Mama's Big Ones

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Mama's Big Ones
Mama's Big Ones.jpg
Compilation album by Mama Cass
Released 1970
Recorded 1966-1970
Genre Pop rock
Label Dunhill
Mama Cass chronology
Bubblegum, Lemonade, and... Something for Mama
(1968)Bubblegum, Lemonade, and... Something for Mama1968
Mama's Big Ones
Dave Mason & Cass Elliot
(1971)Dave Mason & Cass Elliot1971

Mama’s Big Ones is the third solo album released by Mama Cass. It was also the last studio album she released for Dunhill in order to fulfill her three album deal.


Elliot’s frustration with trying to prove herself as her own artist and tackle the material she wanted had proved an impossibility with Dunhill.[1] The power struggle began with her attempts to drop the "Mama" moniker and use the name Cass Elliot.[2] This had been met with opposition by the studio heads at Dunhill. They felt that using the name "Mama Cass" and continuing to produce music similar to her work with The Mamas & the Papas would produce greater commercial success.[3]

Seven of the songs had been previously released on her first two solo albums and/or as singles, and one (Words of Love) was a hit with The Mamas & the Papas. The album yielded four new songs, "One Way Ticket", "The Good Times Are Coming", "Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By" and "Ain’t Nobody Else Like You".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Chart Position Length
1. "It's Getting Better" US #30 Pop/#13 AC, UK #8 (5/1969)  
2. "Dream a Little Dream of Me" US #12 Pop/#2 AC, UK #11 (6/1968)  
3. "Make Your Own Kind of Music" US #36 Pop/#6 AC (10/1969)  
4. "Words of Love" (with The Mamas & The Papas) US #5, UK #12 (11/1966)  
5. "New World Coming" US #42 Pop/#4 AC (1/1970)  
6. "Move in a Little Closer, Baby" US #58 Pop/#32 AC (2/1969)  
7. "One Way Ticket"    
8. "The Good Times Are Coming" US #104 Pop/#19 AC (11/1970)  
9. "Easy Come, Easy Go"    
10. "Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By" US #110 Pop/#34 AC (11/1970)  
11. "Ain't Nobody Else like You"    
12. "A Song That Never Comes" US #99 Pop/#25 AC (7/1970)  


The album was released in October 1970[4][5] and peaked at the #194 spot on the Billboard Charts.[6]


The album was reissued by MCA in 1980 and again by MCA, on CD, in 1987.

The album can be seen hanging on the wall of the character Leah in the 1996 British film Beautiful Thing while she is listening to "One Way Ticket". "It’s Getting Better", "Make Your Own Kind of Music", "Dream a Little Dream of Me", and "Move in a Little Closer, Baby" are also featured in the film.

Songs from the album (namely "It’s Getting Better", "Make Your Own Kind of Music", and "New World Coming") were used on the American television series Lost.


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