Mangalat was sentenced to twenty years of imprisonment for his role in the revolt.[1][2] The Mahe Socialist Party participated in the Joint Conference of the representatives of the people of the Portuguese and French Settlements in India, a body of parties formed in May 1951 supporting integration of Goa and French India into independent India[3]

The Mahe Socialist Party won one of the three seats assigned to Mahé in the August 1959 Pondicherry Representative Assembly election.[4]