Maria Desylla-Kapodistria

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Maria Desylla-Kapodistria
Maria Desylla-Kapodistria
Maria Desylla-Kapodistria
Born 1898 (1898)
Died 1980 (1981) (aged 82)
Occupation Greek politician

Maria Desylla-Kapodistria (Greek: Μαρία Δεσύλλα Καποδίστρια, 1898–1980) was the mayor of Corfu from 1956 until 1959. Her election to mayor on April 18, 1956, made her the first woman elected mayor of a city in the history of modern Greece.[1] She donated the land on which the Kapodistrias Museum, established in 1981 in memory of her ancestor Ioannis Kapodistrias, considered the founder of the modern Greek state, lies today.


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