Margaret of Hanau (1452-1467)

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Margaret of Hanau
Born 1452
Died (1467-03-14)14 March 1467
Noble family House of Hanau
Father Reinhard III, Count of Hanau
Mother Countess Palatine Margaret of Mosbach

Margaret of Hanau (1452 – 14 March 1467) was the only daughter of Count Reinhard III of Hanau (1412-1452) and his wife Countess Palatine Margaret of Mosbach (1432-1457).


On 14 August 1459, at the age of seven, Margaret was engaged to Philip of Eppstein-Königstein. She received a dowry of 12000guilders, a considerable sum in those days. An explanation for this large sum may be that she was her parents' only daughter and, since both of her parents had already died, would not have to pay another dowry. The sum was reduced by 650 guilders, which the Eppstein family were supposed to earn as interest, and was to be paid from the revenues of the city of Butzbach.[1]

However, Margaret died in 1467 and the marriage never happened.



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