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Mapusa Municipal Market

Coordinates: 15°35′17″N 73°48′47″E / 15.588°N 73.813°E / 15.588; 73.813
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Vegetables on sale at Mapusa Municipal Market in Goa

Mapusa Municipal Market (also known as Mapusa Market and Mapusa Friday Market) is a traditional market in Mapusa, North Goa and a major tourist attraction. It was built in 1960, the first planned market in Goa.[1] The market has three blocks with 164 shops, some of which have been sub-divided, so bringing the total to 173.[2] It is open every day, except Sunday; and is particularly popular on Friday mornings.[3]

The trade[edit]

Goan vendors come in from the surrounding villages to sell their locally grown or manufactured wares,[4] such as spices, fruits, jewellery, pottery, chickens, incense and carpets.[5] Many of the stalls in the bazaar are grouped by type of goods, with special areas for straw hats, Goan home-made chouriço and the like. Strings of Goan chouriço, spiced and marinated pork sausages, seedless tamarind, or amot are also traded.



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15°35′17″N 73°48′47″E / 15.588°N 73.813°E / 15.588; 73.813