Mahla (film)

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Directed by Mickey Fonseca
Produced by Mahla Filmes
Written by Mickey Fonseca
Screenplay by Mickey Fonseca
Starring Mario Mabjaia Edna Jaime Vitor Costa Edson Da Luz “Azagaia”
Music by Azagaia
Cinematography Pipas Forjaz
Edited by Pipas Forjaz
Distributed by Mahla Filmes Lda
Release date
Running time
Country Mozambique
Language Portuguese

Mahla is a 2009 film.


Ermelinda is a nurse who works at the Maputo Central Hospital. Tired of receiving beatings from her abusive husband, Jerry, a real estate agent, she decides to leave him even though she finds out she is pregnant. On the bus home to fetch her son and leave Jerry forever, something happens that puts her decision and humanity to question.