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Manas Kumar Mandal, is a scientist and psychologist who is the former director of the Defence Institute of Psychological Research, Delhi, India since January 5, 2004 to February, 2013. Presently he is Chief Controller (Life Sciences), Defence Research and Development Organisation; India.

Research areas[edit]

His major area of research includes domains associated to Emotional Intelligence. He is an authority in this domain and has been involved in the recruitment of the elite forces of the country, where the chances of a bad recruit are kept as minimal as possible. He is also the co-author to a scale that measures the Emotional Intelligence and is the first scale to do so basis the Indian construct.

His additional areas of research interests include hemispheric lateralization, schizophrenia

He was a former professor of psychology at IIT Kharagpur [1], a visiting Fulbright Lecturer at Harvard University, U.S. and visiting Professor at Kyushu University, Japan.

Fellowships and awards[edit]

  • International Scientific Exchange Award (Canada)
  • Fulbright Fellowship (USA)
  • Shastri Fellowship (Canada)
  • Seymour Kety grant (USA)
  • Career Award (UGC, India)
  • Young Scientist Award (Indian Science Congress)
  • Agni Award for Excellence (DRDO)
  • Scientist-of-the-Year Award (DRDO)
  • Technology Spin-off Award (DRDO)

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