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Marquess of los Vélez is a Spanish noble title awarded in 1507 to the Spanish military Fajardo family.

Pedro Fajardo[edit]

The first to hold the title was Pedro Fajardo, the first son of Luisa Fajardo y Manrique. In 1477 she married a powerful Royal Accountant and financier named "Juan Chacón", a new nobleman jure uxoris. He was allowed by the Catholic Monarchs to use, as a privilege, his family name as "Pedro Fajardo y Chacón".

Luisa Fajardo y Manrique[edit]

Luisa Fajardo y Manrique, Lady of Cartagena, came from an important military family, with institutional powers over conquered Muslim lands in Murcia, Granada and Almeria. The marquisate was awarded on 15 October 1507 by Queen Joanna I of Castile. The awarded title of Grandee of Spain was given to the Fajardo family in 1520 by her eldest son, King Charles I of Spain.

List of Marquesses of los Vélez[edit]

The current Marquess is also known as Count of Niebla, Marquess of Villafranca del Bierzo (with Grandeza).[1]

Titular Remarks
1st Marquess of Los Vélez Pedro I Fajardo son of Juan Chacón and Luisa Fajardo
2nd Marquess of los Vélez Luiz I Fajardo
3rd Marquess of los Vélez Pedro II Fajardo
4th Marquess of los Vélez Luiz II Fajardo
5th Marquess of los Vélez Pedro III Fajardo
6th Marquess of los Vélez Fernando Fajardo
7th marchioness of los Vélez María Teresa Fajardo y Álvarez de Toledo
8th marchioness of los Vélez Catalina Moncada de Aragón y Fajardo 9th Duchess of Montalto
9th Marquess of los Vélez Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo y Aragón 9th marquis of Villafranca
10th Marquess of los Vélez Antonio Álvarez de Toledo y Pérez de Guzmán 10th Marquis of Villafranca
11th Marquess of los Vélez José Álvarez de Toledo y Gonzaga 15th Duke of Medina Sidonia
12th Marquess of los Vélez Francisco de Borja Álvarez de Toledo 16th Duke of Medina-Sidonia
13th Marquess of los Vélez Pedro de Alcántara Álvarez de Toledo y Palafox 17th Duke of Medina-Sidonia
14th Marquess of los Vélez José Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo 18th Duke of Medina-Sidonia
15th Marquess of los Vélez Alonso Álvarez de Toledo y Caro
16th Marquess of los Vélez José Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo 19th Duke of Medina-Sidonia
17th Marquess of los Vélez Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo 20th Duke of Medina-Sidonia
18th Marquess of los Vélez Luisa Isabel Álvarez de Toledo 21st Duchess of Medina-Sidonia
19th Marquess of los Vélez Leoncio Alonso González de Gregorio 22nd Duke of Medina-Sidonia

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