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Manuel Kalekas (died 1410) was a monk and theologian of the Byzantine Empire.

Kalekas was a disciple of Demetrios Kydones. He lived in Italy, Crete and Lesbos where he translated the works of Boethius and Anselm of Canterbury into Greek,[1] and several Latin liturgical Texts such as the Missa Ambrosiana in Nativitate Domini.[2] Kalekas translated the Comma Johanneum into Greek from the Vulgate.

Kalekas was a unionist who sought to reconcile the Eastern and Western Churches. In 1390, he wrote a work castigating the Byzantines for their separation from the Western Church.

Kalekas returned to Constantinople in 1403 with the emperor Manuel II Palaiologos, but to his surprise, was not given a warm reception by his old friends. As a result, he was forced to seek refuge with the Dominicans at Mytilene, where he died in 1410.[3]


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